1975.4.0077 (Notebook)

The National Teachers Daily Attendance Record. No. 202 of the "National Series"; by Philo E. Hoadley. 64 pp. No illus. Book was made for rural and graded schools of the United States. The cover contains author and title plus "The National Series. Books, School records of all kinds, School Officers' Books and Records, School blanks, Pupils' report books, TeACHERS' Class Records, Song books, Note books, Diplomas, Etc. etc." Below this is a picture of an eagle holding an American flag. Under that is "National Publishing Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa." There is also a line done around all this in black leaf shapes. The inside of the book is set up on a grid to record students names & ages. The inside cover has a small example as to how to record attendance & grades. Written on the inside cover page in ink is "Aletha Jacobs, Brandon Iowa February 12, 1908." Written in the top right corner in pencil is "100". There is a loose piece of paper inside the book that has written in black ink the names of 47 children and their ages. Above the names is written "Lime Creek." On the other side of the paper is a list of names and at the top right corner is written "Spring Term. Apr. 15, 1907 to June 21st 1907." The back cover page continues on how to grade students on exams, attendance and general suggestions for teaching.