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Cat. # Name Description
1 Stereoscope An instrument where two pictures of the same object are taken from different points of view which is shown through each eye. This produces the effect of a single picture of the item showing the appearance of depth or relief. (Stereoscope) image
2 Stereoscope An instrument where two pictures of the same object are taken from different points of view which is shown through each eye. This produces the effect of a single picture of the item showing the appearance of depth or relief. (Stereoscope) image
3 Chalkboard Medium sized slate framed by wood. Both sides usable.
4 Slate Pencil Slate pencil that goes with a chalkboard. It is wrapped in brown paper with blue stars at the end and has twine tied around it.
5 1970.40.0002 Pencil, slate All but 2 3/4" covered with gold paper. Pencil of soft slate or of soapstone used for writing on a slate.
6 1970.54.0012 Holder, pen Black handle with art deco embossed brass or gold finger grip area.
7 1970.54.0013 Holder, pen Red handle, silver colored tip. Engraved with "E-faber".
8 1970.8.0002 Ruler Advertising piece. Ruler goes to 15" and says "Harris & Cole Bros., All carloads Shipped Direct From Columbia, Tenn." "Manufacturers of Popular Lumber Turned Columns and Wood Pumps" "Address all Correspondence to Cedar Falls, IA." and has a photo of an intricately carved wood pump. Back says "HARRIS & COLE BROS., Manufacturers of POLAR LUMBER TURNED COLUMNS AND WOOD PUMPS." Has a carved wood column in center with "Address All Correspondence to CEDAR FALLS, IA. SAW MILLS AND MACHINES FOR BORING AND DRESSING LUMBER AT COLUMBIA, TENN." and "HEADQUARTERS AND THE Largest Wood Pump Factory In The World, at Cedar Falls, Iowa." 1970.8.0002 (Ruler) image
9 1970.8.0014 Pen Wooden ink pen with a red handle, nib is metal and must be made of bronze. It is stained from ink and a natural green patina has started to form at the tip. There are black ink splatters on the handle.
10 1973.46.0009 Textbook "Physiology for Beginners", by Foster, M. and Shore, Louis E. 241 pp. Illus. In b/w. Bound in dark navy blue cover. Yellow-gold printing on bound-edge of book. On inside is written "Emma Sauer, 2nd year class, High School, 1894-1895." Elementary study of physiology with some background information on chemistry and physics. Color: BL,GD
11 1973.46.0010 Textbook "Primary Lessons in Human Physiology", by Oliver P. Jenkins, Ph. D. 211 numbered pages. Illus. With b/w engravings. Bound in dark green with faded red printing embossed into cover on front and back. Front cover says Indiana State Series across the top; Primary lessons in Human Physiology across the bottom. A Guide to Study of the Human Body. On inside cover page in black ink "Emma Sauers/ Clay A. Inter./ Fort Wayne, Ind/ Feb. 7th 1893". In pencil "Adele Sauer/ 172 Madison Str./ Fort Wayne/ Ind/ Harmer 8A/Jan. 30 1899." Color: GR
12 1975.4.0002 Book "Recitations, Plays and Tableaux for Boys and Girls'' (Best and most Captivating Selections in Poetry and Prose from World-Renowned Authors for Public and Private Exhibitions.) Editor, Publisher, and city unknown. 278 pages. Color plates, b/w drawings. Handwritten in black ink on front cover page "Aletha Jacobs/Rowley/Iowa" and handwritten in black ink on next cover page "Miss Aletha Jacobs/ Rowley, Ia./Jan. 1903". Cover has multicolors printed with 5 circus performers and a vignette in upper right corner with young woman and lower right corner with a young couple. Color: GR,RD,GY
13 1975.4.0004 Book "The Cecilian Series of Study and Song." by John W. Tufts. Music and lyrics. Copyright 1892. 192 pages. "Book III Unchanged voices. Added notes for basses & tenors." Compiled for the changes in voices of students in grades below high school who are unable to read the notes of the F clef. Inside front cover has handwritten lists of students' names in black ink and some teachers, including Aletha Jacobs. Stamped in red ink "Bertha Tomlinson". Cover decorated with vines and flutes.
