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1 1974.23.0047 Statue Carved; warrior. Figure standing erect holding in one hand an oar-shaped object (probably a spear) and in other hand a animal skin object (probably a shield).Silver bands around neck. Mounted on small round wood platform. 1974.23.0047 (Statue) image
2 1978.31.7 Necklace A necklace with blue beads and fish vertebrae strung on 1/16" brown twine. 1978.31.7 (Necklace) image
3 1980.18 Comb Hand carved comb with twelve tapered spindle teeth, tapered handle, and a hole in the base. 1980.18 (Comb) image
4 1983.13.0001 Collar Circular wire collar. There are 14 rows of beads with five leather strips that intersect the beads approximately 6 inches apart. There is a hook and eye attachment. 1983.13.0001 (Collar) image
5 2009.2.13 Bracelet Simple bangle bracelet carved in one piece from ivory. Incised pattern with stars and lines. Outside surface is curved, inside surface is flat. 2009.2.13 (Bracelet) image
6 2009.2.14 Ring Ring made out of ivory with a thickened piece at the top. Smooth rounded edges, flat on inside. 2009.2.14 (Ring) image
7 2009.2.20 Bracelet Elephant hair bracelet. Hair is wrapped in a loop and knotted together in two places. 2009.2.20 (Bracelet) image
8 2009.2.21 Bracelet Elephant hair bracelet looped in a circle and tied with 3 wrapped knots. 2009.2.21 (Bracelet) image
9 2009.2.58 Bracelet Bangle type bracelet. The outside edge is curved and the inside is flat. 2009.2.58 (Bracelet) image
10 2009.2.59 Bracelet Simple rounded bangle bracelet. 2009.2.59 (Bracelet) image
11 2009.2.60 Bracelet Thin bangle type bracelet made out of ivory. 2009.2.60 (Bracelet) image
12 2009.2.61 Bracelet Thin smooth bangle style bracelet. 2009.2.61 (Bracelet) image
13 2010.17.127 Necklace 'Choker' or 'bib' style necklace of small opaque plastic or glass beads strung on white thread in intricate patterns of contrasting colors and geometric patterns. A diamond shape is repeated at the top of the necklace in which red and yellow diamonds are repeated along with 3 blue and one green diamond. Beneath this a 4 layer design in red white black yellow cascade down the throat area in a sort of DNA looking structure, ending with white beads that trail off the ends of the necklace straps for securing the necklace are white beaded strands with loose thread at the ends(4). 2010.17.127 (Necklace) image
14 2015-3-3 Statue, Fipa A wooden standing female figure on a professional wooden base. Her legs are apart with right arm resting on her side and left arm pointing to her ear. The feet are quite large with repair to the left foot. The head is round with open mouth, coffee-bean eyes, and narrow nose. There is a hole ( cavity) on top of her head. Multi-colored beads are attached to the neck. No scarification marks can be found. The figure is in good condiditon except as stated plus a small split from the head to the left eye and white stain on the left breast. The figure dates to the mid to late 20th century. 2015-3-3 (Statue, Fipa) image
15 2016-18-3 Mask A heavy hardwood elongated Haya (Tanzanian) Mask in simple form. The mask is round in form at the head and tapers to a point at the chin. The eyes are notched through and the elongated nose in a triangular-shape. The mouth is open with teeth inserted above and below the lips. The ears are carved close to the head in simple form. Two holes are pierced on the side of the head. The mask is in good condition and dates to the mid-20th century. 2016-18-3 (Mask) image
16 2022-27-44 Gourd Shaker Large shaker made from a large dried and gutted calabash gourd and approximately 48 flattened, metal bottle caps. The gourd has has the bottom cut off, leaving a large, open hole on the bottom, allowing the inside of the gourd to be seen. Several small holes have been made in the sides of the gourd through which the bottle caps are attached via pieces of string; some holes have been left empty, it is unclear if these holes also once had bottle caps which have since fallen off or if they were intentionally left empty. A majority of the bottle caps are from Tusker Beer and Pilsner Kama Simba Beer, both of which are native to Kenya, in addition to these there are also bottle caps from White Cap beer (another Kenyan company), Sprite, Fanta, and Guinness.
