1996.13.48 (Game, board)

"GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS". a. Lid of box has illustration of a red shingled roof, small chalk board, mortar board & rolled paper tied by yellow ribbon, and an owl with a mortarboard holding a piece of paper with "Series 8" on it. Sides of lid have name of game. b. Bottom of box is white. Inside is the instruction book, game board, game pieces, and packaging material. A strip of masking tape goes completely around it adding strength. c. Instruction book entitled "New Triple Quiz Book", 79 pp, green cover. d. Board has red back. Playing surface has illustrations of 99 school desks arranged in 9 rows and 11 columns. At top is a teacher stainding in front of desk with open book. A chair with "100" on it and two blackboards on either side of her. The left blackboard has a boy writing "PLACE LUCK CARDS HERE." Right black board has girl writing "PLACE EXAMINATION CARDS HERE." At bottom left corner are a woman, boy & girl playing blocks in the "NURSERY SCHOOL". Across bottom is a shelf of books with "KINDERGARTEN" written above them. Playing pieces are cardboard cutouts of bust of people. e. "Butch". f. "Cowboy Joe". g. "Susie". h. "Bonnie". i. "Brother". j. "Daddy". k. "Mommy". l. "Sis". Each is mounted on a red block. There are 24 green "LUCK" cards: ma. - mx. There are 23 yellow "EXAMINATION" cards: na. - nw. Packaging includes a central illustration of a red one-room school. To each side are yellow box compartments to hold the playing pieces & cards. MPLS. Color: ML