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1 1978.44.21 Pelike Black with red figures. Horizontal floral band around neck of amphora except under handles. Horizontal band of concentric rectangular lines below scenes. Large floral design under each handle. Label typed on 3" x 5" filing card: "Red-figure Amphora. Greek-Magna Graecia (Apulia). This impressive large amphora is very close to the Varrese Painter. It shows a seated youth holding a phiale and a leafy spray. Facing him is a standing woman with a thyrsus and a situla. On the reverse side is a similar scene, though in this case the woman is seated on rocks and the suface is badly rubbed and pitted. The scene suggests some mystery religion connected with Dionysius." According to Richard Depuma, University of Iowa, this vase is standard apulian pottery. Most likely from a woman's grave because of the scenes depicted. (Oct 2005) 1978.44.21 (Pelike) image