1996.13.50 (Game, board)

"FIRST ARITHMETIC Game.". Price tag says it cost $2.50 from Latta's. Copyrighted 1957 by E. W. dolch. a. Lid hs nbame of game & "Dolch Arithmetic learing society", "Teaches Number Readiness", on rectangular blue image with 3 children, another with the number "3" & another with the word "three". Edge is wrapped with masking tape. b. Bottom also wrapped with masking tape. c. - f. Large yellow game card labeled Card 1-4 respectively. Each has a grid of 5 columns by 4 rows. Each column is labeled. Card 1 9c) "1-5", card 2 (d) "6-12", card 3 (e) "one-five", card 4(f) "six - ten". g. - p. Ten sets of cards with images on them. Each set of cards has a different number of items on it. Color: BK,YL,BL,WH,BR