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501 1971.41.0036 Hat U. S. Army officer's high peaked style dress issue; olive green wool material; brown leather bill & chin strap; brass side buttons, light green knit exterior hat band; interior leather headband; gold satin lining; leather headband stamped, "E - Z CUSHION"; Color: GR,BR 1971.41.0036 (Hat) image
502 1971.41.0038 Hat Campaign hat, U. S. Army officer's field issue; olive green wool felt body; black & gold braided decorative hat cord; black leather chin strap; interior brown leather headband; no lining. Color: GR,BK
503 1971.41.0095 Mask, gas U S Army. a. Mask is gray rubber which fits around the head by way of black elastic straps that are attached to the rubber and joined together by an olive green cotton rectangle on the back of the head. On this support is "LOT62EA" in black block letters. The gray rubber face mask itself has two rubber glass plates for sight and a black filter covering the nose and mouth. On the chin of the mask is a circle with the printing "LOTC1 2-41 General" and "M4C8" below the circle. On the forehead of the face mask is "U. S." in upraised letter. The gas mask is attached to the oxygen tank by way of a 16" gray rubber tube. b. Oxygen tank. Olive green metal. Connected to the face mask by 16" gray rubber tube. c. Canvas container for the face gas mask and oxygen unit. Made of olive drab canvas. Held shut by way of black metal snaps. On the inside flap is this printing in black letters "MiVA1 E. A. E. LOT 54". The canvas container can be secured to the body by way of some straps and belts. One strap on the back of the canvas container and a belt extending from one side to the front of the satchel. On the back side of the canvas container are these words in black letters starting from top to botoom, "U. S. ---ARMY DIAPHRAGM GAS MASK".
504 1971.41.11 Knapsack U. S. Army field pack. 1971.41.11 (Knapsack) image
505 1971.41.13 Knapsack Field pack, U. S. Army. Khaki canvas pack with shoulder straps, buckles and snap hooks. Stamped "U. S." on outside of flap. Inside of flap marked "R. I.A." (Rock Island Arsenal) - Color: KH 1971.41.13 (Knapsack) image
506 1971.41.14 Puttee U. S. Army World War II. Khaki canvas, with heel strap and buckle; brass fittings. a. Right leg. b. Left leg.
507 1971.41.18 Puttee U. S. Army World War II. Khaki canvas, with heel strap and buckle; brass fittings. a. Right leg. b. Left leg.
508 1971.41.21 Legging Brown leather with buckles and straps. U S Army. a.Right leg. b. Left leg.
509 1971.41.30 Bucket U. S. Army. Heavy black rubber with metal inserts. Color: BK
510 1971.41.37 Cover, Hat U. S. Army officer's high peaked style dress issue; olive green plastic cover; interior elastic band.
511 1971.41.46 Stick, swagger U. S. Army; yellow woven fiber material with brown leather wrist loop and brown leather strip at end.
512 1971.41.48 Patch Military patch, Sergeant stripes; 3 green stripes on black field. 1971.41.48 (Patch) image
513 1971.41.82 Helmet U. S. Army. Green steel, with khaki cotton cloth chin strap and snap, no liner. 1971.41.82 (Helmet) image
514 1971.41.83 Netting, Helmet U. S. Army; knotted cord, 1/4' mesh.
515 1971.41.84 Bucket U. S. Army water bucket With handle.
