Archaeology (the study of ancient human culture) and ethnology (the study of recent and living people) are the two major sections in the anthropology collection.

The archaeological collection comes from North and West Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe, the Andes, Mesoamerica, the Great Plains, and the Great Basin areas.

The ethnographic collection includes artifacts from the Andes, Amazon, Mesoamerica, Circum-Caribbean, East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, Melanesia, and Polynesia.

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Cat. # Name Description
1 1993.37.0001 Robe Sand dollar print. Everyday cotton type. Designs in the yukata run the length of the yukata, parallel to each other. They are: white circles on a light blue background 4" wide, then a white stripe 1 1/2" side, followed by a section of white sand dollars against a dark blue background. Each sand dollar has light blue detail within it. This section is 6 1/2' side. "Grant" is written along the inside of the collar in black permanent ink. "Japan" is written in blue permanent ink along the bottom hem. A belt in the sand dollar design is attached by stitching in a star shape with 8 points. It is attached at the center of the yukata. The yukata is precisely square, The sleeves are sewn into enclosed squares that allow the wearer to carry items in the sleeves. Color: BL,WH
2 2010.4.15.0011 Mat, place small flat round woven placemat with stripes around the ouer rim of piece, a swirl of teal which gradually becomes a zigzag pattern swirl in violet, teal and yellow interwoven, the pattern continues until the middle most part of piece where the multicolored zigzag pattern becomes the darker violet shade, there are also 4 loops "handles" attached to outer rim, possibly for hanging, similar less detailed pattern on opposite side, number four in a set of 5 placemats within a set of 12 items Color: various
3 1972.34.0005 Doily Lace edging. One of a group of five ( 72.34.005 - 72.34.009).
4 1995.37.0001 Bow Strung. Bow has lunate shape since it is strong. Outside face of bow is 75% soot covered from one tip past the median & partially toward the other tip, which is raw light colored wood. Bowstring is 1/4' wide resilient fiber (inner bark?). Knotted at both ends. A finer fiber on the bow tips beneath the bow string knots. The entire inside face of the bow is smoother & less rough than the outside face. Color: TN,BR
5 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
6 1989.43.0073 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
7 1999.5.30.0132 Transparency, slide Sign at graves, Kupum, 103 km nw Kagerum.
8 1989.43.0328 Biface None
9 1999.5.30.0384 Transparency, slide Isfahan 6 napkins.
10 1979.0011 Vase, ceremonial Natural yellow-tan colored clay, dark brown colored designs and drawings; flat bottom; shaped neck; 2 3/4" long x 3/4" diameter spout; large 1 1/4" wide x 4 1/4" long loop handle on top, dark brown colored line designs; molded human facial features, curved slit eyes, flared nose and carved nostrils, open mouth, and ears, on opposite side of spout; dark red colored designs and accents on neck and other areas. Color: YL-TN
11 2000.2.0046 Carving, ancestor Two seated human figures with joined elbows and knees and spread arms and legs. Feet and rear of first joined to head of second. Hands on both raised to face level. Carved desgns on figures. Color: BR 2000.2.0046 (Carving, ancestor) image
12 1968.10.493.0055 Chip, stone None
13 1975.3.0001 Textile Tapa cloth, triangular design. Color: BR,BK,WH
14 1968.10.0141 Shell, turtle Drum made out of turtle shell, with a wooden drum stick attached by twine. 1968.10.0141 (Shell, turtle) image
15 1993.38.0055 Point, projectile Side-notched. Mottled. Color: WH
16 2005.8.0002 Bag Open-weave with woven handle. Design is geometric bands of color that zig-zag around the bag. Background colors are green and yellow. Handle has two stripes in green and tan. Dyes for the color are made from betel juice and sweet potatoes. Color: GR, RD, TN,BL,Y
17 1970.9.0046 Pot Small open vessel. Bird design on outside near rim in gray, black, and white patterns. Red band around outside rim with bird track designs. Inside is brown. Color: GY,WH,BK
18 1994.30.0010 Pipe, clay Small round bowl with a pattern of three lines going all the way around. The same pattern goes around the base of the pipe. There is a 1/4' hole in posterior of bowl. b. 6" wooden stem goes into the bowl. Color: BK
19 1979.10.9.0061 Bead Triangular, pierced, notched on opposite ends. Chipped. Color: TN
20 1996.11.0003 Shirt Shirt made from three panels. Long sleeve. No buttons. Cuffs not finished. Color: YL
21 2006.17.0034 point, projectile mississippian 1100-200 ybp; un-notched triangular point; incidental serrations; distal end acute; cross-section biconvex; slightly convex edges; relatively straight base; munsell- 2.5 yr 7/1 light grey Color: gy
22 1968.10.0089 Scoop One-half gourd bowl or scoop. 1968.10.0089 (Scoop) image
23 1972.5.0020 Bowl Semi-open; incised designs with adjacent raised stylized animal faces (3).
