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1 Basket

Basket lined with cowrie shells.

2 Currency

Cold forged iron wicket style currency

3 1968.10.0001 Sculpture

Benin bronze depicting a figure holding a sword and wearing a three pronged crown.

1968.10.0001 (Sculpture) image
4 1968.10.0002 Sculpture

Benin bronze depicting an enthroned Oba dressed in full ceremonial regalia for the Ugie Erha Oba. Figure sits erect, head tilted back about 40 degree angle. Arms hang away from body, with elbows slightly bent. Hands are flat, with palms facing inward, fingers together, and thumb spread away from other digits approx. 20-30 degrees. Feet, with heels approx. 1/2" apart, are placed flush against the throne, point forward, and hover approx. 1/8" above the ground. The figure's clothing replicates garments worn by the Oba for the religious ceremony venerating ancestral kings, Ugie Erha Oba. This includes a tunic, undertunic, headdress, and various ornaments. The actual headdress, overtunic, and many of the ornaments represented in the statue are made from woven coral beads, the actual undertunic is cloth, and the other ornaments are constructed from a variety of materials. The undertunic is in no way deliberately depicted; its implied shape simply provides the base for the tunic.

1968.10.0002 (Sculpture) image
5 1968.10.0003 Sculpture

Plaque. Bronze Beni; 6 human figures.

1968.10.0003 (Sculpture) image
6 1968.10.0004 Carving

Nomali carving (soapstone?) from southern part of Sierra Leone. Laterally compressed seated figure with very prominent face and facial features.

1968.10.0004 (Carving) image
7 1968.10.0005 Mask

Burnt orange mask, black hair area and top of forehead horn and upper lip, red lower lip and red spots on cheeks, ears, and forehead. The mask is red inside.

1968.10.0005 (Mask) image
8 1968.10.0006 Mask, Ritual

White polychrome mask with painted black details. Attached to the edges of the mask is a white cotton cloth, attached with nails. The eyes are cut out and the mouth is carved in. The detail of the hair protrudes on either side of the forehead.

1968.10.0006 (Mask, Ritual) image
9 1968.10.0007 Figurine

Koranko wood carving of female figure.

1968.10.0007 (Figurine) image
10 1968.10.0008 Statue

Wooden statue with elongated, thin chest, and arms clasped in the center of the stomach. The elongated face is adorned with two horizontal etchings on either cheek and five vertical etches on the chin. Attached to the bottom of the feet is a square base, approximately 3 cm in height.

1968.10.0008 (Statue) image
11 1968.10.0009 Figurine, bird

Carved bird out of a light wood with burnt design and on circular, movable base.

1968.10.0009 (Figurine, bird) image
12 1968.10.0010 Mask, Ritual

Limba tribe mask. Black, with red cloth strip down center of face. White cowry shells sewed on red strip.

1968.10.0010 (Mask, Ritual) image
13 1968.10.0011 Mask

Large Ibibio mask. There are cross hatched carvings on both cheeks. The nose is large with two small holes for the eyes on either side of the top of the nose. The lips protrude out from the face and the ears are carved in relief. There are a few chips out of the chin of the mask and two holes near the ears for costume attachment.

1968.10.0011 (Mask) image
14 1968.10.0012 Board, game

Wooden game with 14 compartments and 42 small pink shells. Kabanka.

1968.10.0012 (Board, game) image
15 1968.10.0013 Instrument

An Kon Koma. Marimba instrument of Temne tribe. The language around the opening is Temne and says, "Great is the love I have for thee." It is made from a hollow box, with a semi circular opening. In front of the opening are metal spokes that, when tapped, create sound.

1968.10.0013 (Instrument) image
16 1968.10.0014 Board, school

A Muslim school board with Arabic writing.

1968.10.0014 (Board, school) image
17 1968.10.0015 Pen

Two parts. a. Pen, b. Penholder.

1968.10.0015 (Pen) image
18 1968.10.0016 Mat

Six irregularly-pointed star design, star natural-colored. Color: OR, BK

19 1968.10.0019 Fan

Decorative, Large center square divided into 9 squares. Numbered below edge of mat. Color: BK,TN

1968.10.0019 (Fan) image
20 1968.10.0025 Mat

Used as lid or as bellows. Orange, black, and natural color. Large natural color star with 8 points on orange background. Color: OR,BK,TN

21 1968.10.0026 Mat

Four-pointed star, natural, edged in black, on orange background. Color: OR,BK,TN

22 1968.10.0027 Mat

Six-pointed natural star on orange background. Natural and black inner circle. Color: OR,BK,TN

23 1968.10.0028 Mat

Six-pointed black star on orange background. 3 single circles of natural, 2 double circles of orange and black, center natural. Color: OR,BK,TN