17 2022-29-10 Mask This carved mask has bulging slit eyes and horns on either side, painted white, yellow, red, and blue. Animal hair beard and red shot gun shells, painted yellow on the top with a white dot decorate the lower section of the mask. A painted white stick is insert in the nose. The mouth is open, the tongue is painted red with a blue arrow pointed outward. The top of the mask is ornamented with black and gold thread fabric with a floral design. White painted bells, fabric, and organic material decorate the top. 2022-29-10 (Mask) image
18 2022-29-11 Mask This rectangular shaped mask has a raised forehead, double inward turning horns below the brow, raised cheekbones, triangular nose, and projecting cylinders for eyes. The mouth is open exposing white teeth. A braided fiber band consisting of three rows is the moustache and a black beard covers the chin and sides of the mask. Cowrie shell headdress constructed of a fiber band across the forehead and three U-shaped forms below, covered with rows of shells and central 4 pedal design. 2022-29-11 (Mask) image
19 2022-29-12 Mask This oval face mask is carved with a raised black forehead, bulging white eyes with open slit, large red nose, and open mouth with white teeth and a red tongue. Animal fur is used for the mustache and beard. From the brows around the chin, the mask is decorated with individua, wooden black projections mixed with a few red shot gun shells. The headdress is layered with small black horns. The sides are decorated with geometric fabric, that is white, green, blue, and orange. 2022-29-12 (Mask) image
20 2022-29-13 Mask This elaborately carved wooden mask has a pronounced forehead with a raised vertical line down the center and half circles along the side. Two sets of inward curving horns rise above the bulging eye slits and triangular flaring nose. The horns are covered with rows of metal brads. Braided fiber wraps around the edge of the mask and the top is ornamented with rows of small cowrie shells. Three metal bells hang from the proper left side of the mask. Mouth is open exposing metal teeth. 2022-29-13 (Mask) image
21 2022-29-14 Mask This oval shaped, wood carved mask has a bulging forehead layered with fiber netting stuffed with different trade cloths. The face is painted white with projecting eye slits and wide flaring nose decorated with metal brads and a wooden nose ornament. The mouth is open, top lip has metal brads, and teeth are exposed. Light animal hair and black fiber decorate the sides of the mask. 2022-29-14 (Mask) image
22 2022-29-15 Mask This rectangular shaped wooden mask has a pronounced fabric covered forehead, circular eyes with holes in the center, raised nose with horizontal ornament covered with animal hide and painted red and white. Triangular projections opposite the eyes are decorated with metal brads and painted white. The mouth is open, tongue is painted red, white teeth are exposed, animal hair and hide cover the upper lip and sides of the mask. 2022-29-15 (Mask) image
23 2022-29-17 Figure This wooden, carved stylized female figure has no arms. The oval, bald head is topped with old fabric and has crescent shaped projecting ears. The emphasized concave face has carved arching brows, almond shaped eyes with inset white beads, and six vertical lines below each eye. A raised triangular nose leads to a simple slit for the mouth. Long neck to triangle torso with enlarged pointed breasts, swollen belly, arching back, and squatting pose. Metal sheeting applied on the right side. 2022-29-17 (Figure) image
24 2022-29-18 Figure This wooden figure has a plain, non-ornamented structure with minor indications of gender. The oval head has simple carved eyes, cut in ears, slightly raised nose, and concave open mouth. The short neck leads to broad downward slopping shoulders, half arms with slight elbow bend, and no hands. The thick torso has minimal engraved pectoral, short bent legs, abbreviated feet, and suggestive male genitalia. 2022-29-18 (Figure) image
25 2022-29-22 Figure This tall, female figure is carved of a single piece of wood. The round head has raised almond shaped eyes, large triangular nose, oval ears, diamond shaped mouth, and carved grooves on the face, neck, and forehead. The long neck has four carved rings. The narrow shoulders support pointed breasts, concave back with projecting stomach, arms along with side, long thin legs with bent knees, and block feet. The body is covered in carved designs, possibly representing scarification. 2022-29-22 (Figure) image
26 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.149 Knife, paper A. Long wooden blade with a handle that is carved into a bust. There is silver wire wrapped around the neck of the bust and an elongated headpiece.B. Long wooden blade with the handle carved into a rhinoceros.There is a paper sticker attached to the side of the blade that reads, "TANGANYIKA". UNIM1986.14.1985.1.149 (Knife, paper) image