24 1970.41.3.0070 Point, projectile None
25 1999.5.0005 Print, photographic A photo of a small hut on sand. There are palm trees in the background. The roof of the hut is made up of palm leaves and wooden poles. The outside walls consist of woven palm-leaf mats. There are depressions in the sand. Color: GY,BK,WH
26 1989.43.0170 Point, projectile Expanding stem point, tip missing.
27 1999.5.30.0226 Transparency, slide *Fossiliferous conglomerate, Kharg Island.
28 1973.41.4.0017 Postcard One woman, one boy, and one girl in carnival costumes in foreground. On left side are people sitting in folding chairs with back toward costumed figures. In background are five men. Written in white across bottom is "Carnival costumes. Panama city." On back side is "POST CARD. CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS PLACE STAMP HERE." There is a cancelled stamp. Color: BK,WH
29 1999.5.30.0478 Transparency, slide Pottery factory, Pertou, west of Taipei.
30 1974.23.0148 Point, projectile None
31 2003.10.0002 Weaving Patterned woven cloth mat with fringes on both ends. Pattern is on one side only. Color: BK,RD, OR,YL
32 2007.15.0002 Robe The main body shape is a rectangle with rectangular shaped sleeves. The outside corner of each sleeve is rounded. The collar is rounded. Snaps on inside facing go down 36" from top. Bottom edge is padded and rounded. The pattern is red and orange cranes on a cream colored background. Most cranes have gold trim-4cranes do not. Cranes have 18 1/2"-23 1/2" wing span. Going down the length, the colors of cranes alternate. Behind the cranes is a leaf pattern. The leaves are purple, blue purple, dark purple with gold flakes, and cream. The cream and purple leaves are traced with gold trim. All leaves have 3 petal gold flowers on the top of them. The leaves overlap to make a complex design. Red lining. The sleeves are open on the inner side. Color: CR, OR, GD, PR
33 1993.44.1.0009 Point, projectile Crypto crystalline. Stemmed base, smooth texture at base; rough texture at point.
34 1978.46.0031 Apron Tie-dyed cloth. Indigo and white mottled esign. Pocket on right front side. Cloth strap ties on ends. 1978.46.0031 (Apron) image
35 2010.17.0132 shoes (a & b) yellow with red around the rims, red green stipled line with red and green white and black design, leather sole Color: YL,GR,RD,WH,BK
36 1981. Sherd, pottery None
37 2006.17.0129 point, projectile medium sized corner notched opint; distal end acute; cross section biconvex; edges very slightly convex; base straight with one ear missing Color: tn
38 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with black stripe near edge. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
39 1997.4.33.0006 Arrow Straight light wood with barbed, dark chonta palm tip. Six dark bands 3/8"wide painted around shaft. No feathers. Color: TN
40 1968.10.0362 Hammock Rope hammock made from tree bark. Braided cord.
41 1999.5.30.0068 Transparency, slide Cupressus.
42 1999.5.30.0320 Transparency, slide Imam to west, Friday Mosque.
