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Archaeology (the study of ancient human culture) and ethnology (the study of recent and living people) are the two major sections in the anthropology collection.

The archaeological collection comes from North and West Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, the Andes, Mesoamerica, the Great Plains, and the Great Basin areas.

The ethnographic collection includes artifacts from the Andes, Amazon, Mesoamerica, Circum-Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

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Catalog # Name Description
00.30.0127 Grooved Axe

3/4 grooved axe with a small portion of the blade of the axe missing. Smooth exterior, yet rough where there are small chips.

00.30.0128 Nodules, flint

Flint nodules as found in their natural or original state.

00.30.0129 Biface

Flint chipped knife blade.

00.30.0130 Club

Leather & stone.

00.30.0131 Pipe

Cross shape. Color: RD

00.30.0132 Tarpot

Bucket w/ lid. Lid tied on w/ a leather strap that is knotted on both sides of thick bucket rim. Cylinderically shaped, wider at bottom. 3 holes in lid, 2 for straps, 1 in center. 4 nails on lid. Residue on inside and outside of bucket with grass stuck to it. Color: brown

00.30.0133 Hatchel

For flax; Indian. Sticker on bottom "38".

00.30.0134 Rope

Soap weed, 4 pieces. This furnished the foundation fiber for the feather and rabbit-skin ropes.

00.30.0135 Sheath

Leather, beaded and fringed. White beaded backgrtound with blue beaded bows. Rows of bows; 3,3,3,2. Color: WH, BL

00.30.0136 Carving

Block; carved from pipestone.

00.30.0137 Carving

Carved from pipestone.

00.30.0138 Carving

Carved from pipestone.

00.30.0139 Carving

Book. Carved from pipestone. Has metal eye-loop.

00.30.0140 Carving

Small carved pipestone hatchet. Has two holes through it.

00.30.0141 pendant


00.30.0142 Sherd, pottery

Pottery sherds. (PLains Indians?) Different designs of pottery. 31 pieces. Catalog number on box.

00.30.0143 Sherd, pottery

Seven pieces.

00.30.0144 Sherd, pottery

One sherd has black and white stripes on the front. The back of the sherd is light gray. The second sherd is a terra cotta color with sticker "Indian pottery Arizona". The back of this sherd is a dark gray. Color: BK,WH,OR

00.30.0145 Sherd, pottery

Twelve pieces from different vessels. Note the various methods of applying the so-called rope design of ornamentation. All the pieces are rim sherds. Catalog number on box.

00.30.0146 Sherd, pottery

Show ornamentation used by the Winnebago tribe or woods culture Indian. Catalog number on box.

00.30.0147 Sherd, pottery

Catalog number on box.

00.30.0148 Sherd, pottery

Unlabeled. Catalog number on box.

00.30.0149 Sherd, pottery

Catalog number on box.

00.30.0150 Sherd, pottery

Catalog number on box.

00.30.0151 Sherd, pottery

Catalog number on box.