120 Years of the UNI Museum

Saturday, December 31, 2011 to Saturday, June 30, 2012

What began in 1892 as a simple collection of natural history items for student study became a treasure trove of items from across the globe and an exciting line-up of educational programming. For 120 years, the Museums on this campus have made education entertaining for learners of all ages through a collection of over 120,000 objects. Whether it was an exhibit on Chinese ethnic costumes or views of Earth from space, whether it was an insightful look at tough subjects like racism or human destruction of natural habitats, the Museums have been a window on the world. We've inspired campus students through practical experience in their chosen careers. The youngest learners discovered how wonderfully diverse world cultures and nature can be.

The success of the Museums, from the historically authentic reenactments at the Marshall Center School to the exciting roar of AT. Rex Named SUE, have been the result of a creative staff, an energetic squadron of volunteers and friends, and generous donors. Through the hard work of all of these wonderful people, millions of visitors have enjoyed our many programs and exhibits for more than a century.

What the future holds for UNI Museum as we close this building is unsure. We hope that this wonderful cultural resource will continue to be a place of discovery, learning, and inspiration for the campus community and perhaps for the greater community that has not just enjoyed its exhibits and programs but actually built and maintained these places of learning over the years. The museums, these non-traditional classrooms, belong to the people of Iowa.

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