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Items related to the University of Northern Iowa and predecessor institutions.  




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2018-6-1 Flyer

Small political flyer for “Sean and Chad”, with voting instructions for the UNI Student body presidential elections.

2018-6-2 Flyer

8x11 UNI student body presidential campaign flyer for “Sean and Chad: Share the Change”.

2018-7-1 Receipt

Receipt stub for Iowa State Teachers College freshman and sophomore tuition, signed by Lowell Atwood, stamped Sept. 9, 1925.

2018-7-2 Report

Grade report for Lowell Atwood for the winter term, 1925-1926 from ISTC.

2018-7-3 Report

Grade report for Lowell Atwood for the fall term, 1925, from ISTC.

2018-7-4 Envelope

Envelope that holds grade reports for Lowell Orphus Atwood, ISTC.

2018-7-5 Constitution

Constitution from the ISTC gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Alpha, 3 pages total.

2018-7-6 Photo

Photograph of Alpha Delta Alpha chapter of ISTC.

2018-7-7 Photo

Photo of students at ISTC from the ISTC yearbook, year unknown.

2018-7-7 (Photo) image
2019-FIC-1 Microscope

Bausch & Lomb Optical Compnay microscope used at the Iowa State Teachers College with original wooden box

2019-FIC-2 Typewriter

Perkins Brailler Typewritter with oringal cloth cover

41334 Pin, Lapel

Shield shaped. Front is two shades of purple with inscription "UNI Teacher Education" bordering images of a torch, apple and books.

41335 Pin, Lapel

Shape of State of Iowa; purple with "UNI" in gold letters and gold star marking the location of Cedar Falls.

41336 Pin, Lapel

Brass Flat keychain fob with the UNI crest on the front and "University of Northern Iowa stamped in. Chain is missing

41337 Pin, Lapel

Metal backing. Background is white with red through the center. Black image of a T. rex dinosaur in the center. "Volunteers" in black lettering at the top edge and "UNI Museums" in black lettering on the bottom edge. Lettering in white in the center.

UNIM1986. Microscope

Microscope and wooden case (a. and b.) ISTC label indicates it was used 1909-1961. Patented 2/16/1897.

UNIM1986. Microscope

Tube lens ( monocular), 10 magnification. Two objective lenses 16 mm - 0.25 NA and 4 mm - 0.85 NA 2 steel clips for holding products on base. Model #54796, patented 12/1//1908. ISTC #9846. Sketch on catalog sheet.

UNIM1986.14.1980.4.0006 Diploma

Awarded to Elizabeth Lynch by St. Joseph's Academy. Color: WH,PR,GD

UNIM1986.14.1981.7.0001 Coat

Worn by UNI band members. Straight; double-breasted. Notched collar; gold epaulets with button. Diagonal welt pockets. Center back seam, long 2-button vent. Partial belts with 2 button adjustment. Satin 2-piece tailored sleeve with braid trim. Black rayon twill lining with pockets. Chain loop for hanging. Brass buttons with lyre design. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL,BK,GD

UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0150 Scratcher, back
UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0151 Baton

Wood with metal tip & handle.

UNIM1990.13.0006 Lamp, miniature

Three and one-half inch tall curved rod from which a 2 1/4" chain is suspended with a 2' "poker". Bottom of "firebox" is covered with wax. 1/8" thick lid has about a 1/2" curved opening at tip for oxygen & smoke. "AHEA 1937" engraved on top of lid.

UNIM1993.13.0008 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold.

UNIM1995.6.0001 Yearbook

University of Northern Iowa Yearbook, Old Gold, 1968