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451 1989.43.0767 Bullet, paper

Paper bullets used by the Americans during the Spanish - American War for training purposes. Originally thought to be a a poison bullet used by Spanish. More research suggests otherwise. Powder used in the sabot falling out.

1989.43.0767 (Bullet, paper) image
452 1989.43.0768 Bullet

Found in the battlefield at Broken Wagon Wheel near Fort Kearney, Wyoming.

1989.43.0768 (Bullet) image
453 1989.43.0769 Bullet

Found in field west Parnesielf and northeast of Latenami. Dented on one side. Color: GY

454 1989.43.0770 Bullet

Caliber minie. Silver; three grooves. a. - b.

455 1989.43.0771 Bullet

Used in the Civil War; 58 caliber minie, . Silver; grooves are closer together. a. - g.

456 1989.43.0772 Pin, military

"1872 Insignia for the dress pith helmet. Taken in 1864 before Black Hills expedition." Gold eagle with a flag in its mount, "E. Pluribus Unum." a - d.

457 1989.43.0773 Pin, military

Two cannons crossing; helmet pin.

458 1989.43.0774 Button, military

Anchor and "CSN" on it.. Naval Button

1989.43.0774 (Button, military) image
459 1989.43.0775 Pin, military

In the shape of 64.

460 1989.43.0776 Pin, military

Gold bugle.

461 1989.43.0777 Pin, military

Crossed swords.

462 1989.43.0801 Button

"C.S.A." Confederate uniform button. Round.

463 1989.43.0802 Button

"B"; gold.

464 1989.43.0819 Buckle

Has a picture of the "U.S.S. Maine" which was destroyed on Feb. 15, 1898.

1989.43.0819 (Buckle) image
465 1989.43.0820 Buckle

Copper. Has a clasp.

466 1989.43.0822a Button

Round, with a lion on the front "Spectemur Agendo" and on the back it says "Superior Quality".

467 1989.43.0822b Button

Round, with a lion on the front "Spectemur Agendo" and on the back it says "Superior Quality". 

468 1989.43.0827 Bomb, air-to-air

"Civil War hand bomb". Oval shaped and hollow. Known as a ketchum grenade after inventor.

1989.43.0827 (Bomb, air-to-air) image
469 1989.43.0831 Medal

With a star in the middle and one just like it dangling from the bottom.

470 1989.43.0832 Pin

Gold shield with stripes and stars on the top.

471 1989.43.0833 Insignia, military

Bright gold hat insignia that is round and has a silver harp in the center.

1989.43.0833 (Insignia, military) image
472 1989.43.0836 Insignia, military

"Marksman". Rectangular, dark.

473 1989.43.0837 Insignia, military

Second Lt World War II pin. Rectangle, somewhat curved.

474 1989.43.0838 Pin

World War I service pin with a gold eagle and a red and white rectangle dangling with three blue stars in the middle.

1989.43.0838 (Pin) image
475 1989.43.0840 Insignia, military

"US Coat of Arms". Golden eagle and a banner that says "E Pluribus Unum".





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