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Catalog # Name Description
1 Book World War II song book written in German. (Book) image
2 Book World War II Pocket book novel taken from a German captured in a bombed railway station in Briquebec, Normandy, France, July 1944. (Book) image
3 1989.43.0923 Pin Spirograph green three leave clover pin. 1989.43.0923 (Pin) image
4 1989.43.683 Button Gold Nazi swastika lapel button. Back is curved to one side. 1989.43.683 (Button) image
5 1994.10.0016 Brooch Oval brooch locket or keepsake. The locket brooch has 4 tiers of alternating small and large garnets. One large garnet in the center. At the top is a triangle shaped clasp with small garnets. On the back side is a pin for the brooch and a glass keepsake or locket section where hair, photograph, or other keepsakes were placed. It may have also been worn with a chatelaine or chain charm with a skirt. 1994.10.0016 (Brooch) image