Travelling Trunks!

Posted 07/31/2018 The results are in! *cue suspenseful music* The Travelling Trunk Program has made great headway thanks to all of the surrounding area teachers who participated in our survey. As mentioned earlier this year, the UNI Museum is undergoing a complete renovation of our Travelling Trunks program. The purpose of this program is to provide educators and students with an... Read More

Introducing Nick!

Posted 05/21/2018 Greetings all! Since this is my first blog posting I feel like a short background on myself is in order. For starters my name is Nicholas Lewis and I am a senior at UNI majoring in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology and museum studies. My current direction of study is material culture and artifact research. While I am a new employee at the museum it is not my first... Read More

Girl Scout Tour

Posted 03/27/2018 Last month, I got to help Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts from the surrounding area earn a badge through a visit to the UNI Museum. We started our day with a tour through one of our exhibits that opened last fall: Right Side Up: The Art and Life of Herb Hake. The girls particularly enjoyed Hake’s drawing, “The Iowa Farmer”. Herb Hake was known for his radio broadcasted and... Read More

Introducing Anastasia!

Posted 03/05/2018 Anastasia is one of our two Friends of the UNI Museum collections assistant. She comes to us from the Department of Art, and also works with Darrell Taylor in the Gallery of Art as a preparator. She's been doing some great work going through our inventory and we're thankful to have her on our team. Here's Anastasia to tell us about her projects! Greetings, as this... Read More

Introducing Ryley!

Posted 03/01/2018 Ryley is our newest Educational Assistant. She worked as an Office Assistant with us during the Fall semester, and previously worked with Camp Adventure over the summer. She's been a great addition to our team and we can't wait to work more with her! We'll have Ryley tell us what she's been up to: The UNI Museum is undergoing a complete renovation of our Travelling... Read More

Giving Back to the Museum

Posted 02/27/2018 I have the privilege to announce activities of the Friends of UNI Museum that support programming of the museum. First a short overview describing “The Friends of the UNI Museum” The Friends of the University of the Northern Iowa Museum was established in October, 1982. The goal of the Friends of the UNI Museum is to help the UNI Museum accomplish its goals through... Read More

Cross Campus Collaborations

Posted 12/19/2017 The UNI Museum prides itself on working with many organizations across campus. This semester alone we have worked with students from the Department of Chemistry to do instrumental analysis of our mastadon tusk (read more here), had students from the Department of Art use photos of our objects in a collage project, and collaborated with the President's Office to plan new... Read More