516 1971.41.85 Bucket U.S. Army. Water bucket with handle and hinged supports. Side of bucket is marked "U.S." 1971.41.85 (Bucket) image
517 1971.41.86 Bag, Duffel U.S. Army. Burlap bag, brown material with heavy drawstring cord and brass fitting outside of bag marked "45-C. O. D.-133". Inside tag marked "Amoskeag Mfg. Co." "Contract-998" Jan. 16, 1928. 1971.41.86 (Bag, Duffel) image
518 1971.41.91A Helmet Combat helmet, olive green steel with a tannish colored chin strap discolored with age. Has a smooth finish on the inside and a rough finish on the outside. 1971.41.91A (Helmet) image
519 1971.41.91B Helmet Helmet liner made of pressed fiber. Frayed around the edge, and has patches where olive green paint has worn off. Across the front of the liner is a leather strap. Above the strap is the emblem for Colonel and the name "SHEPHERD". The inside has a leather headband and a crown of webbing. 1971.41.91B (Helmet ) image
520 1971.41.91C Netting, Helmet Camouflage netting. On the outside of the helmet; made of woven cord. Khaki colored, with only one portion frayed from the string which holds it  1971.41.91C (Netting, Helmet) image
521 1971.41.92 Cap, Garrison U. S. Army officer's dress issue. Tan colored with black and tan braid around the upturned edge. Cap is flat in the shape of a half circle. Cap is lined in tan satin(?). The hat has a leather headband. On a fold at the top inside of the hat is a piece of cloth attached with a metal brad. On the piece of cloth is "8399 TU". Color: TN.BK
522 1971.41.93 Cap, Garrison U. S. Army officer's dress issue. Khaki-tan wool material; black and gold braid piping around the upturned edge. Cap is flat in the shape of a half circle. Cap is lined in tan satin(?). The hat has a leather headband. On a fold at the top inside of the hat is a piece of cloth attached with a metal brad. Interior label, "Size 7 1/4, Mfr., No. 4771, cont. W-669-QM-24753, Dated Dec. 30, 1942, Spec. PQD No. 100C. The paper has "8806th" on it.
523 1972.62.7 Cap, Garrison Part of U. S. Air Academy uniform (72.62.001-007). Blue uniform cap made by Ace Manufacturing Co. Inc., San Antonio, Texas. Trimmed in silver braid. There is a silver pair of wings on the front of the cap. The cap is all wool except for the ornamentations. Name Mike Keefe 11th Sq. is written on the gray silk lining on the inside in magic marker and is somewhat blurred.
524 1972.74 Book "Blue Jackets' Manual, 1940", describing the latest training courses and other techniques of the United States Navy. This is the 10th edition of the manual with copyright 1928, 1929, 1940 by U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland. The manual is navy blue in color with "The Bluejackets' Manual 1940" lettered in gold on the cover. This title plus "United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md." is repeated in gold letters on the binding part of the book. The inside cover says "Property U. S. Navy No. 507" in blue ink. Color: BL,GD
525 1973.43.0136 Cap Man's, with visor. Stitched band in front.
526 1974.23.0080 Shell, artillery Solid or grape-shot, also known as round shot, of the American Civil War. 1974.23.0080 (Shell, artillery) image
527 1974.38.4A Bag, Duffel Duffel bag used by Harry Fields
528 1974.38.4B Lock, Duffel Bag Lock with attached chain used for the duffel bag used by Harry Fields
529 1974.38.4C Key, Duffel Bag Two keys for the lock with attached chain used for the duffel bag used by Harry Fields
530 1975.25.2 Boot U. S. Army combat. Black leather boots with rubber soles and heels. Soles are marked "Panco". a. Right foot. b. Left foot. Viet Nam period. 1975.25.2 (Boot) image
531 1975.43.0003 Cap U. S. Army dress uniform. Dark green wool visored cap with black leather bill and chin strap, green webbed head band and silver metal side buttons. Front of cap bears a 1 1/2" silver metal disc with eagle. Inside of cap has gold satin lining and a brown leather headband. Vietnam War.
532 1975.46.0001 Pin World War II V for Victory (2) connected by a chain. The pins are gold-plated in the shape of a V with a bar through the middle of the V. The bar contains red, white and blue artificial stones. The chain which connects them is 3" long. The pins and chain are tarnished and worn.
533 1976.65.0001a Hat, ISNS a. Visor hat with the numbers "44" embroidered on top, inside. Eagle with spread wings on front with letters "SNS" above. Part of Iowa State Normal School cadet's wool uniform, used by cadets and later by the college band. ISNS.
