1967.0035 (Mural)

"Education" - This painting has three allegorical figures on the portico of the Temple of Knowledge: Knowledge in the center, teaching the world the truth essential to civilization; Fortune at the left, the result of being well educated; Time at the right, the character that is always required in obtaining educationand the one who removes from the temple of knowledge the incompetent and heedless. The Mother in the foreground, as the first teacher of the Child, is giving him instruction. The child is the sole object of the efforts of Education. What Education involves is indicated by the Greek Civilization represented by Homer seated with his musical instruments by Fortune; the Roman and the Romance Civilizations represented by Virgil and Dante standing near Time. Law, as an important part of education, is represented by Justinian and Napoleon in the background, and Shakespeare in front of them represents Literature. In the background, and sitting in conference, are representatives of Science, Columbus and the Greek philosphers, deciding the actual present daycontribution of science that should be studied by scholars." Quote comes from 1927 Bulletin of ISTC, The Library (72.54.2). Color: ML