2021-2-33 (Shirt)

Black T-Shirt (size medium) that reads "IT-Adventures Making IT Fun" in white lettering outlined in black. There are two gradient semicircles above the letters going in opposite directions from gray to white and a green globe and eight green points coming from the globe that overlap the letters and the gradients. The back side reads in white lettering, "Top Ten Things I Know About Information Technology" "10. My computer doesn't talk to strangers." "9. The real use for an empty can of chips." "8. Hacking is not a spectator sport." "7. Using a Dvorak keyboard is a form of security." "6. Taking care of a mouse problem doesn't always involve a trap." "5. Companies actually hire people like me to break into their computers." "4. Alice, Bob, Carol, and Eve have great conversations." "3. Virtual worlds can be as much fun as the real world." "2. Having more than 10 running computers is not weird." "1. Contrary to popular belief, IT cannot be purchased on Ebay." 

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