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1972.85.4 Cover, Microscope

In plastic sack. Covering for microscope 72.85.1

1972.85.4 (Cover, Microscope) image
1972.85.6 Case, Microscope

For 72.85.1. Painted dark red. Door on hinges on the front of the case, fastened closed by a hook. Inside of the case is brown wood. "Lyle D. Anderson" is written in black magic marker across the top of the case. Handle on the top.

1972.85.6 (Case, Microscope) image
1972.86.2 Pin

Off-white background with a black and white portrait of Homer H. Seerley. "N. E. I. T. A. Independence, 1899" is lettered in black in a horse-shoe fashion around the portrait. The reverse side is white paper with "Made by the Whitehead and Hoag Co., Newark, N. J. U. S. A." lettered in black. ISTC. Color: CR

1972.86.3 Ribbon

SOH Reunion, 1890. White ribbon with "Iowa Honors Our Fathers, We will yet honor her." lettered in blue across the top. In the center is a blue picture of a building (Central Hall) with a blue landscape around it. "S.O.H. REUNION Cedar Falls, Iowa. June 25 and 26, 1890" is lettered in blue beneath the picture. The bottom of the ribbon is a cut-out V. Color: WH,BL

1973.11 Print, Photographic

Panoramic image of Iowa Academy of Science, 1934, Dr. E. J. Cable, President. Various members of the ISTC faculty are pictured. Color: WH,BK

1973.11 (Print, Photographic) image
1973.13.0001a Picture

Picture was previously attached to a wood backing. List of names of people on the football team. Homer vs Normal. October 7th, 1893.

1973.13.0001b Photo

Photo of artifact. Artifact is a list of names from the football team in the Homer vs Normal game. October 7th, 1893.

1973.13.2 Remnant, wood

Used to back picture 73.13.001. (picture of 12 football players, 1893). Brown, with old torn label on the back with the following names and information. P. Miner, L. H. B.; Louis Fralick, Full B.; ---Lain, R. H. B.; Clayton R. Lusk,l. End; Fred Niles, L. Tackle; Rufus Corley, Q. B. & Capt.; ---Welch, Center R.; John Byrnes, R. Tackle; Harrie Oday, R. Guard; Harrie Givers, Sub.; Archie Lindsey, L. Guard; Berton Landpher, R. End. Homer Vs. Normals Oct. 7, '93. Normals--30 Homer ; Average wt. of tea. Was not found in inventory. 2/27/15

