1970. (Chambira)

1970. (Chambira) image

Piece of chambira (rafia) and cord made from it. Chambira is a strong fiber harvested from the crown shaft of the canopy palm tree Astrocaryum chambira. It is commonly used in Central and South America to make string, rope, hammocks, bags, and other various craft items. Indigenous peoples twist the fibers into strings which are then woven into ropes and other objects. This sample of the chambira is from the Cashinahua area. This is a sampling that shows the progression of natural chambira to chambira rope with the natural on the proper right and the twisted rope on the proper left.

Cardboard sheet has thirteen triangles cut out of the top to allow the wrapping of chambira around for storage. The sixth one is empty and the sheet has "MAAS BROTHERS" in the center.