14 1975.4.0006 Book "The Recitation", by Samuel Hamilton, Ph.D. Xi plus 369 pp. No illustrations. A series of lectures on the subject of recitation designed for young teachers. Volume V of the Lippincott educatinal Series. Edited by Martin G. Brumbaugh, Ph D. Handwritten in black ink on front cover page "Miss Aletha G. Jacobs". Black ink stamped on red cover. Gold ink stamped on spine. Color: RD,BK,GD
15 1975.4.0007 Book "Primary Handwork", by Ella Victoria Dobbs. xii plus 124 pages with additional advertisements. B/w photos & drawings. Copyright 1914, second reprint. Excercises and methods for handwork for primary school children. Gold print on spine. Color: BK,GD
16 1975.4.0010 Book "American School Songs.'' J. H. Kurzenknabe, Editor .256 pp. No illustrations. Paper back. Copyright 1909. For schools, colleges, institutes and the home circle. 202 songs with sections of progressive exercises, marches suitable for calisthenics and concert exercises, responsive readings and an epitome of the fundamental facts in theory of music. Pink insert page at front from publisher to teachers "Sample Copy." sold for $.25 or $.20 for 5 - 500 copies. Cover has textured surface with eagle and U. S. flags in red and blue. Black tape binding on spine. Back cover has advertisement for teachers and U. S. emblem.
17 1975.4.0013 Book "Iowa Day for Public Schools of the State." by B. W. Hoadley. 160 pp. B/w/ photos. Issed by the Department of Public Instruction, October 20, 1916. Paperback. Filled with information on the history, schools, notable persons, industry and recreation of Iowa. Cover has black print on white with geometric borders and center emblem. Handwriting in pencil on last page & inside back cover. Color: WH,BK
18 1975.4.0014 Booklet "Special Days, Iowa Public Schools, 1908-09". No author. 98 pp. No illustrations. (State of Iowa Special Day Annual). Readings and poetry celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Decoration Day, Arbor Day & Patriots Day for special programs in the school. Green cover with laurel branch. Outline of metal staplses visible. Handwritten in green ink on cover "Miss Jacobs". Color: GR,BK
19 1975.4.0015 Booklet "State of Iowa 1919 Course of Study for Common Schools''. 39 pp. Property of School District stamped in purple on the front. Color: Black and cream
20 1975.4.0016 Book "Primary Reading and Phonics: Helpful Suggestions" by J. E. Cundy; 32 pp. Published by J.S. Latta, Incorporated Cedar Falls, Iowa
21 1975.4.0017a Booklet "1,000 Word List''. 2 hand-dated copes of a handout found enclosed in 75.4.16. Color: Black and white
22 1975.4.0017b Booklet "1000 Word List". Hand dated in pencil. Colors: Black and white. Slightly smaller than a. Found inside 1975.4.0016
23 1975.4.0019 Booklet "War Service in Iowa Schools''. Distributed by United States Food Administration, Iowa Division, September 1. 1918. J.F. Deems, United States Food Administrator for Iowa.
24 1975.4.0023 Book "Howes Comic School Speaker" (Choice Selection of Comic and Humorous Pieces Suitable for Scholars of all Ages.) Paperback. 102 pages plus 8 pages of ads. Distributed by School Publishing co., Darrowville, OH. Cover green with black print includes two human caricatures and one elephant. Handwritten in pencil on front cover page "Miss A. G. Jacobs". Color: Green, black
25 1975.4.0024 Book "Childrens Comic Dialogues" by Marie Irish. Paperback. 102 pages, with additional advertisments. A collection of humorous dialogues for little folks, particularly adapted for school entertainments, for children 6 - 11. Original price $.25. Grey cover with red print of 4 children and 1 teacher in classroom setting. Label affixed to front cover of publisher's name includes Paine Publishing Company". Handwritten in green ink very faded "Miss A. G. Jacobs." Color: BK,WH
26 1975.4.0025 Book "The Best Christmas Book.'' Edited by Joseph Sindelar. Paperback. 190 pages. No illustrations. Recitations, Dialogues, Exercises, Plays, Drills, Action Pieces, Tableaux, Pantomimes, Songs & Music, Facts. Cover yellow with red and green print. Two children in pajamas, one peeking around corner at Christmas tree. Originally $.40. Handwritten in green ink on cover "Miss Jacobs, Dows, Ia. 1921". Handwritten in blue ink on cover page "Mrs. Hutchison". Color: YL,GR,RD
27 1975.4.0026 Book "Best Primary Recitations." by Winifred A. Hoag. Booklet, paperback. 88 pages. Cover shows a young boy sitting and reading. Color: tan, green, black
