1998.19.0034 (Cloth, tapa)

There are two types of diamonds on the cloth. The first type begins with brown ink drawn on the shape of a diamond, then two inner blue lines also in the shape of a diamond, set against white. The center of the diamond has blue lines drawn in the shape of an "M". There are two of them and they reflect one another. The rest of the diamond-shaped center is blue, with a white rectangle on either side. A brown line is drawn through the diamond. The second type has similar brown and blue outer lines as the first. Inside these lines are blue lines arranged in a step pattern and resemble a diamond. Inside the step diamond are two brown triangles, facing one another, with a vertical blue line drawn between them. These two styles of diamonds are arranged in an alternating pattern, with the first style in one horizontal row, then below it is the second style in a horizontal row below it. Connecting the tips of the diamonds in each row is a solid brown diamond, and the sides of the diamonds are separated by solid blue circles, with the white cloth showing through on the sides of the circles. Color: TN,BR,BL,WH