Jerry and JoAnn Kramer Collection, 1883-2006

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As avid promoters of Iowa’s cultural heritage, Jerry and JoAnn Kramer are committed to preserving the state’s history for the enjoyment of future generations. This fact is evidenced by their involvement in the restoration of Bennington Township, #4 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

In 1997, the Bennington Boosters 4-H Club conceived the idea to restore the one-room schoolhouse, which had been in use from 1890-1955. Along with the Bennington Neighborhood Association, the Booster Club formed a non-profit steering committee that oversaw the process. In 2000, the group received a $5,000 grant from the Historic Resource Development Program and completed the restoration in the same year.

Due to the tireless efforts of all involved, Bennington Township, #4 is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The schoolhouse is currently used by volunteers, such as Mr. and Mrs. Kramer, to inform tour groups of Iowa’s rich educational history.

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