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201 1970.36.0046 Hat

U. S. Women's Naval Reserve officer's World War II dress issue; navy blue wool material; circular brim, folded on sides; exterior removable hat band & top; silver eagle & crossed gold anchors on front peak; interior navy blue satin lining; interior top label, "Made and Sold Under Authority of U. S. Navy, W.A.V.E.S., Mary L. Stanhagen Lt. j.g. (junior grade) #105. Lady's size: 22

202 1970.36.0047 Uniform

German officer's. a. Hat. b. Jacket. Gray with forest green collar, cuffs and epaulets. Trimmed with yellow-gold piping with silver buttons down the front, on the epaulets, and on the cuffs. Each lapel is decorated with a yellow-gold and silver stripe. There are two sets of similar stripes on each cuff. On the epaulets there are buttons engraved with a number 7, and they are embroidered with the number 3. c. Pants. Gray with yellow-gold stripes running down the outside of each leg. Color: GY,GR,BK,YL

1970.36.0047 (Uniform) image
203 1970.36.0048 Jacket

U. S. Navy (Naval Reserve?) officer's World War II issue; gray cotton material; black plastic buttons on front and pockets, eagle design in relief; shoulder loops for attachment of shoulder boards; no lining or interior pockets; four (4) button flap pockets; interior collar label, "Mirror Test Uniforms"; interior right side label, "Finchley, Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, New York". Color: GY,BK

204 1970.36.0050 Coat

U. S. Navy officer's World War II dress issue; heavy navy blue (black) wool material; double breasted; gold plated front buttons, U. S. Navy eagle design; upper left breast slash pocket, slash hip pockets; sword hanger opening in left side seam, directly above left hip pocket. Gold bullion brocade band and silver bullion brocade band on sleeve, denoting rank of navy Ensign; navy blue (black) satin lined interior sides; interior side pockets; right side pocket label, "Ship's Service Store, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA.; Color: BK

205 1970.36.0052 Jacket

U. S. Army officer's World War II dress issue; olive green wool whipcord material; gold plated buttons on front & pockets, eagle design in relief; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; 1/2" knit khaki cloth band on sleeves cuffs; interior neck label, khaki cotton cloth lining; interior left side pocket. Color: GR

206 1970.36.0053 Jacket

Jacket and hat, West Point U. S. Army Military Academy Cadet's parade dress issue. Jacket. Gray woolen jacket with three chevron braids on each cuff, and a round gold button in the middle of each. Across the front are eight braided "stripes", each punctuated with three round gold buttons. This same braid is on the collar and the tails of the jacket. Each tail has three chevron braids and three buttons and on the inner edge of each tail there is a row of three round gold buttons. b. Hat, 70.36.053b is in another location. Black felt body; black leather top, bill, & interior hat band; brass frotn plate, eagle clutching shield, inscribed, "Duty Honor Country, West Point MDCCCII, U. S. M. A."; brass side buttons, eagle design stamped, "Cadet, U. S. M. A."; black elastic chin strap; brass trim on bill edge; interior top stamped, "Cadet QM Dept. U. S. M. A.", with gold eagle design. Color: GY

207 1970.36.0054 Jacket

Bush jacket style; U. S. Air Force enlisted man's field or fatigue issue, Vietnam War era - today; khaki-tan cotton material (tropical issue); five (5) tan plastic buttons on front; button flap breast pockets, large hip cargo pockets; shoulder straps; long pattern jacket; belt loops (no belt available); blue cloth patch (circle with wings), silver bar on each wing & silver star at center (denotes Airman 1st rating) on each sleeve; unlined; interior center back stamped, "P-0740"; interior right side label, "Jacket, Man's, Cotton, Tan, Tropical size 40L, Stock No. 8405-205-1116, Contract QM 6743, 0.1. 1391-C-56, Southern Athletic Co., Inc." Color: TN

