The emphasis of the collection is on Iowa species, with North America specimens of secondary importance. International species are part of the collection for comparative purposes. Taxidermy specimens and scientific study materials make up the bulk of the collection in the following areas:

  • Entomology (insects)
  • Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians)
  • Ichthyology (fish)
  • Malacology (shellfish)
  • Mammology (mammals)
  • Ornithology (birds)
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Cat. # Name Description
1 1976.007 Waxwing, cedar Color: BR
2 00.26.0231 Snow goose, greater None
3 1968.10.0443 Horn Horn. Hollow, dark-colored, slightly curved. Color: BK
4 1980.46.0002 Bison Femur.
5 00.26.0105 Flycatcher, great crested None Flycatcher, great crested image
6 2006.14.0056 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.56A- Broken into several pieces, -incomplete. Mandible: 2006.14.56B- Fragmented inot several pieces. Teeth detached and mixed amongst bone fragments Color: WH
7 00.27.0021 Longhorn, Texas Horns only mount. Color: BK
8 Teal, green wing One female wing.
9 1968.9.36.14914 Root Salt encrustation.
10 1968.9.50.14630.0024 Owl, barred Pellet (bone remains).
11 1974.29.0014 Bunting, indigo None
12 1995.30.1.0024 Weasel, long-tailed Study skin and skull. Mounted on cardboard with middle section missing. Color: WH,YL
13 Oriole, Northern Nest. Color: Unk
14 2006.14.0153 Mouse, Deer Skull: 2006.14.153A- Broken into two distinct pieces Mandible: 2006.14.153B- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.153C- Penile bone Color: WH
15 Goat Color: WH
16 1968.9.49.13715.0066 Tortoise, wood Plate.
17 1968.9.51.16777 Wolf, Iranian Skull only. Color: TN
18 00.26.0161 Peafowl None Peafowl image
19 1976.21.0017 Flicker, yellow-shafted Tail feathers.
20 00.26.0041 Vireo, red-eyed None
21 2004.16.0016 Trout, rainbow Facing right, with open mouth. Green dorsal area with black spots. Red line on mid body. Gray belly. Dorsal and tail fins tan with black spots. Pectoral, pelvic and anal fins tan. Color: GR,RD,GY
22 Shoveller (Spoonbill) One male wing.
23 2006.14.0247 Owl, Barred Pellet: Miscellaneous bones and clumps of fur from an unidentified rodent species. Partial mandible included. Possible that more than one animal is represented. Color: N/A
24 Duck, ruddy Wing.
25 1968.14.0046 Mouse Skin.
26 1968. Egg Egg.
27 1971.40.0001 Horns Pair of horns. Color: TN
28 1992.0017 Kestrel, American Color: BR
29 00.26.0273 Gull, ring-billed None
30 1989.43.0443 Bone Right mandible, with 1st and 2nd molars; small. Color: TN
31 00.26.0139 Hawk, pigeon None
32 2006.14.0089 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.89A- Fully intact with some dark brown discolorations Mandible: 2006.14.89B- Good condition Color: TN, BR
33 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
34 Coot Wing.
35 1968.9.49.13715.0003 Tortoise, wood Bone.
36 1968.9.50.8658 Robin, albino None
37 Sparrow, house None
38 1974.31.1.0017 Sparrow, swamp None
39 Widgeon (Bald pate), American One male wing.
40 2006.14.0185 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.185A- Most of skull missing. Remaining parts split in half Mandile: 2006.14.185B- Slightly damaged, but remains in fairly good condition Color: WH
41 Caribou Color: BR,TN
42 1968.9.49.13715.0098 Tortoise, wood Plate.
43 1968.0011 Swallow, barn nest Color: BR
44 00.26.0198 Sandpiper, white-rumped None
45 1966.11.0013 Quail, bobwhite None
46 1976.86.0003 Junco None
47 00.26.0074 Bunting, snow None
48 2006.14.0026 Mouse, House Skin: 2006.14.26A- Tail missing from specimen Skull: 2006.14.26B- Broken, back of skull missing, lower jaw not present Color: BR
49 2006.9.0008 walrus long semi-cylindiral an dslightyl bowed tusk. The surface of the tusk has a furrowed texture that runs the length of the top. One end of the tusk has chipped away, exposing a pulpy core. The flat base of the tusk reveals the pulp cavity which runs the length of the center of the tusk. Color: TN and BR
50 Merganser, hooded Wing.
51 1968.14.0108 Mouse None
52 1968.9.50.14627.0008 Owl, barred Pellet.
