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426 1984.6.0317 Print, photographic

Black and white photograph of supplies arriving by train in Col du Bonhomme, a mountain pass in France, during World War I. Soldiers and other men are present in the photo, as well as a stable and a horse. The remainder of snow is on the ground. "Col. du bonhomme. Arrival of supplies by the railroad." typed on the back of print. Stamped in blue ink on back of print "FRENCH PICTORIAL SERVICE 220 WEST 42ND STREET, N.Y.". Handwritten text on back of print in pencil "W269" and symbol that looks like a q. Handwritten text in blue crayon "1899".

1984.6.0317 (Print, photographic) image
427 1984.6.0318 Print, photographic

Black and white photograph depicts a group of seven soldiers waiting to get their hair cut by a barber. One man is sitting in a chair with a cloth tied around him, in the process of getting his hair cut. World War I. "The camp barber is a very busy man." is typed in black ink on the back of the print. "FRENCH PICTORIAL SERVICE 220 WEST 42ND STREET, N. Y." and "PICTORIAL PRESS 2009 CANDLER BLDG. 220 WEST 42TH STREET" stamped in dark blue on the back of the print. Handwritten text in pencil on back of print looks like "go-U15".

1984.6.0318 (Print, photographic) image
428 1984.6.0322 Print, photographic

Black and white photographic print of American soldiers learning to throw hand grenades in France during World War I. "American soldiers learning to throw hand grenades somewhere in France." typed in black ink on the back of the print. "FRENCH PICTORIAL SERVICE, 220 WEST 42ND STREET, N. Y." and "PLEASE CREDIT FRENCH-OFFICIAL FROM PICTORIAL PRESS 220 WEST 42ND ST., N. Y." stamped on the back of the print in dark blue. Handwritten text in pencil on back of print in cursive looks like "L Qbbr". Text is underlined with "19" below line.

1984.6.0322 (Print, photographic) image
429 1985.12 Switchboard

World War Two Japanese portable field communications switchboard.

430 1988.8.0006C Pin

National defence service medal with dual pins on backside.

431 1989.43.0004 Metal fragment


432 1989.43.0021 Bayonet

Bayonet, sword.

433 1989.43.0022 Bayonet

Bayonet, sword.

434 1989.43.0027 Button

WWl. Has an eagle on front grasping wheat and arrows. The eagle has a shield over his chest and is encircled by small stars.

435 1989.43.0028 Button

From a WW I German officer. Has the image of a corwn on the front. The back says "HOCHFEINE QUALITAT A & S".

436 1989.43.0031a Dagger

Nazi dagger with an 8 1/2" blade which says "Ulles fur Deutschland" across its face and "CHRISTIANSERK SOLINGEN" on it back in a small football shape and encircling the picture of a fork. Red-colored wooden handle attached to two pieces of metal on either end. There is a metal figure of an eagle with its wings spread and perched on a wreath with a swastika in its center, pressed into the handle. There is also another metal symbol pressed into the wood towards the butt end of the handle.

437 1989.43.0031b sheath

 The sheath is metal and painted black. Metal clip attached to the sheath which in turn is bolted to a piece of looped leather. 

438 1989.43.0035 Sight

Italian gun sight found south of Tunis, Tunisia. Markings include "LP.R.E, Millesimi Convenzionali, S.A. Microtecnica, Ma. 11576.

1989.43.0035 (Sight) image
439 1989.43.0444 Metal fragment

Metal piece from Japanese plane, Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Jagged edges.

440 1989.43.0573 Case, gun

For Colt revolver.

441 1989.43.0721 Horseshoe

From Confederate officer's horse. a and b.

442 1989.43.0757 Box, ammunition

Has pieces of ZnCO4 inside.

443 1989.43.0758 Medal

For "Good Conduct" and "Efficiency - Honor fidelity." round, gold, and has a picture of an eagle on the front and a star on the back. Red ribbon with white stripes on the sides.

444 1989.43.0759 Insignia, military

Yellow bar. Has red, white, and blue stripes on the sides. Rectangular.

445 1989.43.0760 Insignia, military

Gold, rectangular, dull and curved on the sides. a. - d. (within same bag)

446 1989.43.0761 Insignia, military

Gold, rectangular, very shiny, with designs on the back.

447 1989.43.0762 Insignia, military

Used for the Air Force. Has bird wings and in the middle a propeller. On the back there are two points, one one each wing. a - d.

448 1989.43.0763 Box, tackle

"US Govenment emergency fishing kit instructions." used for military; includes hooks and lines.

449 1989.43.0764 Buckle

"USA". Little hook in the back.

450 1989.43.0766 Bullet

Twenty-eight bullets from the battlefield at Kenesaw Mt., Georgia. 19 3 ring minnie balls excluding one strange shaped. 3 cleaning rounds. 1 Rovsible Carliene round and 5 deformed. June 27, 1864. a. - ab;





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