2021-2-55 (Voting Machine)

This is a metal voting machine used in Price Lab Schools. There are instructions in a slot on the side on a piece of paper that reads, "DIRECTIONS for VOTING": "1st. Move the Red Handle to the Right and leave it there." "2nd. Pull the lever of your party to the right. To vote a split ticket: After you have pulled the party lever, turn up the pointer over the candidate's name you wish to cut out, and turn a pointer over the name of any other candidate for the same office." "3rd. Turn a pointer over the "Yes" or "No" of each question."  "4th. Leave the pointers down." "5th. Move the Red Handle to the Left." There also is a label screwed on the top that is engraved and reads, "Automatic Voting Machine Corp. Jamestown, N.Y. Instruction Model No. 12880" A series of questions have been loaded into the machine, as has names and political parties. There is also a metal prop bar that can hold the machine up attached to either side.