1973.13.2 (Remnant, wood) image
1973.19.0019 Scrapbook

"Scrapbook" belonged to Florence Sterling; 32 pp, 27 pp used. Book is IDEAL MOUNTING BOOK/NO.91 Published by Educational Tablet Co. page 1: Watercolor of house. Page 2: Red tomahawk with bust of George Washinton; Aunt Jemima; Woman's photo taken at Veatch, Cedar Falls, Ia; empty photo card from J. F. Carlson, Red Oak, Ia; Bliblical quote 1 Cor. 13:4 on oval vignette with church & houses; scrap "Miss Florence Sterling/2314 Walnut St./Cedar Falls, /Iowa." Page 3: Black ink silhouette of unknown skyline piece removed; blank sheet; photo of Illinois 'Central R. R. depot, Cedar Falls; postcard scrap from another teacher "Virginia" talking about her 1-room school class. Page 4" Charcoal drawing of hearth and fireplace. Page 5: Postcard "Dowden Potato Digger Factory, Prairie City, Iowa"; Postcard scrap from "Kathryn"; two pages of a handwritten poem. Page 6: Watercolor of house & field in snow; 2 pieces missing; Prairie City alumni banquet announcement for May 27, 1911; scrap - Happy birthday from "Sylvia Coffman". Page 7: souvenir letter of Cedar Falls & State Normal School, produced by Cross, Snodgrass & Co., C. F. Inside includes 8 pages of photographs: "The State Normal School", "The Library & South Hall", "The Gymnasium", Reflections, Mullens Pond", "In Lovers Lane", "In Dry Run, 24th St.", "Dry Run 24th Street", Near the City Springs"; Scraps, "Delphian"; Scrap - Hello from "Daisy"; scrap - from "Mary Robinson"; Clio '86 ribbon; "Greeting/Sincere/To Florence from?"; charcoal drawing similar to watercolor on page 6. Page 8: Photo of house front; photo of 12 people sitting on porch"1912" same house as previous photo; cutout of girl in bonnet; postcard "Cedar Rver and Water Pavillion, Ellis Park/ Cedar Rapids, Iowa"; piece missing; folded printed sheet with I. S. T. C. songs. Page 9: Piece missing; piece missing; photo of 31 women, outside; piece missing; photo, 6 women outside. Page 10: Photo, river with canoe in foreground; card with pink ribbon "Zeta Spread/ three minute talk/ on "The Flirt"/ 4 1910 September fifth"; Photo "Altona High School"; Photo, house exterior; card, YWCA with Jon 10:10; Photo "Dry Run, 24th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa"; Photo, house exterior. Page 11: Photo, woman, Veatch Studios "1912"; Folded sheet "Yells" produced by Clio-Orio; Invitation, triangular with string attached "Delphian/Ellis Hotel/ Feb. 3, 1912 "Includes menu; Postcard "Cathedral, Sioux C" corner torn off. Page 12: Postcard "Fraternal Day/ Prairie City, IA 1912" Horse driven parade float; card "Florence Sterling"; pamphlet "TC" on cover" Demonstration/of the/ Department/ of Physical Education/1912/ Program" 4 pages; pamphlet, ISTC "Lecture Bureau", May 1912 includes lists of faculty members & lectures they provide the public, includes: H. H. Seerley, E. J. Cable, S. F. Hersey among others; scrap note from "Mac". Page 13" Photo of 9 women posed dressed in men's attire; scrap, from New Hartford, Ia, Dec. 23, 1912 from "Virgis Mac"; card "In Orville Brown"; photo 10 women "Delphian party, 1912", same people & place as previous photo on this page; Invitation, triangular, with string attached "June 7, 1912? The Society Hall/ Delphian Literary Society" includes program; scrap from Prairie City, 4-26-1912 from :Mary F." Page 14: Postcard "Webster School, Cherokee, Ia", "P.M. Sheffield" hand written on right edge in black pen; scrap, from New Hartford, Ia, Dec. 5, 1910 from "Virgis"; Music sheet, "COLLEGE CHEER." Page 15: Postcard from Prairie City, Ia. With 3 churches & high school; card "Vida R. Smith/ De Soto/Iowa"; Photo, 5 women on porch; souvenir from Prairie City,card with cowrie shell; scrap "Mar. 15, 1912" from "? O.B.; Invitation "Prairie City High School Alumni" Banquet, May 25, 1912; card "Miss Mac Iwenringen". Page 16: Music sheet ISTC "THE TEACHERS' SCHOOL"; scrap from "Olivis"; scrap from Mrs. P. N."; joke; "SAMPLE ELECTION BALLOT FOR 1912". Page 17: Photo "2303 -2311 OLIVE ST. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA,"; postcard, ISTC; scrap from "Edna"; post mark 'OSSIAN/ 1913/OCT/ 17/10 AM/ IOWA"; Piece missing; card "Miss Sterling"; piece missing; loose post card "COLFAX, IOWA entrance, Epworth Park". Page 18: Postcard "Reception Room, Busch residence, Pasadena, Cal."; scrap from "Elva Dudley"; piece missing; post card :"Tournament of Roses/ New Year's Day", "Pasadena, California/ Hotel Maryland Float"; Postcard "Polytechnic High School/ Long Beach, Cal."; scrap, invitation to sew; scrap "Dec. 7, 1912" from "Lydia Burgards"; postcard "2880 - Promenade overlooking the ocean, Cliff House, San Francisco, Cal." Page 19: Post card, "Shortline to Southern California", Cartoon; scrap, "Tune of YIP"; Personal card of "Chester C. Ross" with poem,;postcard, boat with many people, "Young's Free Excursions"; Post card "THE MEMBERS RIVER, NEAR DEMING< N>M.". Scrap from "Lucy Bassett"; scrap from "Mrs. Huber"; Postcard "Just dropped off at Long Beach, California"; cartoon. Page 20: Post card "MOONLIGHT ON THE RIVER/ WATERLOO, IOWA"; Photo of young woman from Clay Studios, Cedar Falls; scrap, from Mary Taylor; Photo of young woman from Clay Studios, Cedar Falls; scrap "Florence Sterling/ 2311 Olive Street/ Cedar Falls/ Iowa." postmarked from Britt, Iowa Dec. 7, 1912; Christmas present tag from "Pearl"; Christmas present tag from ":Emma". Page 21: Card with hand drawing of rose by "Frances Bartles"; Photo, 5 women outside sitting on lawn; photos, two women in window, oval shaped; red paper tomahawk #1973.19.14, loose, was attached; scrap "7-31-13" from "Esther"; scrap, print with trees & snow. Page 22: Photo of 6 men in front of Old Administration Building; photo, May Day celebration around may pole; photo, May Queen on float; invitation "Rally Day' signed "H. C. Cummins"; card "HEARTY/ GREETINGS/ FROM/ PRAIRIE CITY"; leaflet "CAPT. ROALD AMUNDSEN' "College Auditorium, Feb. 14, 1913, 8:15 P. M." Page 23: Photo, 6 women in corner; photo, 2 women in pose, 1 dressed as male, appears to be a courting scene; photo 2 women in same corner as first photo on this page", Post card "MAUSOLEUM MONROE, IOWA. HALL PHOTO'; Photo, young women from Clay Studios, Cedar Falls; Photo, young woman from Veatch Studios, Cedar Falls. Page 24: photo, 12 women on street, winter time; photo, 2 women in corner (same photo as on previous page); photo, 7 women in parlor; photo, 5 women with Homerian banner; scrap, ISTC "Formal Recognition Exercises/ of the Homeiran and Irving/ literary societies:, "Monday, June 2, 1913." Page 24" photo, 15 women with Cedar Falls pennant and two carved pumpkins dressed in white sheets with hoods with black gloves and black cat emblems on their left breasts; cut out of black cat with a note glued to it. Note appears to be a fortune,"1912" in pencil; cut out, black cat; photo 16 women and 3 children, one woman holding carved pumpkin; piece missing; photo, 6 women around table eating; scrap, cauldron over fire "Florence Sterling/ Oyster Stew/ Huber Basement/ Oct. 26, 1913." Color: GR

