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The study of life prior to recorded history through fossils and other evidence.




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1992.0025 Coral

Trunk impression of a lepidodendron sp. Of lycopod tree (clubmoss). Coal measures flora.

1994.0022 Moss, club

Compressions/impressions of axes in Fine sandstone. Ancestral club moss.

1994.19.0001 Trilobite

Tan slab with orange impression of fossil. Color: TN,OR

1994.19.0002 Ammonite

Coiled ammonite with a polished surface highlighting mineralized chambers. Color: BR,WH

1994.19.0003 Cephalopod

Large slab with linear 'boat-shaped' areas polished to highlight fossils. Color: BK,WH

1994.19.0004 Cephalopod

Slab with ammonites and other cephlapods. Color: BR,WH

1994.22.0001 Moss, club

Compressions/impressions of axes in fine sandstone. Color: GR,BR

1994.33.0008 Fossil

Fly fossil on matrix

1994.33.0012 Fossil


1994.33.0017 Lepidodendron
1994.33.0019 Lepidodendron
1998.12.0001 Tooth, shark

Shark tooth in matrix - One large brown tooth with small denticles to either side of the primary tooth extend from its matrix. The root of the tooth is white in color and measures 1 3/4" in visible length. There is also a bluish green substance on the matrix on the same side as the tooth. Color: TN,GY,WH

1999.21.0001 Fern

a. & b. Split cobble with fern fossil inside. Color: BR

2002.10.0001 Bone, mammal

Lower right jaw fragment with last two molars. Color: WH,GY

2002.11.0001 Amber

Seven specimens. Color: OR,YL,RD

2002.9.0001 Petrified wood

Permineralized wood, probably Mesozoic Era. It has fossilized insect burrows in it. Color: WH

2003.7.0001 Skull, Mammal

Three parts; a. Mostly complete skull with bone material surrounding brain cast. Bone is tan in color and brain cast is brown. Snout, jaw missing. Very little matrix surrounding fossil, on ventral. 2 7/16'' x 1 5/8'' x 1 3/8''; b. Back portion of the skull. Lighter in color, also with brain cast. Prominent sagittal crest. 1 5/8'' x 1 3/16'' x 1 1/2''; c. Back ventral portion of skull. 1 1/2'' x 1 3/6'' x 3/4'' Color: TN,BR

2003.7.0002 Jaw fragment, mammal

Portion of jaw with two complete molars present.

2003.7.0003 Jaw fragment, mammal

Broken jaw segment with partial molar preserved. Somewhat triangular in shape.

2003.7.0004deacc Pelvic section, Mammal
2003.7.0004Deacc. Pelvic section
2006.15.0011 Petrified Wood

1/2 " thick slab of beige and dark gray petrified wood. Both sides are completely flat but only one side is polished. Color: GY CR

2006.15.0012 Petrified Wood

Orange, rust colored angular specimen of petrified wood. Color: BR

UNIM1970.74.0072F Coprolite

Dinosaur Dung Fossil