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1 1973.56.0008 Brooch

Bar brooch with filigree silver; small green emerald rectangle stone with two small simulated diamonds on both sides of emerald.

1973.56.0008 (Brooch) image
2 1978.60.0003 Bracelet

Child's, gold plated, copper metal adjustable bracelet. Bracelet has filigree and swastika motif on top. Swastika motif has chipped blue varnish chipped.

1978.60.0003 (Bracelet) image
3 1989.43.0719 Ring

Thin ring band with a piece on top. Along the sides of the band is a decorative design. Small hole in the bottom, so it could be put on a necklace.

1989.43.0719 (Ring) image
4 1989.43.0923 Pin

Spirograph green three leave clover pin.

1989.43.0923 (Pin) image
5 1990.44.0008 Ring

Faux reproduction of Princess Diana's engagement ring. The ring has a blue sapphire at the center surrounded by 14 diamonds and a silver band. Replica of the ring given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles for their engagement.

1990.44.0008 (Ring) image
6 1990.58.0010 Brooch

From the Isle of Capri, Italy. The brooch is round in size with micro mosaic multi-colored tesserae. The mosaic forms a floral pattern. Back is metal and the fastening pin is a safety pin design.

1990.58.0010 (Brooch) image
7 1990.58.0011 Brooch, Earings

From the Isle of Capri, Italy. Three pieces. A. Micro mosaic tesserae floral brooch in a leaf shape. Safety pin design fastener on back. B and C. A pair of earrings same as brooch just miniaturized.

1990.58.0011 (Brooch, Earings) image
8 1990.58.0015 Necklace

White coral beads grade from 3.5 mm diameter at the clasp to 8.6 mm at the center. Gold clasp inserts into a round metal piece that has a piece of coral inlay.

1990.58.0015 (Necklace) image
9 1992.0023 Sweater

Worn by alumni who lettered in track at Iowa State Teacher's College.

Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC) letter sweater, 1929. Gold with purple/gold felt TC on front.

10 1994.10.0002 Necklace

Hand crafted oval locket. Locket lid has raised scroll work and sixteen oval multi-colored glass cabochons around a central round moonstone. Two ball and silver wiring on chain. Locket lid is hinged at the bottom. Floral design on back. Suspended on the bottom of the locket are nine silver balls.

1994.10.0002 (Necklace) image
11 1994.10.0016 Brooch

Oval brooch locket or keepsake. The locket brooch has 4 tiers of alternating small and large garnets. One large garnet in the center. At the top is a triangle shaped clasp with small garnets. On the back side is a pin for the brooch and a glass keepsake or locket section where hair, photograph, or other keepsakes were placed. It may have also been worn with a chatelaine or chain charm with a skirt.

1994.10.0016 (Brooch) image
12 1994.10.0018 Bracelet

Slide mesh bracelet. Five links wide; clasp is rectangular with scallop on each side. Fine decorative edging and silver in the middle on clasp. Oval shaped piece with leaf design on end with 6 tassels and one piece has a gold ball.

1994.10.0018 (Bracelet) image
13 2017-23-4 Book

Normal Elective Courses in Common School and High School Branches. Instruction Book four made by Chicago Interstate School of Correspondence.

2017-23-4 (Book) image
14 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0001 Jacket

Restrained hourglass silhouette with shawl collar. Closure is loops and frogs. 7 1/2' slits at sides and at princess seams. Long, wide set in sleeves with 4 1/2' wide cuffs with trim and loops and 4 frogs. Trim around collar; front opening, hem and sleeves cuffs. Created by James McCreery and Co. New York.

15 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0005 Combination

Silk crepe undergarment with 3 buttons at front neckline. Embroidery at front neck. Scalloped edges at arms, eyes, and neckline. Opens all the way down the front. Ties at waistline. Seam at hip level. Center back seam open to near bottom of legs. Eyelets around neck for drawstring.

16 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0006 Undergarment

A. One-piece slimmer with brassiere. Stretches to pull on; lace at bottom of elasticized legs. Garter clasps on front and back of the inside of each leg. Bone enhanced support around bust and abdomen. Crotch opens with hook and eye fasteners. Made by the Formfit Rogers Company, known for their stylish women's lingerie and undergarments. Serial No. 32544. B. pattern; 10 pieces.

17 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0019 Dress

Infant's dress.

Bodice is alternating strips of lace and tucks. Lace around neckline. Skirt 28" long, gathered to bodice. 7" border at hem of rows of tucks alternating with lace. Very full short sleeves have 1/4' wide lace edging. 7" placket at center back neck with 2-button closure. Feather stitch trim at neck and bottom of bodice.

18 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0020 Slip, Infant

For infant. 3 1/4' yoke, decorative in front, plain in back. Skirt is 23" long; bottom 13" is rows of horizontal tucks, bobbin lace and embroidered fabric. Armseyes are hemmed. 8' placket at center back. Closes with 2 snaps. Bobbin lace insertion.

19 UNIM1986.14.1979.2.0001 Collar

Women's outerwear meant to be draped around the neck.

Fur collar lined with brown satin. Large black hook & eye at center front.

UNIM1986.14.1979.2.0001 (Collar) image
20 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0023 Coat

Robe style house coat, meant for indoor lounge use.

Beige decorative facing on neck & front edge & sleeves; feather stitch around facings. Right front laps over left; ties attached to right front & left side seam. Short kimono slieeves; 1" hem machine stitched. Sketch on catalog sheet.

UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0023 (Coat) image
21 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0025 Gown

Slip-on women's night gown.

Gathered panel at center front bust; eyelet lace at neck & around inset panel. Floral print (pink, blue, green) overall, small cap sleeves. Neckline squared in front; curved empire waistline.

UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0025 (Gown) image
22 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0027 Gown

Long women's nightgown.

Front placket with 3-button closure trimmed with ruffle of same print used in yoke & edged in red. 9" long. Yoke is white with floral print. skirt part gathers to yoke front & back. Long set-in sleeves with self-cuff.

23 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0028 Slip

Slip worn by the collector's mother or aunt.

Filet crochet yoke. Skirt portion gathered at waist and attached to bodice. Twill drawstring at neck; inserts in front & back of skirt portion for double thickness. Scalloped hem with crocheted lace.

24 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0029 Slip

Large slip meant to be worn under a woman's dress.

Skirt gathered at sides and attached at waist; twill tape drawstring at neck. Inserts in front and back of skirt for double thickness shadow panel. Tucks at waist to shorten. Large crocheted flower in yoke.

UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0029 (Slip) image
25 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0031 Slip

Faded pink; rounded neckline with scalloped crochet trim. Front & back connected by side panels. Hemstitching around neck & armholes. Flat fell seams; 2 1/" hem; built up shoulder.




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