1973.28.2 Pitcher, cream

Pressed glass, with cover. Sunburst (?) design from about 1890. Scalloped top edge. Cover has same design. a. Pitcher. b. Lid.

1973.28.3 Cup, punch


1973.33.0012 Print, photographic

Women's basketball team, Ossoli, 1911. Placed on a black cardboard.

1973.33.0012 (Print, photographic) image
1973.44.0003 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1913.

1973.48.0003 Yearbook

SCI Old Gold. 1964

1973.48.0004 Yearbook

SCI Old Gold, 1967.

1973.65 Print, Photographic

Panoramic photograph of East front of the college. Color: BK,WH

1973.65 (Print, Photographic) image
1974.17 Teaspoon

ISNS sterling souvenir teaspoon engraved with picture of State Normal School, Cedar Falls, Iowa; engraved rose on end of handle. Engraved on back of handle: Dec. 8, '06. Color: SL

1974.17 (Teaspoon) image
1974.43.0002 Print, photographic

ISTC, summer 1916. Panoramic view of students, faculty, and others. View from College Street.

1974.52 Seal

Black cast iron with gold and red trim. ISNS. Color: BK,GD,RD

1974.57.0002 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1931.

1974.57.0003 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1932.

1974.57.0004 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1933.

1974.57.0008 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1938.

1974.57.0009 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1939.

1974.57.0011 Yearbook

ISTC Old Gold, 1941.