534 1977.47.103A Gun, Revolver a. Six shoot single action service revolver with a nickle finish and oak handle grips. Serial number 91794, Smith and Wesson.
535 1977.47.103C Belt, Holster c. Belt; 35 sewn loops to hold cartridges. 
536 1977.47.104 Pistol English flintlock boot. Steel construction, curved walnut handle ( not original). Approximately .45 caliber.
537 1978.23.0003b Sheath  b. Scabbard, green plastic; metal throat stamped with fire bomb, "U.S. " ". Metal belt hook on rear. 
538 1978.23.0004b Bayonet b. Scabbard, metal; metal loop at top for attachment to belt, metal is heavily pitted and discolored. 
539 1978.23.3a Bayonet Two parts. a. Bayonet, United States Army issue M-1 Garand, black plastic handles, green colored finish, base of blade stamped, "U.C.", "U. S., 1942" and makers mark " ". Back strap of handle is marked, "A.F.H.; the spring scabbard lock is missing.
540 1978.23.7 Gun, Rifle World War II issue Arisaka (short rifle), 38 year type 6.5 mm caliber; wooden stock, metal sling swivel, rear barrel band clip, forward wood handguard, detachable buttstock section, front and rear barrel bands; tapered steel barrel and receiver assembly, front eared sights, adjustable graduated rear sights, top of receiver stamped, "53357" (serial no.), flower design ( the mum being a Japanese good luck symbol), Japanese characters, underside stamped "*12", hinged bolt release mechanism on rear left side; steel bolt mechanism, cocking piece, 2 1/2" bolt handle stamped, "357" (serial no.), large knurled safety knob at rear; steel trigger guard and floorplate assembly on underside of carbine stamped, "812". a. Wooden stock assembly; b. Barrel and receiver assembly; c. Bolt mechanism. Weight unloaded 8 lob. 13 oz.
541 1978.31.0008 Helmet Pith sun helmet (World War II); olive green felt body; green leather trim on brim; exterior dark green felt hat band; 2" ventilation knob on top; black, white & red striped metal shield on right side; black & silver Nazi eagle & swastika shield on left side. Green leather chin strap with metal buckle & fittings; dark green cotton cloth lining; leather headband & metal fittings; red felt liner-head-support; aluminum wheel at center top for adjusting & removing ventilation knob. Exterior of leather headband marked "Germany 7 1/8, J. Von Ritter"; interior of leather headband marked, "3 - 42 (date), 58 (headsize in cm), F. ST. L. (maker's mark), 60N". 1978.31.0008 (Helmet) image
542 1979.9.16 Flower, artificial Cloth flower, commemorative. Poppy, for Decoration Day, 1921; red cloth, with white paper wrapped wire stem, hooked pin at top; green cloth label at top "Decoration Day, 1921, Poppy Lady from France". Color: RD
543 1981.0027l Photocopy A photocopy of a World War 1 honorable discharge paper.
544 1981.0027m Photocopy A photocopy of a World War 1 honorable disharge paper.
545 1981.0027n Envelope An envelope that contained a letter from Mrs. William F. Howard to Mrs. Vance Nelson.
546 1984.6.0052 Medal Two-piece; 7th Army Corps, Spanish American War, H. L. Eels, 2nd Division Hosp. corp 49th Iowa.
547 1984.6.0171 Print, photographic Photograph depicts a group of French waitresses along with 3 soldiers, Harry Leroy Eells standing 2nd to the left inward, in front of the outside of the schoolhouse. "Class of French waitresses. May 23, 1919" is written on the back of the photograph in black ink. Photograph has a wide white border. World War I. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.0171 (Print, photographic) image
548 1984.6.103 Book "Can I Believe in God", by W. J. Hutchins. YMCA. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.103 (Book) image
549 1984.6.107 Book "Manual of Camp Work''. National War Council. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.107 (Book) image
550 1984.6.108 Book "Mass Athletics for Military Training Camp" YMCA Camp Grant, Illinois. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.108 (Book) image
551 1984.6.166 Book "Souvenir of Camp Dodge" photos. Includes a set of various photographs of Camp Dodge in Des Moines, IA. Says "Folks at Home" in ink on the front.
