Ballroom Bash : Iowa's Rock n' Roll Legacy

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 to Sunday, August 20, 2017

The UNI Museum is excited to introduce its Fall show, Ballroom Bash: Iowa’s Rock n’ Roll Legacy. Iowa’s influence on the formation and popularization of the rock revolution of the 1950’s is notable and has continued to influence the industry today. From state of the art recording studios to legendary artists, Iowa was and continues to be a destination for musicians. Experience the feeling of dancing in a classic Iowa ballroom, visiting a recording studio, or stepping back in time to see original memorabilia and instruments all while listening to music created in Iowa.

Other features of the exhibit will feature live radio broadcasts from the exhibit along with original costumes, instruments, and posters from legendary ballrooms. Partnerships with the Iowa Rock n’ Roll Music Association, Catamount Records, and the Cedar Falls Historical Society allow us to make this rare exhibit free to the public. 

Ballroom Bash : Iowa's Rock n' Roll Legacy Image