28 1975.4.0027 Book "Tiny Tots Speaker'', by Lizzie J. Rook and Mrs. E. J. H. Goodfellow. Paperback. vi plus 100 pages. Several pages of advertisements following. Copyright 1895. Recitations, Motion songs, Concert pieces. Cover blue print on yellow. Girl holding dolls inside branch, flowers & tent vignette. Originally $.30. Color: BL,YL
29 1975.4.0032 Book "DeWitt's Choice School Speakers, No. 9". No author. 90 pp. With several advertisments following; no illustrations. An unusually great variety of fine pieces: Some gay, some severe; some dignified, some conversational. Giving excellent opportunites to all kinds of speakers either at school receptions or in home meetings. Originally $.10. Cover brown print on orange. Titles arranged on stylized scroll work. Color: OR,BR
30 1975.4.0035 Book "School Song Knapsack.'' Compiled by H. R. Pattengill. Paperback. 144 pages; no illustrations. Lyrics only. A collection of songs for common schools. Original price $.10. Cover black print on beige. Back cover has advertisements. Metal staples. Color: TN,BK
31 1975.4.0041 Booklet "Plain Talks on Teaching or, pedagogy for our rural schools", by J. M. Richardson. 35 pp. Color: black and cream 1975.4.0041 (Booklet) image
32 1975.4.0046 Booklet "Poetic Gems. Gleaned from World's Best Poetry". Depicts a quill in an inkwell. "Published by the Ohio Printing Company" 8 pp. Color: Black and cream 1975.4.0046 (Booklet) image
33 1975.4.0047 Booklet '"Teachers Close of School Address." Published by The Ohio Printing Company, New Philadelphia, Ohio (No. 117) Written in cursive jacks the summy side of life no. 110- Ohio Print Co. New Phila Ohio Fragile. 1975.4.0047 (Booklet) image
34 1975.4.0057 Textbook "High School Physics'', by Carhart, Henry S. and Chute, Horatio N. vii plus 433 pages. Illus. In b/w. Subject matter consists of experiments in physics. Black ink stamped on olive hard cover. Gold ink stamped on spine. Handwriting on inside front cover says "Aletha Jacobs".
35 1975.4.0058 Textbook "Iowa and The Nation," by George Chandler, rev. ed. 345 pages. Picture of Iowa State Capitol, Iowa State Normal School and a few charts and graphs. Copyright 1896. Black letters on front cover and gold on spine. Written to answer a demand for a single text on state and national government. This increasing interest shown in the study of civil government is proof that the people are thinking and studying about governmental affairs as never before. Name "Miss Aletha Jacobs" written in ink.
36 1975.4.0059 Book "Webster's High School Dictionary''. 530 pages. Illus. In b/w. Dictionary of the English language with an appendix containing a pronouncing vocabulary of biblical, classical, mythological, hsitorical and geographical proper names. Gold ink stamped on black hard cover. Inside front page written in pen "Aletha Jacobs/Independence/Iowa"October 1. 1901/ Eighth grade."
37 1975.4.0060 Textbook "The Government of Iowa'' by Jesse Macy and Karl Frederick Geiser. iv plus 189 pages. Emphasizes those features of local and state government which are most permanent and essential. Gold ink stamped on black hard cover. Inside front page states in pencil "Aletha Jacobs".
38 1975.4.0062 Textbook "Higher Lessons in English'' by Alonzo A. M. Reed, and Brainerd A. M Kellogg, 315 pages. No illus. Consists of lessons in grammar and composition. Covers the principle of studying the science of language. Black ink is stamped on front cover. Inside front and back cover have writing in black ink. Back cover is detached, but still with the book. Pages are fragile. "Aletha Jacobs" is written on the first page in pencil.
39 1975.4.0064 Book "First Days in School" by Seth T. Stewart and Ida Coe. iv plus 92 pp. Illus. In b/w and in color. Subject matter provides lessons in conversation, reading and writing. Brown and red ink stamped on olive hard cover. Image in center is of a young girl and a dog. Brown ink stamped on back cover in image of young child in a circle. Writing in black ink on inside cover page.
40 1975.4.0065 Textbook "Arithmetic by Analysis", by J. H. Diebel. Published by author. 100 pp. Illus in b/w. Subject matter consists of a new analytical method of solving arithmetic. Silver ink is stamped on front,; soft black cover. Writing in pencil says "Aletha Jacobs" inside front cover.
