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The Center for the History of Rural Iowa Education and Culture (CHRIEC), of the University of Northern Iowa's Museums (currently administered by Rod Library), is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and dissemination of unique and rare materials documenting America's rural school system and culture with particular emphasis on Iowa and the Mid-West

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Catalog # Name Description
1 Stereoscope

An instrument where two pictures of the same object are taken from different points of view which is shown through each eye. This produces the effect of a single picture of the item showing the appearance of depth or relief. (Stereoscope) image
2 Stereoscope

An instrument where two pictures of the same object are taken from different points of view which is shown through each eye. This produces the effect of a single picture of the item showing the appearance of depth or relief. (Stereoscope) image
3 Chalkboard

Medium sized slate framed by wood. Both sides usable.

4 Slate Pencil

Slate pencil that goes with a chalkboard. It is wrapped in brown paper with blue stars at the end and has twine tied around it.

5 1970.40.0002 Pencil, slate

All but 2 3/4" covered with gold paper. Pencil of soft slate or of soapstone used for writing on a slate.

6 1970.54.0012 Holder, pen

Black handle with art deco embossed brass or gold finger grip area.

7 1970.54.0013 Holder, pen

Red handle, silver colored tip. Engraved with "E-faber".

8 1970.8.0002 Ruler

Advertising piece. Ruler goes to 15" and says "Harris & Cole Bros., All carloads Shipped Direct From Columbia, Tenn." "Manufacturers of Popular Lumber Turned Columns and Wood Pumps" "Address all Correspondence to Cedar Falls, IA." and has a photo of an intricately carved wood pump. Back says "HARRIS & COLE BROS., Manufacturers of POLAR LUMBER TURNED COLUMNS AND WOOD PUMPS." Has a carved wood column in center with "Address All Correspondence to CEDAR FALLS, IA. SAW MILLS AND MACHINES FOR BORING AND DRESSING LUMBER AT COLUMBIA, TENN." and "HEADQUARTERS AND THE Largest Wood Pump Factory In The World, at Cedar Falls, Iowa."

1970.8.0002 (Ruler) image
9 1970.8.0014 Pen

Wooden ink pen with a red handle, nib is metal and must be made of bronze. It is stained from ink and a natural green patina has started to form at the tip. There are black ink splatters on the handle.

10 1973.46.0009 Textbook

"Physiology for Beginners", by Foster, M. and Shore, Louis E. 241 pp. Illus. In b/w. Bound in dark navy blue cover. Yellow-gold printing on bound-edge of book. On inside is written "Emma Sauer, 2nd year class, High School, 1894-1895." Elementary study of physiology with some background information on chemistry and physics. Color: BL,GD

11 1973.46.0010 Textbook

"Primary Lessons in Human Physiology", by Oliver P. Jenkins, Ph. D. 211 numbered pages. Illus. With b/w engravings. Bound in dark green with faded red printing embossed into cover on front and back. Front cover says Indiana State Series across the top; Primary lessons in Human Physiology across the bottom. A Guide to Study of the Human Body. On inside cover page in black ink "Emma Sauers/ Clay A. Inter./ Fort Wayne, Ind/ Feb. 7th 1893". In pencil "Adele Sauer/ 172 Madison Str./ Fort Wayne/ Ind/ Harmer 8A/Jan. 30 1899." Color: GR

12 1975.4.0002 Book

"Recitations, Plays and Tableaux for Boys and Girls'' (Best and most Captivating Selections in Poetry and Prose from World-Renowned Authors for Public and Private Exhibitions.) Editor, Publisher, and city unknown. 278 pages. Color plates, b/w drawings. Handwritten in black ink on front cover page "Aletha Jacobs/Rowley/Iowa" and handwritten in black ink on next cover page "Miss Aletha Jacobs/ Rowley, Ia./Jan. 1903". Cover has multicolors printed with 5 circus performers and a vignette in upper right corner with young woman and lower right corner with a young couple. Color: GR,RD,GY

13 1975.4.0004 Book

"The Cecilian Series of Study and Song." by John W. Tufts. Music and lyrics. Copyright 1892. 192 pages. "Book III Unchanged voices. Added notes for basses & tenors." Compiled for the changes in voices of students in grades below high school who are unable to read the notes of the F clef. Inside front cover has handwritten lists of students' names in black ink and some teachers, including Aletha Jacobs. Stamped in red ink "Bertha Tomlinson". Cover decorated with vines and flutes.

