1967.0034 (Mural)

"In Memorium" This painting is dated after Armistice Day and the background is France. In this painting Peace is the central figure with the Sword of the Allies upon her lap. The Allies are clustered about Peace at the rear and at the left with their flags furled and their attitude that of obedience to order. America is represented on the right with the flag flying and soldiers advancing because America was only temporarily suspending action and is ready to respond to the urgency of war at a moments notice to go on to Berlin. The mother heart of America resists this, trying to detain the soldiers from continuing the war. In the lower right corner the chief sufferers of all wars, The Family, is shown, the little lad assuring his mother of his willingness to defend the family. On the extreme left the Iowa soldiers in action are shown in the conflict, with death mowing them down. The American Soldier was under arms as an enemy to the Central Powers until the Treaty of Peace between Germany and the United States in 1921." Quote comes from 1927 Bulletin of ISTC, The Library (72.54.2). Color: ML