552 1984.6.310 Catalog The American Expeditionary Forces Catalogue: Part I. 234 pp. No illustrations. A. E. F. University was established for American soldiers who qualified for college or university work but could not be sent to British or French universities. Catalogue is an introduction to what the A. E. F. University offers, an explanation for its existence, and other opportunities for vocational training for qualified U. S. soldiers during and after World War I. Cover is green with black lettering. Written at the top of the front cover is "H. L. Eells." Color: GR,WH,BK 1984.6.310 (Catalog) image
553 1984.6.312 Book "Educational Plans for the American Army Abroad," by Anson Phillips Stokes. 124 pp. Book is set up to address issues of what American soldiers should do once the demobilization process starts at the end of World War I. Addresses the role of the YMCA in helping men from the AEF adjust to peace time. Author devotes most of the last six chapters to how and where soldiers could further their education while still working for the government. Cover of the book is grey with brown lettering. "H. L. Eells" is written on the top of the front cover. Color: GY,WH,BR 1984.6.312 (Book) image
554 1984.6.316 Book "A Poplular Geography of France" by B. Van Vorst. 162 pp. Illus. and with maps. Produced by the YMCA for use by the American Expeditionar Force for a general understanding and introduction to France during World War I. Many listings of things such as fisheries are under general categories like Geography, Economic Conditions Principal Cities and Political Organization. Color: GR,WH,BL 1984.6.316 (Book) image
555 1984.6.79 Book "Paris for Englismen and for Americans". Aux Galeries Lafayette. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.79 (Book) image
556 1984.6.80 Book "France, Our Ally". Scroll over an eagle. Associated Press. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.80 (Book) image
557 1984.6.81 Book ''Simplified Handbook on Athletics for American Expeditionary Forces''. 109 pp. No illus. Copyright 1919. Three parts: mass athletics and competitions, specialized competitive athletics, and general information. \ Color: GR,RD 1984.6.81 (Book) image
558 1984.6.82 Book "Story of Paris" (with guide); YMCA. 38 pages. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.82 (Book) image
559 1984.6.90 Book "Soldiers French Phrase Book"; Color: BK,WH 1984.6.90 (Book) image
560 1984.6.91 Book "Dijon; Short Guide in English." Color: BK,WH 1984.6.91 (Book) image
561 1984.6.92 Booklet "Illustrated Guide of Beaune and Its Surroundings". Color: BK,WH 1984.6.92 (Booklet) image
562 1984.6.93 Book "The War Aims and Foreign Missions", by Robert E. Speer. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.93 (Book) image
563 1984.6.98 Book "American Soldier's Souvenir"; Aix Les Bains. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.98 (Book) image
564 1984.6.99 Book "France for the Soldier; A Few Facts for the Information of Americans" ", 2nd edition. By Gilbert Chinard. 28 pp. Color: BR,BK,WH 1984.6.99 (Book) image
565 1985.12 Switchboard World War Two Japanese portable field communications switchboard.
566 1985.19.2 Booklet ''Soldier's manual''. 64 pp. No illus. Inscribed "Eld. J. M. Wickham, Chaplain of the 29 regiment of Iowa volunteer infantry. Received when four years old during the war of rebellion." Intended as an aid to the soldier in religious meetings, especially where the services of a chaplain are not at hand. A brief order of exercises is furnished, with portions of scripture and Color: BL,GD
567 1988.8.0006C Pin National defence service medal with dual pins on backside.
568 1989.43.0004 Metal fragment Shrapnel.
569 1989.43.0031a Dagger Nazi dagger with an 8 1/2" blade which says "Ulles fur Deutschland" across its face and "CHRISTIANSERK SOLINGEN" on it back in a small football shape and encircling the picture of a fork. Red-colored wooden handle attached to two pieces of metal on either end. There is a metal figure of an eagle with its wings spread and perched on a wreath with a swastika in its center, pressed into the handle. There is also another metal symbol pressed into the wood towards the butt end of the handle.