24 1968.10.0033 Textile

Bluish-brown with white checkerboard design. Batik or bleach. Color: BR,WH

25 1968.10.0036 Dress

Sleeveless, low round-neck dress with full-pleated skirt. Made of bluish-brown batik-dyed cloth with white checkerboard pattern. Skirt hem with wide dark blue border. Same cloth as 68.10.33. Top of dress lined with "coarse-A all cotton" fabric made in India. Color: BR, WH

1968.10.0036 (Dress) image
26 1968.10.0037 Textile

White damask tie-dyed with dark blue spots. Color: WH,BL

1968.10.0037 (Textile) image
27 1968.10.0038 Textile

White damask dyed by natives, with long blue-green pin stripes, wide brownish blue-green band at each end. Color: WH,BL-GR

1968.10.0038 (Textile) image
28 1968.10.0039 Shirt

"Sierra Leone Police" garet cloth shirt. Bluish-brownish green, batik dyed with above lettered design in circular pattern. Color: GR

29 1968.10.0040 Robe

Large, lavishly machine-embroidered with beige thread around neck and pocket.

30 1968.10.0041 Robe

Very large and heavy medium-blue country cloth; with dark blue woven stripes. Color: BL

31 1968.10.0043 Textile

Strip of country cloth. Natural color with 1 brown and 2 black stripes. Color: TN,BK,BR

1968.10.0043 (Textile) image
32 1968.10.0044 Textile

Strip of country cloth. Natural color with 1 brown and 2 black stripes. Color: TN,BK,BR

1968.10.0044 (Textile) image
33 1968.10.0045 Shirt

Hand tie-dyed. Yellow machine-stitched embroidery around neck and on pocket. 2 pearl buttons. Color: BL, OR, WH

1968.10.0045 (Shirt) image
34 1968.10.0048 Textile

Coarse-woven. Natural color with brown and black stripes. Color: TN,BR,BK

35 1968.10.0049 Ngoni

String instrument, 6-strings. 29 3/4" overall length: 16" head, 26" shaft extending for 12" under parchment of head Head consists of wood bowl 2 3/4" wide, 3 1/4" deep, 16" long, covered with parchment extending 1" -1 3/4" over sides and tacked to wood. 6 green gut strings extend from leather thong attachment on shaft to wood with carved string-slits in hole of head. (Numbered shaft near head.)

1968.10.0049 (Ngoni) image
36 1968.10.0050 Carving

Small soapstone carving, squatting figure, arms bent at elbow, hands at face, hunch-backed, somewhat laterally compressed.

37 1968.10.0051 Mask

White painted face mask. The facial features are small and detailed in the center. The eye holes are cut out and the lips are painted red. There are two vertical yellow stripes on either cheek. The entire face is outlined in yellow paint, the proper right ear has been broken off. At the top of the mask is a half oval extension outlined in brown paint. There are two box nails at the top of the mask, on the proper left side.

1968.10.0051 (Mask) image
38 1968.10.0052 Carving

Five inches high, hip to top of head. Hands folded down in front. Prominent facial features, very prominent lips.

1968.10.0052 (Carving) image
39 1968.10.0053 Sculpture

Benin bronze: standing figure with scepter, Forward side of crown on figure's left, missing. Left leg not complete from foot to skirt. Made by lost wax method.

1968.10.0053 (Sculpture) image
40 1968.10.0054 Mask

Long face, prominent teeth. Back is hollowed out. Hole at the top of head with a loop of straw in it. Big forehead, raised eliptical eyes, part of nose missing, 2 scarification marks on each cheek, open mouth with filed teeth flattened at tips. Horned headdress. A small face with closed eyes carved into forehead of mask (3"x3.5").

1968.10.0054 (Mask) image
41 1968.10.0055 Mask

Black mask, broad face. There are two horizontal etchings on either cheek. At the natural hairline is a carving of a headpiece with a checkered design. There are carved out eye holes, with the illusion that the eyes are half closed.

1968.10.0055 (Mask) image
42 1968.10.0056 Pot


43 1968.10.0057 Pot


44 1968.10.0058 Comb

Four-tined, carved wooden combs with one tine that is smaller than the others.

1968.10.0058 (Comb) image
45 1968.10.0059 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0059 (Bracelet) image
46 1968.10.0060 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0060 (Bracelet) image
47 1968.10.0061 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0061 (Bracelet) image
48 1968.10.0062 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0062 (Bracelet) image
49 1968.10.0063 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0063 (Bracelet) image
50 1968.10.0064 Bracelet

Wire bracelet made from twisting copper and aluminum together. Aluminum caps are attached to the ends.

1968.10.0064 (Bracelet) image




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