North East Africa

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1 2010.17.126 Necklace 'bib' or 'choker' style necklace of small opaque and translucent beads strung together in intricate patterns-similar to (smaller) 2010.17.127 with exception of the ends and 'X' pattern. Along the top of the piece are a series of orange triangles separated by yellow/green 'X' pattern, below is a border row of the translucent green beads then a cascading pattern of the genetic style pattern in green and yellow beads-the ends trail off into singular rows of green translucent beads secured by a large white bead at each end and a small yellow bead to close off, straps are strands (4) of orange beads which fasten around the neck with loose strings at ends 2010.17.126 (Necklace) image
2 2010.4.24 Earring Two triangular shaped earrings made from metal and beads. The triangle metal is similar to a spring; tightly coiled. At the top of the triangle is a small hook to connect the ends together. On the two legs are three beads; white, blue, white. The base of the triangle has four rows of beads; yellow, blue, blue, white. Connected to the bottom of the triangle are dangles with different colored beads that end in silver triangles pointing down. Earring a: Dangle has orange, green, white then large red, then white beads. Earring b: Dangle has orange, green, large yellow, blue and white beads. Color: multi 2010.4.24 (Earring) image