Summer 2013 Graduate Assistant Update - Amy Rekward

This summer I began working as a graduate assistant with the UNI Museum’s Rural School Project. From the day I started, I have continuously been learning new information, which has made this an extremely enjoyable opportunity. I came to this position with an extensive background in museum work, having worked as a collections technician at the UNI Museum and as an intern at various other institutions. My museum experience has helped me throughout my assistantship, but I have had to adapt to working in the archive setting. However, exposure to archival practices has opened my eyes to alternative methods and career possibilities.

The majority of my time in the archives was spent assisting in the completion of the microfilm inventory. As I scrolled through a plethora of microfilm rolls, I became much more familiar with the types of records in the collection. This experience has allowed me to become involved with research requests, the identification of physical documents, and maintenance of the Archon database. The variety of records within the collection and the amount of information it contains will never cease to amaze me. It’s been very exciting to see everything we've done come together and become closer to completion.