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Catalog # Name Description
1 Cane Carved hardwood shaft of Mexican origin; decoratively carved and colored sun burst, Mexican National Eagle insignia, human figures, and line designs, central plaque inscribed, "MEXICO"; finished wood, darkened tip; several deep cracks in wood. (Cane) image
2 2022-27-90 Molinillo Latin American whisk traditionally used in the preparation of hot beverages such as hot chocolate or atole. Intricately carved from a single piece of wood; the bottom of the handle is carved in the shape of a hand making an "o" with its fingers, leaving a hole through the middle which may have been used for hanging; the handle is mostly smooth with just a few decorative lines carved at the top, middle and bottom. The top of the whisk is the most intricate with the wood carved out completely leaving three loose rings with decorative patterns carved into them, these rings are held in place by ledges that were formed when the wood was carved out; above these rings is a large knob of wood with a flared base and a deep notch carved the whole way around just above the middle, both the flare and the knob are intricately carved with various patterns; the word "MEXICO" is carved into the pattern near the top of the knob; at the very top there are three, evenly spaced inlayed dots of an unknown white material.