14 1975.4.0006 Book

"The Recitation", by Samuel Hamilton, Ph.D. Xi plus 369 pp. No illustrations. A series of lectures on the subject of recitation designed for young teachers. Volume V of the Lippincott educatinal Series. Edited by Martin G. Brumbaugh, Ph D. Handwritten in black ink on front cover page "Miss Aletha G. Jacobs". Black ink stamped on red cover. Gold ink stamped on spine. Color: RD,BK,GD

15 1975.4.0007 Book

"Primary Handwork", by Ella Victoria Dobbs. xii plus 124 pages with additional advertisements. B/w photos & drawings. Copyright 1914, second reprint. Excercises and methods for handwork for primary school children. Gold print on spine. Color: BK,GD

16 1975.4.0010 Book

"American School Songs.'' J. H. Kurzenknabe, Editor .256 pp. No illustrations. Paper back. Copyright 1909. For schools, colleges, institutes and the home circle. 202 songs with sections of progressive exercises, marches suitable for calisthenics and concert exercises, responsive readings and an epitome of the fundamental facts in theory of music. Pink insert page at front from publisher to teachers "Sample Copy." sold for $.25 or $.20 for 5 - 500 copies. Cover has textured surface with eagle and U. S. flags in red and blue. Black tape binding on spine. Back cover has advertisement for teachers and U. S. emblem.

17 1975.4.0013 Book

"Iowa Day for Public Schools of the State." by B. W. Hoadley. 160 pp. B/w/ photos. Issed by the Department of Public Instruction, October 20, 1916. Paperback. Filled with information on the history, schools, notable persons, industry and recreation of Iowa. Cover has black print on white with geometric borders and center emblem. Handwriting in pencil on last page & inside back cover. Color: WH,BK

18 1975.4.0014 Booklet

"Special Days, Iowa Public Schools, 1908-09". No author. 98 pp. No illustrations. (State of Iowa Special Day Annual). Readings and poetry celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Decoration Day, Arbor Day & Patriots Day for special programs in the school. Green cover with laurel branch. Outline of metal staplses visible. Handwritten in green ink on cover "Miss Jacobs". Color: GR,BK

19 1975.4.0015 Booklet

"State of Iowa 1919 Course of Study for Common Schools''. 39 pp. Property of School District stamped in purple on the front. Color: Black and cream

20 1975.4.0016 Book

"Primary Reading and Phonics: Helpful Suggestions" by J. E. Cundy; 32 pp. Published by J.S. Latta, Incorporated Cedar Falls, Iowa

21 1975.4.0017a Booklet

"1,000 Word List''. 2 hand-dated copes of a handout found enclosed in 75.4.16. Color: Black and white

22 1975.4.0017b Booklet

"1000 Word List". Hand dated in pencil. Colors: Black and white. Slightly smaller than a. Found inside 1975.4.0016

23 1975.4.0019 Booklet

"War Service in Iowa Schools''. Distributed by United States Food Administration, Iowa Division, September 1. 1918. J.F. Deems, United States Food Administrator for Iowa.

24 1975.4.0023 Book

"Howes Comic School Speaker" (Choice Selection of Comic and Humorous Pieces Suitable for Scholars of all Ages.) Paperback. 102 pages plus 8 pages of ads. Distributed by School Publishing co., Darrowville, OH. Cover green with black print includes two human caricatures and one elephant. Handwritten in pencil on front cover page "Miss A. G. Jacobs". Color: Green, black

25 1975.4.0024 Book

"Childrens Comic Dialogues" by Marie Irish. Paperback. 102 pages, with additional advertisments. A collection of humorous dialogues for little folks, particularly adapted for school entertainments, for children 6 - 11. Original price $.25. Grey cover with red print of 4 children and 1 teacher in classroom setting. Label affixed to front cover of publisher's name includes Paine Publishing Company". Handwritten in green ink very faded "Miss A. G. Jacobs." Color: BK,WH





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