53 1973.30.0042 Lepidoptera Moths.
54 00.22.0022 Ray, sting Egg case.
55 Wren, house None
56 1995.30.0017 Mink Skull. Jawbone attached. Color: BR
57 Catbird? Nest.
58 2006.14.0121 Vole Skull: 2006.14.121A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.121B- Good condition Both skull and mandible look very similar to other Microtus species. Color: WH
59 Bone Unfossilized.
60 Scaup, lesser One male wing.
61 1968.9.49.13715.0033 Tortoise, wood Bone.
62 1968.9.51.13434 Bone Bone fragment. (a. - f.)
63 N/A Color: BR
64 1974.31.2.0016 Sparrow, white-throated Study skin with data enclosed in sealed plastic bag.
65 00.26.0019 Redstart, American None
66 1997.28.0007 Bear, black Black bear mounted on a fully lined brown rug with a light brown double felt border. Head is attached with mouth open. Tongue is soft and is pink in color. Fur is brown in most areas while the neck and nose area are tanner in color. It has all claws. The fur is thinner on the far right and left areas of the stomach. 5" x 4" spot in back that hair no longer is attached. 7 rings are sewn on reverse of rug for hanging. Color: BR
67 Mallard One male wing.
68 2006.14.0215 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.215A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.215B- Good condition Vertebrae: 2006.14.215C- Uppermost vertebra present Color: WH
69 1968.10.0506 Civet, Africa Skin.
70 1968.9.50.0030 Toucan Skin.
71 1968.9.50.0033 Grackle, pied-billed Skin.
72 1976.0083 Owl, screech Color: GY
73 00.26.0232 Duck, ruddy Pair; one male and one female.
74 1968.10.0444 Horn Horn. Hollow, dark-colored, slightly curved. Color: BK
75 1981.13.3.0002 Antler Antlers.
76 00.26.0106 Swift, chimney None Swift, chimney image
77 2006.14.0057 Mouse, White-footed A complete set of teeth. One set of molars remains attached to a small piece of mandible. Color: TN
78 00.27.0022 Buffalo, water Decorative carvings.
79 Teal, green wing One male wing.
80 1968.9.40.0004 Seed In vial
81 1968.9.50.14630.0025 Owl, barred Pellet (bone remains).
82 1974.29.0015 Sparrow, grasshopper "Zola" inked below base. "Western 9sic) Grasshopper Sparrow" label fastened to cover "Yellow-winged Sparrow" label noted in pencil as "questionable".
83 00.25.0014 Snake, garter Skeleton.
84 1995.30.1.0025 Gopher, plains pocket Study skin, mounted in flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: TN
85 Oriole, Northern Nest. Color: Unk
86 2006.14.0154 Mouse, Deer Skull: 2006.14.154A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.154B- Good condition Color: WH
87 Ground quirrel, 13-lined Color: GY,SL
88 1968.9.49.13715.0067 Tortoise, wood Plate.
89 1968.9.51.16782 Porcupine Quills.
90 00.26.0163 Hawk, marsh None
91 1976.21.0018 Flicker, yellow-shafted Tail feathers.
92 00.26.0042 Shrike, Northern Northern shrike with black capped chickadee in bill. Shrike, Northern image
93 2004.16.0017 Trout, rainbow Facing left, with open mouth. Dark green dorsal area. Red beneath. Black spots on sides, dorsal area, dorsal and caudal fins. Pectoral, pelvic, anal fins red. Color: GR,RD,BK
94 Shoveller (Spoonbill) One female wing.
95 2006.14.0248 Owl, Barred Pellet: Miscellaneous bones from an unidentified rodent species. Small bits of hair present as well. Color: N/A
96 Duck, ruddy Wing.
97 1968.14.0050 Mouse None
98 1968. Egg Egg.
99 1971.40.0002 Horn Pair of horns.
100 1992.0018 Vireo, red-eyed Color: BR