41 1975.4.0066 Textbook "Outlines and Exercises in English Grammar," by Nellie B. Wallbank. 129 pages; no illus. Paperback. Subject matter serves for the assignment of all classwork, to be used with advanced grammar. Black ink stamped on front & back of brown soft cover. On top, front cover "Aletha Jacobs" is written in pencil.
42 1975.4.0068 Book "Stories from the Olden Time''. (Junior Pupils book for work and study.) Henry H. Meyer, Editor. Paperback, 40 pages. Color: Blue and cream. Has a pressed lily? flower in between pages 24 and 25- be cautious. 1975.4.0068 (Book) image
43 1975.4.0074 Textbook "Eaton's Graded Speller'', by Roy W. Eaton. 142 pp. No illus. Paperback, 142 pp. Subject matter consists of a list of words for each grade, contest words, rules of spelling and orthography, contest rules, score sheet, measurement scales and state examination questions. Black ink stamped on blue soft cover. Inside of front cover contains writing in black ink from Miss A. G. Jacobs. Color: BL,BK
44 1975.4.0075 Booklet "Care of the Teeth, A Peep into the Future", by Thaddeus P. Hyatt, D. D. S. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. pg.15
45 1975.4.0077 Notebook The National Teachers Daily Attendance Record. No. 202 of the "National Series"; by Philo E. Hoadley. 64 pp. No illus. Book was made for rural and graded schools of the United States. The cover contains author and title plus "The National Series. Books, School records of all kinds, School Officers' Books and Records, School blanks, Pupils' report books, TeACHERS' Class Records, Song books, Note books, Diplomas, Etc. etc." Below this is a picture of an eagle holding an American flag. Under that is "National Publishing Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa." There is also a line done around all this in black leaf shapes. The inside of the book is set up on a grid to record students names & ages. The inside cover has a small example as to how to record attendance & grades. Written on the inside cover page in ink is "Aletha Jacobs, Brandon Iowa February 12, 1908." Written in the top right corner in pencil is "100". There is a loose piece of paper inside the book that has written in black ink the names of 47 children and their ages. Above the names is written "Lime Creek." On the other side of the paper is a list of names and at the top right corner is written "Spring Term. Apr. 15, 1907 to June 21st 1907." The back cover page continues on how to grade students on exams, attendance and general suggestions for teaching.
46 1975.4.0083 Print, photographic Children in school, Hudson, Iowa, December 1912. 1975.4.0083 (Print, photographic) image
47 1975.4.0084 Print, photographic Children in schoolyard, Hudson, Iowa, June. 1975.4.0084 (Print, photographic) image
48 1975.4.0086 Print, photographic "Mr. Ben Gurius, Meservey, Iowa." (Mrs. Stroh's husband"-"she"(jacobs?) "Boarded with Mrs. Stroh in Stout, Iowa.") 1975.4.0086 (Print, photographic) image
49 1975.4.0087 Print, photographic Class and teachers, date and place unknown. 1975.4.0087 (Print, photographic) image
50 1975.4.0088 Print, photographic Class and teachers; date and place unknown. 1975.4.0088 (Print, photographic) image
51 1975.4.0089 Print, photographic Six students at desk; date and place unknown. 1975.4.0089 (Print, photographic) image
52 1975.4.0134 Pin Northeastern Iowa Teachers' Association. Imprinted "1815-defeat, today-victory, Northeast Iowa Teachers' Assn." Ribbon imprinted "Northeast Iowa Teachers' Association, Waterloo, Iowa. March 28-30, 1912." Gray with black letters.
53 1975.4.0190 Bell, school Handbell. Brass with black wood handle.
54 1975.4.0267A Pen, fountain Engraved AGJ (Aletha G. Jacobs). Black with gold band. Sheaffer's self-filling fountain pen. Patents pending Dec. 10-12. Pat. Aug. 25, 08.
55 1975.4.61.0001 Textbook "Standard Arithmetic", by William J. Milne. 459 pages. Illus. In b/w. Aims to secure two results: skill in numerical computations, and an understanding of the reasons for the steps in the explanation of processes and the solution of problems. Gold ink stamped on brown spine. Letters stamped on front cover are just impressed but not colored. Inside front cover written in black ink states "Aletha Jacobs/ Independence/Iowa/ Eighth Grade." Front cover is detached.