570 1989.43.0031b sheath  The sheath is metal and painted black. Metal clip attached to the sheath which in turn is bolted to a piece of looped leather. 
571 1989.43.0444 Metal fragment Metal piece from Japanese plane, Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Jagged edges.
572 1989.43.0721 Horseshoe From Confederate officer's horse. a and b.
573 1989.43.0763 Box, tackle "US Govenment emergency fishing kit instructions." used for military; includes hooks and lines.
574 1989.43.0822b Button Round, with a lion on the front "Spectemur Agendo" and on the back it says "Superior Quality". 
575 1989.43.0882b Patch, military With a white design of eagle's wings with a circle and a bomb in the middle. a - c. WWII U.S.A.F. Bombardier patch. 
576 1989.43.0882c Patch, military With a white design of eagle's wings with a circle and a bomb in the middle. a - c. WWII U.S.A.F. Bombardier patch. 
577 1989.43.0891b Patch, military Leather, rectangular, with a gold rectangle in the middle. 
578 1989.43.0894b Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
579 1989.43.0894c Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
580 1989.43.0894d Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
581 1989.43.0894e Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
582 1989.43.0894f Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
583 1989.43.0894g Patch, military None
584 1989.43.0894h Patch, military Navy blue felt patch with yellow bird wings over a white star with a red circle in the middle of the star. a - i. 
585 1989.43.0934 Shell Light to dark brown. 75mm shell casing. Has the design of leaves and "E". Sharp points at the top.. 1 Rovsible Carlien 1989.43.0934 (Shell) image
586 1989.43.17 Book Japanese Military Book - Field Book?
587 1989.43.550A Photo Slide Portrait of Lt. McLaugblin in military uniform. 1989.43.550A (Photo Slide) image
588 1989.43.550AA Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier looking down at the ground on an overcast day with a white building in the background. 1989.43.550AA (Photo Slide) image
589 1989.43.550AB Photo Slide Photograph of people doing manual labor outside of a white building.  1989.43.550AB (Photo Slide) image
590 1989.43.550AC Photo Slide Group photograph of soldiers kneeling and smiling in front of a tent with writting on it.  1989.43.550AC (Photo Slide) image
591 1989.43.550AD Photo Slide Portrait of a young soldier wearing a brown leather jacket at a campsite.  1989.43.550AD (Photo Slide) image
592 1989.43.550AE Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier kneeling with a small puppy in front of a tent.  1989.43.550AE (Photo Slide) image
593 1989.43.550AF Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier reading a magazine sitting on top of a large mess of objects (such as clothes, shoes, books, bags, etc.) with other soldiers talking in the background outside of a tent. 1989.43.550AF (Photo Slide) image
594 1989.43.550AG Photo Slide Portrait of a soldier standing with his hand in his pocket wearing a brown leather jacket.  1989.43.550AG (Photo Slide) image
595 1989.43.550AH Photo Slide Photograph of a military jeep with a small white cross in the background.  1989.43.550AH (Photo Slide) image
596 1989.43.550AI Photo Slide Photograph of a stone building with a bell tower around sunrise or sunset. 1989.43.550AI (Photo Slide) image
597 1989.43.550AJ Photo Slide Photograph of a bell in a stone bell tower.  1989.43.550AJ (Photo Slide) image
598 1989.43.550AK Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier in uniform sitting on a rock with a container in his hands (possibly a beer).  1989.43.550AK (Photo Slide) image
599 1989.43.550AL Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier, (named Joe, based on inscription on slide) wearing a brown leather jacket sitting on a rock with sunglasses in his hands. 1989.43.550AL (Photo Slide) image
600 1989.43.550AM Photo Slide Photograph of a soldier pointing and aiming a pistol with one hand and the other hand is in his pocket. Soldier is wearing a brown leather jacket, dark green shirt, and dark green pants. 1989.43.550AM (Photo Slide) image