43 1989.43.0266 Point, projectile Side-notched point.
44 2000.13.14.0002 Belt Brown background with white diamond geometric pattern Color: BR,WH
45 2004.25.0001 Belt Striped and woven. Ends are narrower than the body, and braided. Fourteen bands of stripes: red, purple, pink and green. In center is a wider stripe with an arrow design of green, cream, and orange. From the Quechua culture, known for their skill in pottery and textiles. 2004.25.0001 (Belt) image
46 1978.15.0050 Sculpture Large head and chest, small left arm, right arm missing, 1/8" groove in top center of head, 1/4" eyes, hollow head. Color: RD
47 1979.10.0026 Bowl Rounded rim, flat bottom; dark red-brown color.
48 1968.10.0024 Mat Three orange points, edged in black, on natural background. Color: OR, BK, TN 1968.10.0024 (Mat) image
49 1970.41.3.0006 Point, projectile None
50 2015-3-1B Doll, Ibeji Two wooden standing male figures on round bases. Hands are resting on their sides with legs apart. Short strong neck, classic Yoruba vertical and horizontal scarification marks on their cheeks. Both weaking caps and both figures are in good condition and date to the mid to late 20th Century. 2015-3-1B (Doll, Ibeji) image
51 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
52 1999.5.30.0162 Transparency, slide Digging to expose wall, 900 B. C.
53 1989.43.0106 Biface Crude, incomplete.
54 1972. Sherd, pottery Incised design. Color: GY
55 1989.43.0360 Drill, replica Flat base. Color: RD
56 1999.5.30.0416 Transparency, slide Temples, menam Chao Phya (River), Tomas Floating Market.
57 2000.2.0076 Carving, ancestor Rectangular shaped, Four interconnected human figures, joined by elbows and knees or feet, and by hornbill/pelican figures. Carved designs on bodies and cheeks (scarification?) and on birds pigmented red. Entire piece remnant white. Hair and chins of figures remnant black. Color: BR,WH,RD,BK
58 1968.10.493.0087 Chip, stone None
59 1993.38.83.0001 Stone fragment None
60 1994.30.0040 Sconce Cylindrical can with handle. Bottom part is about 2". Dome shaped; goes up with small cylinder at top. Bottle cap soldered upside down on this. Another 1" long cylinder attached to bottle cap. Candle sits in this piece. Red candle, twisted. Color: SL,RD
61 1978.44.0008 Figurine Osiris. Standing. Mounted on varnished light wood block. White-lettered embossed label on brown platic strip on top of wooden block: "Osiris." Rectangular white gummed seal below base: "OS #2, $35." Accompanying printed label: "Osiris, King of the Gods. Color: GD
62 1970.9.0078 Bow Wooden bow with rope attached at each end,. Color: BK,TN
63 1979.10.9.0093 Bead Quasi-rectangular, pierced. Color: PK
64 1996.30.0006 Cap Knitted in dark brown with cream and gray pattern motifs. Ear flaps have two motifs like backward "N". This motif is repeated on two stripes on cap. Between those two stripes is a row of alpacas or alpacas facing right. Edges finished with chain stitch. Tassels on ear flaps. These traditional hats are worn to keep the inhabitants of the Andes Mountains warm and Alpaca wool is a large resource. This hat appears to have been washed in too hot of water which caused the wool to felt and the hat to shrink. There is hand stitching in what appears to be a repair on one of the ear flaps.
65 2006.17.0067 point, projectile narrow thin section of point or blade; base missing; distal end missing; transverse oblique flaking; cross-section biconvex; munsell- 2.5y 2/0- black Color: bk
66 1970.41.3.0100 Point, projectile None
67 1999.5.30.0004 Transparency, slide Saadi tomb, from south.
68 1989.43.0202 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
69 1999.5.30.0258 Transparency, slide Dressed cow, calf lungs, heads of both.
