1969.33.0016 (Certificate)

"Initiation", 7th April, 1944. Paper, World War II era initiation award certificate; presented to all shipboard members of various services by U. S. Navy ship's crew, probably a transport vessel; a facetious document of a nonexistent oceanic organization; color cartoon-like drawings around borders: depicting mermaids & other sea creatures; certificate entitled, "IMPERIVM NEPTVNI REGIS"; addressed to, "TO ALL SAILORS, SOLDIERS, MARINES WHEREVER YE MAY BE: GREETINGS:"; dated. "7th Apr. 1944"; aboard, "The U. S. A. T Sea Scamp"; "Dixon L. Riggs, having been found worthy to be numbered as one of our Trusty Shellbacks has been duly initiated into the SOLEMN MYSTERIES OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP"; signed, "Neptunus Rex, Ruler of the Raging Main" & "Davey Jones'. Color: ML