56 1975.4.63.0001 Textbook "The Modern Spelling Book" written by J. N. Hunt and H. I. Gourley. 160 pp. No illustrations. Tan hard cover book with blue lettering on the front and back cover. There is a scroll on the bottom of the front cover with a pen directly behind and extending to both its left and right sides. On the inside of the front cover is written "Aletha Jacobs, Independence, Iowa, Sept. 12, 1901." There are 210 spelling and pronunciation lessons in this edition.
57 1975.4.85 Photograph Photo of June and Ralph Fearer, Spencer's house, at Hudson, Iowa, Winter 1912. 1975.4.85 (Photograph) image
58 1975.4.9.0001 Book "Learning To Read: A Manual for Teachers," by Frank E.Spaulding and Catherine T. Bryce.. 244 pages; no illustrations. On the inside of the cover is written "Aletha Jacobs, Waterloo, Iowa" and further down the page "Oct. 11, 1913." This book was part of the Aldine series of readers and instructs teachers on the methodology and process of teaching students how to read. Color: BK,WH
59 1976.54.0001 Book "Science Materials, Preparation and Exhibition for the Classroom" by Gordon G. Pond. Bound by plastic rings; 1964. 148 pp. Illus in b/w. Information to be used as a supplementary companion text for courses in the natural sciences and as a reference for a student preparing an exhibit for the science fair. Front paper cover has white line drawings of different specimens on a black background. Book is bound by plastic spiral binding. Color: BK,WH
60 1978.73.0003 Textbook "A Popular School History of the United States", by John J. Anderson. 354 pages. Illus. In b/w. Copyright 1879. General textbook of United States history. Front and back covers are gtreen with a black background desing. The binding is a light green with gold lettering. Color: GR,BK,GD
61 1978.73.0004 Textbook "The Elson Readers, Book Seven"; Teacher's edition, by Wm. H. Elson and Christine M. Keck. 607 pages. Illus. In b/w. Subject matter consists of brief excerpts of many famous authors and their stories. For example, in this book there is a section on animals and Theodore Roosevelt is the author of one story entitled "Hunting the Grizzly Bear". In the section called Winter, Ralph Waldo Emerson has a piece entitled "The Snow Storm". Many other well-known authors are also represented in the book. The literary stories range frojm Sir Thomas Mallory's King Arthur Stories to Theodore Roosevelt. On front cover is a picture of an orange knight holding a joust and riding a horse. On the binding there is orange writring. Color: GR,OR
62 1978.73.0005 Book "Fables from Afar", by Catherine T. Bryce. New York,, 192 pages. Illus. in color by Ada Budell. Very old fables the children in far-off lands have listened to for hundreds of years with pleasure. Front cover has a monkey riding an elephant with a green circle behind them. Nothing on the back cover; spine has just the title. Color: BR,BK,GR
63 1978.73.0006 Book "True Order of Studies", by Rev. Thomas Hill. 163 pages.Copyright 1875. No illus. Hierarchy of sciences adopted as the basis of studying. On the cover is the title in gold over an orange background and the same is on the binding. Color: BK,WH
64 1978.73.0007 Textbook "Heath Readers, Fifth Reader"; Boston, 351 pages. Illus. In b/w. Copyright 1903. For pupils who have mastered the most of the mechancial difficulties connected with reading, have acquired a taste for good literature, and are able to read with good expression. The front cover consists of orange flowers with long green necks and parts of a ripped up flower on the binding. Color: BR,OR,GR
65 1978.73.0009 Textbook "The Silver Song Series, Number 2, Part Songs and Choruses for Second and Third Grades, selected, composed and arrangeed by Frederic Allison Lyman. 80 pp. Illus. In b/w. Cover is brown with a harp in the middle and a little design branching out from it. Color: BR
66 1978.73.0010 Textbook "The Silver Song Series, Number 1, Recreation Songs for One Voice, First and Second Grades, Selected, Composed and Arranged by Frederic Allison Lyman. 80 pp. Illus in b/w. Cover is brown with a harp in the middle and a little design branching out from it. Color: BK,WH
67 1978.73.0013 Book "Outlines of European History Part II, From the Seventeenth Century to The Present Time", by James Harvey Robinson and Charles A. Beard. Copyright 1918. 740 pages. Illus. In color and b/w. Covers the history of European civilization from the earliest times to the outbreak of war in 1914. Outside cover has only the title; repeated on the binding. Color: BR