70 1973.41.4.0049 Postcard Shows view of Panama City from Las Bovedas. There is a park with trees in foreground and buildings in background. Written in white across the bottom is "View of Panama City from 'Las Bovedas' ". On back is printed "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS PLACE STAMP HERE." Color: BK,WH
71 1999.5.30.0510 Transparency, slide (Skyline view). Louise Baldwin.
72 2003.13.0018 Jacket Dark blue, with elbow length sleeves. Five gold buttons on front. Floral embroidery on front, back, and sleeves. Black trim around edges, with decorative floral border inside of that. Inside of jacket is light blue. Color: ML
73 1993.44.9.0011 Vase Unglazed, multicolored geometric patterns painted to exterior; painted in eight colors on buff: white, buff, black, purple, brown, orange, green, yellow. Rim green. Mouth wavy, not flat. Color: ML 1993.44.9.0011 (Vase) image
74 1977.69.0024 Bone, human Rib. Color: WH
75 2007.6.0009 point; projectile medium sized side notched point; distal end missing; cross section roughly plano convex; edges straight; base roughly straight; side notched are large and pronoounced; weak shoulders Color: gy
76 00.70.0039 Point, projectile Arrow, steel tipped.
77 1995.27.0001 Slip Pleated near chest line; 2 shoulder straps. Lacy material. 1/2" hem. Color: WH
78 2010.4.0005 Basket, burden large basket (a.) with lid (b.), heavy duty, longer stalks are bound together with thicker smaller stalks (different grasses) very durable build, 2 round handles on either side of vessel and on lid, slited vents all around sides of basket and lid.
79 1983.10.0001 Statue Male.
80 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
81 1968.9.15.0001 Scarf Man's. Color: BK,WH
82 1970.78.15.0017 Bow Bow streaked brown and black with black predominant. Bow string is natural colored cord. Color: BK,BR
83 1999.5.30.0100 Transparency, slide Hasein Miraredj & camel skeleton, 92 km. Sw N. Zahedan.
84 1989.43.0296 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
85 1999.5.30.0352 Transparency, slide Poppy 15633 (large) & 15446 (medium).
86 1973. Card, greeting Christmas. Holy family flight to Egypt. Color: RD,YL,WH
87 2000.2.0014 Platter Oblong, oval shaped platter. Human head carved into handle with scarification on cheeks. Design carved pigmented white, red, black on platter. Interior pigmented white. Interior white remnant. Head pigmented red, white. Color: WH,RD,BR,BK
88 1968.10.493.0023 Chip, stone None
89 1968.10.0109 Mortar Tobacco mortar of light-colored carved wood. One end is hollowed out. 1968.10.0109 (Mortar) image
90 1993.38.0023 Point, projectile Stemmed.
91 1975.16.29.0013 Postcard Color photo of an animal-shaped red pottery pot, Neolithic Age (around 10,000-4,000 B. P.) Color: ML
92 1970.9.0014 Rope Braided. Loop tied at one end. Color: BK,TN
93 1979.10.9.0031 Bead Irregular sphere shape with flat back; hole drilled in each end. Color: GY
94 2006.17.0002 point, projectile paleo point 11,250-8,000 ybp; eared lanceolate form; no beveling; no serrations; distal end missing; point cross sectionbi-convex Color: br point, projectile image
95 1970.41.3.0038 Point, projectile None
96 1998.30.0001 Cloth, fragment A triangular fragment of cloth from a Peruvian mummy. Outer edge has medium dark and ligfht brown stripes. Along the edge of the last stripe is a symbol which looks like a "6", and next to this are three rows of squares. The two outer rows are light brown, the center row is dark brown. The design of the squares is similar but the "6" symbol is in the center of the light brown squares. The pattern then repeats. Color: BR,TN
97 1989.43.0136 Point, projectile No stem point.
98 1999.5.30.0194 Transparency, slide Miksab, Friday Mosque.
99 1973.4.2.0006 Sculpture Tlaloc representation. Very detailed.
100 1968. Picture Cutout picture of a man and a woman dancing. Outer edge black. Back painted green. Color: BK,BR,GR