2023-7-1 (Brick)

A dark red brick with 3 evenly spaced holes running through its center; the brick is very worn and has black ang gray materials staining its surface in various areas; there is a brass plate with black lettering reading "ROSS NIELSEN FIELDHOUSE   1957 - 1993   PRICE LABORATORY SCHOOL" glued to one of the long sides. Brick was a part of the Ross Nielsen Fieldhouse, part of the Price Laboratory School until a fire on June 8, 1993. A letter included with the object reads "Dear Roger and Barbara: We are very grateful for your kind donation to our Field House Brick Fund. Contributions such as yours will make it possible for us to continue to maintain high quality programs served by our Field House facility prior to the June 8 fire.  Your brick with brass plate will be prepared and delivered to you. We believe that you will enjoy this momento of Nielsen Field House.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support.  Sincerely,  Steve Moon President Alumni and Friends of PLS   Jim Wertz President NUHS Booster Club   Claire Smith President Parents and Teachers in Partnership   Ross Nielsen Emeritus Faculty.

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