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651 1993.31.1.0001 Jacket

Military. Parade dress with four brass buttons with raised eagle motif, four similar, smaller buttons on front; one on each pocket, gold and blue trim on sleeves, maunfacturer's warranty label on inner right breast, monogram above distributor's label on inner left breast, monogram "RJH". Distributor's label reads "Made to Order by Becker's Cincinnati, O - Columbus, 6A". Color: BL,BK

652 1993.31.1.0003 Cap

Military. Inner leather brim perforated; light blue and gold trim. Distributor's label reads "Created by Superior Uniform Cap co. 230 S. Wells Street Chicago, Ill." Cotton synthetic blend, machine made.

653 1993.31.2.0001 Jacket

Military, dress uniform for Infantry school, dark green. Black trim on cuff, division patch reads "Follow Me"; four quarter-sized brass buttons with eagle motif, two smaller eagle-motif buttons on shoulders, one eagle motif brass button on each of four pockets. Care instruction label attached to inner, right breast, white tag reading "B405-286-5163" attached at neckline. Machine made. Color: GR,BK

654 1993.31.3.0001 Jacket, military

Jacket, military; dark green with black trim, silk interior, four silver buttons with eagle motifs, two eagle motif, smaller silver buttons on shoulders, two eagle motif, smaller silver buttons on breast pockets, two eagle motif smaller silver buttons on waist pockets, black and gold monogram patches reading "RJH" attached to inner right breast. Distributor's tag attached to right breast reads "Made to Order by Becker's Cincinnati, OH- Columbus, GA". Division patch reading "1" attached to left shoulder. Color: GR,BK,SL

655 1993.31.3.0002 Pants

Military; dark green with black trim. Distributor's tag reading "Becker's Uniforms Name O/C Robert Hibbs, No. 18951, Date 5-14-65" attached to rear waistline, warranty label attached to rear waistline, seven belt loops.

656 1993.42.0002a Epaulet

Machine made.

657 1993.42.0002b Epaulet

Machine made.

658 1993.42.0003 Insignia, military

Second lieutenant's pin, insignia, rank officer, metal subdued, brass pin backings attached. One for each arm.

659 1993.42.0004 Insignia, military

Second lieutenant's bars, gold finish on front, brass color on back. Insignia of rank officer. a and b. one for each arm.

660 1993.42.0005 Medal

Rosette Medal of Honor. Light blue with white stars on interior of pin. Hexagonal, silver pin backing.

661 1993.42.0007 Pin, campaign

With two brass pin backings set at each end, at back. Campaign colors follow in this order; red, white, blue, white, red, yellow, red, white, blue, white, and red.

662 1993.42.0009 Patch, military

Division "1"; green with red "1" sewn on front. Supplement to the Hibbs (93.31) uniform; similar to insignia held by the Hibbs family but not original to uniforms.

663 1993.42.0010 Patch, military

Two flintlock rifle patterns sewn to green piece of cloth.

664 1993.42.0011 Patch, military

Two flintlock rifle patterns sewn to green piece of cloth folded and sewn.

665 1993.42.0012 Patch, military

Insignia of 2nd lietenant; gold bar pattern sewn on to green piece of cloth folded and sewn.

666 1993.42.0013 Loop, shoulder

Green and red cord braided with gold colored toggle.

667 1993.42.0014 Print, photographic

Black and white photograph of Medal of Honor, laid out in a display case of some sort. A ribbon and a pin sit above the medal in the v of the medal ribbon. A plaque sits below the medal with the words " MEDAL OF HONOR 2LT Robert J Hibbs Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Hibbs 26 January 1967". Print has a white border. Medal of honor presented to Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Hibbs on January 26, 1967, bestowed on Robert J. Hibbs. Robert J. Hibbs joined the Army from Des Moines and served as a second lieutenant in Company B, 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. He earned his commission from the ROTC program at the University of Northern Iowa.

1993.42.0014 (Print, photographic) image
668 1993.42.1 Cap, Garrison

Black & gold trim, brown rim sewn to interior. Size 7 3/8 sewn to interior rim. Machine made.

669 1993.42.8.0001 Insignia, military

Two flintlock rifles crossed with two brass pin backings on back.

670 1993.42.8.0002 Insignia, military

Two flintlock rifles crossed with two brass pin backings on back.

671 1993.9.0001 Overcoat

US Army officer's; wool. Inside tag: Fred W. Lott, Jr. 1st Lt. Sig C.; Lot 81315; size 38. Outside tag: "Wimbledon genuine beaver officer's overcoat". 2 pockets on outside that are attached to a buttoned opening on the inside; one inside pocket with tag in it on the left hand side. 3 buttons & button holes on each side of the coat so it can be buttoned either way. Tapered around waist; flares toward the bottom and back; strap on back with 2 buttons; lined. Color: KH

672 1993.9.2.0001 Jacket

US Army officer's jacket, wool. Has silver captain's bars and Signal Corps Insignia: crossing red & white flags with a torch in the center; one pin on each side. Airforce sleeve patch: on left sleeve, blue patch with gold wings and white star with a red circle in the center. Service stripes: on left sleeve (4) one for each 6 months of overseas service. Unit crest: blue & gray with hatchet; distinctive unit insignia. Four bars; top (blue); American campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - March 2, 1946; bottom (left to right): (yellow): American Defense Service medal (Sept. 8, 1939 - Dec. 7, 1941) (green) European-African -middle eastern campaign medal Dec. 7, 1941 - Nov. 8, 1945- each star represents a campaign. (red) WWII victory Dec. 7, 1941 - Dec. 31, 1946. Front 3 gold buttons down front and a brown one on the bottom; 4 pockets, each with a gold button. tapered in center with metal latches on sides. Gold border on bottom of sleeves. Purchased with commission money in 1942 for being accepted into Cadet School.

673 1994.10.0011 Pin

Two parts. a. Cursive V-shaped, red and white. b. The paper says "WEAR A" along the top and "FOR VICTORY" along the bottom. Three diagonal stripes, one each red, white, blue. Red, white and blue color scheme.

674 1995.14.0005 Shirt

U. S. Army dress shirt; oilive drab buttons on breast pickets, 6 olive drab buttons down the front, 2 on shoulders, 2 on wrists. Color: GR

675 1995.14.0006 Necktie

U. S. Army dress tie; gold stitching on back. Color: BR





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