68 1978.73.0014 Textbook "Merrill's Readers, The Advanced First Reader" by Sarah E. Sprague and Louis H. Marvel, Copyright 1886. 120 pp. Illus. In b/w. Lesson book for teachers in the process of teaching children how it's read. Part of a series of developmental readers. Sprague has her Ph. D. while Marvel has his A. M. Produced under the supervision of D. L. Kiehle, A. M. and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Minnesota. Color: BK,WH
69 1979.0006 Booklet "State of Iowa 1928, Course of Study for Elementary Schools,", by Agnes Samuelson. "Issued by the Department of Public Instruction", cover stamped, "Training School Department, ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa"; 519 p. No illus. Subject matter consists of the course of study to prepare in an effort to meet the immediate need of rural and graded schools for curriculum material. Prepared in response to many urgent requests for subject matter outlines constantly reaching the Department of Public Instruction, and in accordance with code provisions. Color: GR
70 1980.25.0002 Textbook ''Elements of Algebra: with Exercises'', by George Egbert Fisher and Isaac J. Schwatt. Interior front cover addressed "Hilma Peterson, 2001 Normal Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa". 478 pp. Text used at ISNS. Color: GR
71 1980.25.0003 Textbook "Complete Rhetoric." by Alfred H. Welsh. Used at ISNS.Brown hardbound cloth covver; 344 pp. Interior front cover addressed, "Hilma Peterson, 2001 Normal Str., Cedar Falls, Iowa". Color: BR
72 1980.25.0019 Certificate, achievement From "C.V. FINDLAY, County Superintendent of Schools, WEBSTER COUNTY IOWA."; Sept. 4, 1889"; addressed to "Pres. H. H. Seerley, Cedar Falls, Iowa."; hand-written letter announcing and commending Miss Hilma Peterson upon her enrollment at ISNS; signed "C. W. Findlay". Color: BK,WH
73 1980.25.0020 Letter Single page, from "IOWA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. HOMER H. SEERLEY, PRESIDENT", "OFFICIAL STATEMENT OF FACTS CONCERNING THE QUALIFICATIONS OF PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS"; dated, "Cedar Falls, Iowa, Mar. 29, 1901." addressed, "To the School Board, Boone, Iowa."; letter concerns the character, scholarship, training, and experience of Miss Hilma Peterson; signed, "H. H. SEERLEY, Prest." Color: GR,BK
74 1984.10.0016 Book "The American Past", by Roger Butterfield. 476 pp. Color: BK,WH
75 1984.6.0043 Portfolio Of Margaret Sarah Borah Gould. Appears to be a folder to hold paper and answered and unanswered letters. The object is in the style of an expandible folder. The inside has room for paper and also two folders that are white and open on the right side to allow letters to be placed inside. Both folders are white and have gold writing on the side. One folder reads "Letters Answered" and the other reads "Unanswered." In front of both folders are sheets of lavender paper. The paper is positioned between two matching white pieces of paper. The last purple page has pencil writing on it. The inside cover is also made into a folder that expands and is of the same white paper as the other folders. The outside is done in dark green and has a large oval in the center and scrolls at each corner. The spine is plain and the folder closes on the right side with a flap that folds over and fits into the metal fastener in the center of the cover. The metal fastener appears to be lockable. The back cover matches the front in design. Inside the "Unanswered" folder were various piece of paper. Items include "Sherwood's Writing Speller" that has the name "Maggie Borah" on the front cover and many words written down inside, a letter to Mrs. George B. Gould, a small greeting card, sheet music written in pencil and various school notes and handwriting lessons. There are many letters and greeting cards haphazardly in the folder. Color: Green and white
76 1984.6.0085 Booklet "Teacher's Manual To Be Used in Connection with Syllabus of Beginners' course in English Studies". "Army Educational Commission" 1919. For the education of men in the army. 16 pp. Color: Black and tan
77 1984.6.0106 Booklet "The Winning Gun"; 36 pages. Published by the Association Press in 1918. On the first page, it says "Published for the National War Work Council of Young Men's Christian Associations". Has a YMCA logo on the front cover. This booklet was likely used as war propaganda for World War I. Color: BK,WH