208 1970.36.0055 Jacket

Heavy blue wool material, black 1 1/4" knit trim on collar, cuffs, & edges; button front, eight (8) black plastic buttons; no exterior pockets; tunic style cut & collar; large (9 1/2" x 8 1/2") gold brocade five (5) stripe chevron on black cloth patch sewn on mid-sleeves, possibly Battalion Commander rank; embroidered brass wire, :"IOWA", on each collar (I.S. N. S. -?); white cotton lining; interior right & left slash pockets. Color: BL,BK,GD

209 1970.36.0057 Uniform

U. S. Army enlisted man's World War I issue; olive green wool material; tunic tyle collar; shoulder straps; brass metal buttons, eagle design in relief; four button flap pockets; bandsman's cloth embroidered patch, gold star, lyre, & laurel leaves on right sleeve; wire "overseas service" chevron on left sleeve cuff; red chevron on mid-left sleeve; clover leaf shaped blue velvet patch on left shoulder ( denotes 88th Infantry Division); metal collar disc insignia, lyre design, left collar; metal whistle and chain suspended from left shoulder strap; double ribbon bar above left breast pocket. a. Jacket, U. S. Army enlisted man's - World War I. b. Tan felt overseas cap, lyre insignia cloth patch on front. c. Chain & whistle. d. Metal collar insignia, lyre design. e. Ribbon bar, above left breast pocket. Color: GR

1970.36.0057 (Uniform) image
210 1970.36.0058 Jacket

U. S. Army officer's, World War I; olive drab wool whipcord material; tunic collar, shoulder straps, button flap pockets; brown plastic buttons, U. S. eagle design; 1/2" gold strip on each sleeve cuff ( denotes officer's standing). Color: GR,GD

1970.36.0058 (Jacket) image
211 1970.36.0061 Jacket

U. S. Army enlisted man's World War I issue; olive green wool material; tunic style collar; shoulder straps; metal buttons, eagle design in relief; four (4) button flap pockets; single gold cloth chevron on lower fight sleeve cuff, green sergeant's stripes (3) & medical insignia above; double gold cloth chevrons on lower left sleeve cuff, single red cloth chevron above for honorable discharge; metal collar insignia, "U.S. " on right collar, medical insignia on left collar. Color: GR

1970.36.0061 (Jacket) image
212 1970.36.0066 Uniform

Shattuck Military School for Boys. a. Coat, light blue wool material; four (4) brass buttons on front, stamped, "Shattuck School, Faribault, Minne.", eagle design in relief; four (4) button flap pockets, brass buttons; shoulder straps & buttons; brass hooks at waist for attachment of belt; three (3) blue wool chevrons on black cloth patch sewn on left mid-sleeve; letter "R" & "C" written on right & left lapels; dark brown satin lining; interior right label, "Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn., Cadet Cornwall", embroidered school logo. Size: small. b. Trousers, button front, three (3) gray plastic buttons & slide; rear slash pockets, small watch pocket on right waist; blued metal suspender buttons on interior waist; interior stamped, "+33=, 10-35, 30 1/2-28 1/2-33, Cornwall"; trousers are slightly flared at cuffs; mothed & torn, good condition. Color: BL,GY

213 1970.36.0068 Uniform

U. S. Army enlisted man's World War II field dress issue; Eisenhower style waist length jacket, olive green wool material; five (5) green plastic buttons at front; two button flap breast pockets; shoulder straps; metal adjustment tabs at waist sides; Technical sergeant's 3rd Grade rank insignia, three green chevrons & two rocker bars on blue cloth patch, on mid-sleeves; cloth shoulder patch on upper left shoulder sleeve, depicts a green cactus against a golden sky (denotes the 103rd U. S. Infantry Division)' two interior side pockets; green cotton cloth lining. Size 36 XL. b. Trousers, U. S. Army enlisted man's World War II combat issue; light olive green wool; slash pockets on sides and rear; brown plastic buttons on front closure; belt loops. Color: GR,BR

