South Africa

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1 00.70.23 Spear Spear for hunting lions. Long tapered tip taking up over a half of object with raised thin ridge down middle, rest is wooden four sectioned handle, sections are separated with a thicker band of wood. 00.70.23 (Spear) image
2 2009.2.0027 Carving Human bust with a smooth base. Long neck, large facial features, short hair with a receding hairline. Possibly made from ironwood or African blackwood. 2009.2.0027 (Carving) image
3 2009.2.0028 Shakere Dried gourd with a string mesh around it and seeds attached to the mesh. Seeds are long and narrow with holes for attaching. Small end of gourd has a hole in it for hanging or to use as a handle. 2009.2.0028 (Shakere) image
4 2009.2.10 Necklace 1" malachite beads interspersed with 3 dark blue seed beads around length of necklace. 2009.2.10 (Necklace) image
5 2009.2.11 Bracelet A. Silver cuff bracelet. Large curved circle in center, where there was once a stone. B. malachite w/dark center and dark and light striations. C. malachite stone with lighter center, more striations closer together than b. Both stones are smooth polished ovals, and appear to be the same stone split in half. 2009.2.11 (Bracelet) image
6 2009.2.12 Bracelet A. Spiral shaped copper bracelet. Geometric pattern worked into copper banding. Two copper discs attached to end of spirals. B. & C. are small ivory half-spheres were originally attached to the discs, but now detached. 2009.2.12 (Bracelet) image
7 2009.2.26 Carving Ivory tusk carved into a bust on the lower end of tusk. Made to stand upright. Face has strong features and decorative forehead with 6 rows of chevrons. 2009.2.26 (Carving) image
8 2009.2.33 Bracelet Smooth bangle type bracelet carved out of one piece of wood. 2009.2.33 (Bracelet) image
9 2009.2.34 Bracelet Stitched leather band with black and white beaded stripes that separate two black and white triangular patterns. Red, green and orange stripes separate pattern from black and white stripes. 2009.2.34 (Bracelet) image
10 2009.2.62 Bracelet Smooth wood bangle style bracelet. Rounded on outside and flat inside. 2009.2.62 (Bracelet) image
11 2009.2.63 Bracelet Smooth bangle style bracelet. Rounded on the outside, flat inside. The bangle has a thin cut through one section. 2009.2.63 (Bracelet) image
12 2010.4.0007 Basket, gathering medium sized tan basket (a.) with attached handles, oval shape with small patterned areas on sides and lid (b) with insert tray (c.). Made from wild grain stalks and grasses. Brown grasses used for a decorative checkered pattern on main body, and more so on handles. Purple dyed grasses for checkered pattern on inside tray. Color: TN, BR,PR
13 2010.4.0008 Trap, fish long cone-like looking structure with a loop of rope tied to one end of the object in 2 knots, the object gets thicker towards the top and the edges of the top have been cut and tied or woven off, the piece is hollow Color: TN 2010.4.0008 (Trap, fish) image
14 2010.4.0016 Toy, push Medium sized handmade bicycle with adult seated at the front clothed in jeans, a striped shirt and a hat, behind the adult seated sideways on the back cart of the bike is a small child-like figure who is holding a bundle in one hand and the other is holding on to the bike. Child is fashioned from denim and appears to have a "ponytail" of some sort, there is a long piece of metal connected to the bike and a small handle at the other end suggesting this object was once used as a toy.
15 2010.4.0017 Toy, push Small hand-crafted bike fashioned from bits of rubber for tires, orange paper for reflectors and pedals, twine handle connecting from seat to base of handlebar, also used to show the inside tires' structure. 2010.4.0017 (Toy, push) image
16 2010.4.0019 Toy, push Small hand crafted tricycle, wheels are fashioned from metal wire that is then covered by bits of rubber. There is twine used to secure joints of bike including around the handlebars, around and inside the tires, and the base of the seat. There are no pedals and a piece of wound twine connected to tricycle from base of handlebars to the base of the seat. 2010.4.0019 (Toy, push) image
17 2010.4.0020 Broom, Whisk Medium sized hand crafted broom, fashioned from long wild grass stalks that are encased and bound in shape by a series of braided millet stalks forming a base for the handle of the broom, there is also an attached loop at the bottom of the broom, possibly for ease of use and/or storage. 2010.4.0020 (Broom, Whisk) image