78 1984.6.0111 Book "The Girl's Own Book" by Camerlynck - Guernier & G. H. Camerlynck; H. Didier, Editeur. Illus in b/w. 195 pp. For teaching English grammar to French speaking girls. Has little stories in English, such as the story of the Christmas tree. Color: Faded green, black, tan
79 1984.6.0112 Book "The Boy's Own Book" by Camerlynck - Guernier & G. H. Camerlynck; H. Didier, Editeur. Illus in b/w. 195 pp. For teaching English grammar to French speaking boys. Also has little stories in English . The first 30 pages not attached to binding. Color: Faded red, black, tan
80 1984.6.11.0002 Old Gold, 1912 Iowa State Teacher College "Old Gold, 1912" in gold print on black cover. Covers aren't in the best condition. Book contains photographs of faculty and students, as well as photographs of different places around campus. On the inside of the back cover is an ad for the Waterloo Business College. 323 pp. Colors: black and gold
81 1984.6.5.0006 Album, autograph Album. No author. 1 color illustration. 44pp. Written on various pages by people to Harry. Belonged to H. L. Eells. and some of the notes are from 1888. The entries are from people from Iowa and are written just after Harry graduated from school. He also received notes from ISNS in 1900 and 1902 among other dates. The cover is made of red velvet and has a paper backing. The binding is stapled. Color: Red 1984.6.5.0006 (Album, autograph) image
82 1986.4.0001 Print, photographic Christmas; Aletha Jacobs family. Back row: Grace, Wilbert, Aletha. Front Row: Anna, Frankie, Mother Jacobs (Mary), Lawrence, Florence (father died when Althea was about 10). 1986.4.0001 (Print, photographic) image
83 1986.4.0002 Print, photographic Donor's 8th grade picture. 1986.4.0002 (Print, photographic) image
84 1986.4.0003 Print, photographic Written on back in ink "20 years/ old/ Margaret /Stoddard/ and me./ on r." Portrait ot two women one looking over the shoulder of the other. "Me" refers to Aletha Jacobs. 1986.4.0003 (Print, photographic) image
85 1986.4.0004 Print, photographic Donor at 20 years old. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.0004 (Print, photographic) image
86 1986.4.0005 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs 20 years old. 1986.4.0005 (Print, photographic) image
87 1986.4.0006 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs in white dress in summer before house with hair down, holding comb. 1986.4.0006 (Print, photographic) image
88 1986.4.0007 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs, Oct. 28, 1910 her home ( farm house, barn, windmill). 1986.4.0007 (Print, photographic) image
89 1986.4.0009 Print, photographic Anna & Aletha (Jacobs) sitting on loading platform in front of Case Dairy Co. 1986.4.0009 (Print, photographic) image
90 1986.4.0010 Print, photographic Anna & Aletha (Jacobs) sitting on loading platform in front of Case Dairy Co. October, 1912. 1986.4.0010 (Print, photographic) image
91 1986.4.0011 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs standing for a portrait with her hair pulled back. 1986.4.0011 (Print, photographic) image
92 1986.4.0012 Print, photographic Laura Bolte and former teacher (Aletha Jacobs). 1986.4.0012 (Print, photographic) image
93 1986.4.0013 Print, photographic Laura Bolte and former teachr (Aletha Jacobs) mounted on card with 1914 calendar; designed to be hung. 1986.4.0013 (Print, photographic) image
94 1986.4.0014 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs, outside in winter, wearing a dark dress and apron. 1986.4.0014 (Print, photographic) image
95 1986.4.0015 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs on left and Laura Bolte in winter standing next to a tree. 1986.4.0015 (Print, photographic) image
96 1986.4.0016 Print, photographic Group of 5 women standing atop mound of corn cobs; baby seated. 1986.4.0016 (Print, photographic) image
97 1986.4.0018 Print, photographic Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Miller Family; friends she [Aletha Jacobs Hutinson] boarded with Orange ?. 1986.4.0018 (Print, photographic) image
98 1986.4.0019 Print, photographic View of Independence on July 17, 1916 showing businesses, street cleaner, car. 1986.4.0019 (Print, photographic) image
99 1986.4.0020 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs standing for a portrait. Picture is in a trifold. 1986.4.0020 (Print, photographic) image
100 1986.4.0021 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs standing for a portrait. Picture is in a trifold. 1986.4.0021 (Print, photographic) image