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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0028 Bison Not restorable. Dismantled 8/7/87; skull, skin, eyes salvaged.
2 00.27.22 Buffalo, water Decorative carvings.
3 00.29.0022 Longhorn, Texas Carved artwork on horns. Color: BK
4 Buffalo, water Horns only.
5 Goat Color: WH
6 Bison, American Head mount only. Color: BR
7 1974.38.0015 Buffalo, cape Horns only. Color: BK
8 1980.15.0008 Goat, mountain Head. Rear of mount marked "675"; right ear is missing; snout badly damaged, chin, upper lip and nostrils are in poor condition.
9 1980.46.02 Bison Femur.
10 1990.59.0001 Bison Left humerus. Flaking badly. Color: WH
11 1990.59.0002 Bison Right femur. Flaking badly. Color: WH
12 1995.39.0003 Duiker, bush Life size, left turn, on dirt base. Color: BR,BK,WH
13 1995.39.0004 Klipspringer Life-size standing on knoll with all four feet together on rock-like base. Color: BR,BK
14 1995.39.0013 Oribi Straight shoulder mount. Color: BR,BK,WH
15 1995.39.0014 Steenbok Shoulder mount, right turn. Color: BR,BK,WH
16 1995.39.0018 Antelope, pronghorn Shoulder mount with right turn. Color: BR,WH,BK
17 1996.28.0001 Lelwel hartebeest Straight shoulder mount. Color: BR
18 1996.28.0002 Hartebeest, Lichtenstein's Right turn shoulder mount. Color: BR
19 1996.28.0004 Buck, Nigerian bohar red Slight left turn of head. Color: BR,WH
20 1996.28.0005 Reedbuck Prominent left turn of head. Color: BR,WH
21 1996.28.0006 Eland, giant Slight right turn of head. Color: BR,GY,BK
22 1996.28.0008 Antelope, sable Head turned to left. Color: BK,BR,WH
23 1996.28.0009 Bushbuck Head has slight left turn. Color: BR
24 1996.28.0010 Waterbuck Slight left turn of head. Color: BR,BK
25 1996.28.0011 Antelope, roan Prominent right turn of head. Color: BR,BK,WH
26 1996.28.7 Kudu, greater Head is looking straight forward. Color: BR,WH,BK
27 1997.28.0005 Buffalo, cape Skull without mandible. Horn sheaths intact. In pencil on right nasal "North Western Cape Buffalo", "CAR", "1982". Green steel tag haning from right zygomatic process. Tag made from soft drink can. His code stamped into it, njo longer legible, rusting on reverse surface. Stands up to 60" to 65"; weighed up to 1800 lbs. Color: BR,TN
28 2004.16.0009 Topi Flat rug. Varying shakes of brown and cream. Lined in brown felt. Color: TN,BR,CR