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Catalog # Name Description
51 2006.9.63 Tooth Seal tooth that is mottled tan and brown, the tooth gradually flattens and narrows into a sharp tip. The piece arcs and the tip is curved sharply. The tip is cream colored. 2006.9.63 (Tooth) image
52 2006.9.64 Tooth Unerupted tooth of a toothed whale - Very smooth cylindrical tooth that makes an arc. The root of the tooth is flattened, while the tooth's tip narrows to a dull point. The tip is also more brown than the rest of the tooth. 2006.9.64 (Tooth) image
53 2006.9.65 Tooth Seal tooth - flat and arcs towards the tip. A shallow groove urns along the tooth's brown tip. The other side of the tip is tan. The root of the tooth is hollow and the top of the root is opened with a jagged hole. 2006.9.65 (Tooth) image
54 2006.9.68 walrus tooth A large tooth with wood-like fractures throughout. The piece is irregularly-shaped, with a flat-edged tip and a tapered funnel-shaped hole extending down into the tooth. 2006.9.68 (walrus tooth) image
55 2006.9.7 Mastodon a long slab of tusk; the piece is slightly concave along the width. The convex side of the tusk is striated lengthwise and relatively smooth. The concave side is very rough, with three distinct rough notches that jut from the slab. The coloration on the concave side is very uneven. Color: DK BR
56 2006.9.8 Tusk Long semi-cylindrical an slightly bowed walrus tusk. The surface of the tusk has a furrowed texture that runs the length of the top. One end of the tusk has chipped away, exposing a pulpy core. The flat base of the tusk reveals the pulp cavity which runs the length of the center of the tusk. 2006.9.8 (Tusk) image