214 1970.36.0071 Uniform

U. S. Air Force officer's dress issue, Veterans Administration insignia; khaki tan material. a. The coat. four (4) silver metal U. S. Air Force buttons on front; four (4) button flap pockets; shoulder straps; 1/2" khaki knit cloth band on sleeve cuffs (denotes officer's ranking"; silver "V.A." (Veterans Administration) lapel pins; light green satin lining on interior sides; interior right pocket; inside right interior pocket, label, "Approved By Headquarters, Air Materiel Command, USAF". Size: Med. b. Trousers, side slash pockets, button flap rear pockets, watch pocket on right waist; zippered front; belt loops; light green satin lining; interior label, "Approved By headquarters, Air Materiel Command USAF". Color: KH

215 1970.36.0080 Hat

Fatigue hat, World War II and Korean War general issue; standard cap with front bill; olive green herringbone cotton twill material; air vents at sides; interior label, "Cap, Herringbone Twill O.D. 7, Siz 7 1/4, North Mfg. Co. Stk. #8320-155000-128 Dated 17 March, 1951".

216 1970.36.0089 Leggings

Ribbon sewn on one end.

217 1970.36.0090 Leggings

Ribbon sewn on one end.

1970.36.0090 (Leggings) image
218 1970.36.0091 Harness, parts

Two parts. a. Belt with holes so it can be buckled to the other belt a second time. b. Belt with buckle so it can be attached to the other belt.

219 1970.36.0096 Pants

U. S. Army enlisted man's Vietnam War era field or fatigue issue; olive geeen cotton material; button front closure, with five (5) green plastic buttons; slash side pockets, button flap rear pockets; adjustment tabs & buttons at waist; interior waist label, "Trousers, Men's, cotton Sateen, 8.5 oz. OG-107". Size: medium. Color: GR

220 1970.36.0102 Shirt

U. S. Army enlisted man's Korean War era summer dress issue; khaki tan cotton material; six (6) brown plastic buttons on front; left breast patch pocket; interior collar stamped, "0045-15 1/2 x 32, 8405-262-1514"; lower interior back stamped, "Shirts, Man's Cotton Poplin, Stand-Up-Collar, Spencer MFG. Co., Inc., QM 4773, 16 Nov. 1954 Spec. No. 141-3-30020, Pat. Date 22 Jan. 1954, PQMD". Size: Med. Color: KH,BR

221 1970.36.0108 Breeches, riding

U. S. Army officer's World War I and possibly early World War II issue; olive green heavy wool material; button front closure; button flap rear pockets, slash front pockets; tapered lower legs, button closure on outer lower leg; heavy khaki web belt (combat issue at waist; brass hinged tooth style buckle, brass belt tab on end. a. Breeches. b. Khaki web belt. Color: GR

222 1970.36.0111 Pants

U. S. Army officer's issue, possibly dating from the Spanish-American War, 1898; straight legs, heavy navy blue wool material; button front closure; 1/2" wide white stripe on outer side of each pant leg; slash side pockets, on rear pocket; attached adjustment belt & buckle in rear waist; metal suspender buttons at waist. Color: BL

1970.36.0111 (Pants) image
223 1970.36.0112 Pants

U. S. Army officer's World War II combat issue; dark olive green wool material; brown buttons on front closure; slash side pockets; watch pocket at right waist; belt loops; brown suspender buttons on interior waist band; interior lining marked, "J. A. Burns". Color: GR,BR

224 1970.36.0114 Cap

German Army infantry enlisted man's World War II issue field cap (feldmutze); gray-green wool material; high peaked style with visor; fold-down ear flaps with double button strap; green cloth patch on front peak, gray eagle & swastika with black, white & red roundel (Nazi colors); blu-gray cloth lining; size 56 cm.

225 1970.36.0115 Hat

Military style; black "felt" with square bill and purple and gold band. Cloth strap & brass ring hanger at rear of cap. Buttons on side of bill read "Patriarchs Military IOOF". Written in braid "IOWA 19".





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