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476 1989.43.0842 Insignia, military

"U. S." Round.

477 1989.43.0845 Button

"City Imperial Volunteers"; South African war. Picture of two dragons.

478 1989.43.0846 Button

Dark copper with an eagle on the front and it says "E Pluribus Unum".

479 1989.43.0848 Pin

From the Spanish-American War. Flag with two white stripes and one star. Long point on the back.

1989.43.0848 (Pin) image
480 1989.43.0849 Insignia, military

Round pin with 2 rifles crossing.

481 1989.43.0851 Button

Eagle on the front and in the middle, "D".

482 1989.43.0854 Pin

"Spanish Regulars Infantry". Has a star and "US" in the middle.

483 1989.43.0856 Pin, political

"America First Association". Back says "1917".

484 1989.43.0857 Pin, military

Eagle on the front. From the Civil War.

485 1989.43.0858 Button, military

Round; has an anchor and flower on the front. Manufacturer's name "SUIKOSHA" stamped on back. Possibly a button from a Japanese uniform.

486 1989.43.0860 Pin

From the Spanish volunteers 5th reg.; has a horn and the number 5 on the front.

487 1989.43.0861 Button

Gold with an eagle holding an anchor and stars above it from US Marines.

488 1989.43.0862 Button

Picture of a soldier holding a flag. Color: BR

489 1989.43.0863 Kit, shaving

Snap strap in front and handle on the side. Leather strap on the inside. Rectangular.

490 1989.43.0868 Kit, needlework

Cloth foldup sewing kit. Contains 15 brown buttons, 5 white buttons, olive green and white thread, 4 safety pins and three needles.

491 1989.43.0869 Lighter

Cylinder, engraved "Italia, Cerignola, 1944 RTB. Has a cap and the inside is somewhat rusty.

492 1989.43.0870 Brush

Beige plastic with a lot of bristles. Handle says "Pyralin".

493 1989.43.0871 Comb

Used for moustache; bristles on both sides.

494 1989.43.0872 Clippers, nail

Hole on one side, so it can be hung around the neck.

495 1989.43.0873 Floss, dental

Flat, round container. 10 yards. Still some left.

496 1989.43.0876 Leather fragment

Unevenly cut. " R. T. Bragg." engraved in it.

497 1989.43.0878 Leather fragment

Has "R. T. Bragg" engraved on the front and has a border around the outside.

498 1989.43.0879 Razor

Straight edge with a blade in it. Greenish color on some parts. Color: YL

499 1989.43.0880 Box

For razor blades; can hold up to 20 blades. One blade is left.

500 1989.43.0881 Pin

Silver wings bar, eagle's wings with a circle and a bomb in the middle. WWII U.S.A.F. Bombardier wings.





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