1971.41.95 (Mask, gas)

U S Army. a. Mask is gray rubber which fits around the head by way of black elastic straps that are attached to the rubber and joined together by an olive green cotton rectangle on the back of the head. On this support is "LOT62EA" in black block letters. The gray rubber face mask itself has two rubber glass plates for sight and a black filter covering the nose and mouth. On the chin of the mask is a circle with the printing "LOTC1 2-41 General" and "M4C8" below the circle. On the forehead of the face mask is "U. S." in upraised letter. The gas mask is attached to the oxygen tank by way of a 16" gray rubber tube. b. Oxygen tank. Olive green metal. Connected to the face mask by 16" gray rubber tube. c. Canvas container for the face gas mask and oxygen unit. Made of olive drab canvas. Held shut by way of black metal snaps. On the inside flap is this printing in black letters "MiVA1 E. A. E. LOT 54". The canvas container can be secured to the body by way of some straps and belts. One strap on the back of the canvas container and a belt extending from one side to the front of the satchel. On the back side of the canvas container are these words in black letters starting from top to botoom, "U. S. ---ARMY DIAPHRAGM GAS MASK".