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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0067 Skunk, Eastern spotted Adult snarling as if predator approaching. On mount with juveniles. Old mount, on wooden platform with fabricated earth. a - e. Color: BK
2 00.27.0075 Badger Standing. Color: YL-GY
3 00.27.0077 Ferret, black-footed Standing on wood base. Color: BR
4 00.27.0078 Mink Standing with prey in mouth; on wood base.
5 00.27.0079 Mink Two mink on branches with prey (duck). Color: BR
6 00.27.0080 Mink Lying down holding meadowlark (sturnella magna). Color: BR
7 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
8 00.27.0082 Otter, Canadian Fur is reddish brown in color and has a thick substance. All four paws are outstretched to show the claws on each paw. The claws are still in place on each paw. Each paw has a metal spike through the center. The right front paw has sewing marks that proceed down into the arm. The tail sticks straight out and there are also visible stitch marks. The ears of the otter are stuck back so only a tip sticks out on each side. The mouth is open slightly to show the teeth, which are still in place. The teeth are beginning to turn yellow. The nose is grey and has a rusty spike coming out of the right nostril. There are small brown glass eyes in each eye socket. There are still some whiskers around the nose, mouth and eyes. From tip of nose to tip of tail the otter measures 42 1/2' long. The circumference of the otter is 10" around his stomach. Color: BR
9 00.27.0083 Weasel, long-tailed Winter pelage. Standing; left forepqw lifted. Color: WH
10 00.27.0085 Skunk, spotted Standing, head turned left. Color: BR
11 00.27.0086 Mink Two mink on winter habitat. Color: WH
12 00.27.0087 Mink, American Crouching; on wood base.
13 00.27.0090 Skunk Two skunks on a small habitat Color: BK,WH
14 Ferret, black-footed None
15 Weasel, long-tailed Color: BR
16 Mink None
17 Badger Color: Bk,WH
18 1968.9.51.0003 Weasel, northern long-tailed None
19 1968.9.51.13398 Weasel (skin) Color: YL-WH
20 1968.9.51.14624 Mink, platinum Two pieces. a and b. Study skin: piece of skin and tail.
21 1995.30.0005 Otter, river Study skin. Mounted flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: BR
22 1995.30.0007 Otter Study skin. Color: BR,BK
23 1995.30.0008 Otter Study skin. Color: BR
24 1995.30.0009 Otter Study skin. Color: TN,BR
25 1995.30.0010 Otter Study skin and skull; a. and b.. Color: BR
26 1995.30.0012 Otter, river Study skin. Color: BR
27 1995.30.0017 Mink Skull. Jawbone attached. Color: BR
28 1995.30.0020 Skunk, striped Skull. Jawbone not connected. Color: BK,WH
29 1995.30.1.0008 Weasel (Ermine) Study skin and skull. Parts a. - c. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: WH,YL
30 1995.30.1.0023 Otter Parts a. and b. Skin and skull. Color: BR
31 1995.30.1.0024 Weasel, long-tailed Study skin and skull. Mounted on cardboard with middle section missing. Color: WH,YL
32 1995.30.2.0003 Skunk, spotted Parts a. - c. Skin and skull. Color: BK.WH
33 1995.30.2.3A Skunk, spotted Study Skin - Spotted Skunk
34 1995.30.3.0004 Skunk, spotted Study skin and skull. Color: BK,WH
35 1995.30.3.0005 Weasel Study skin and skull. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight back. Color: BK
36 1995.30.3.3 Skunk, spotted Study skin. Color: BK,WH,BR
37 2006.14.0263 Weasel, Least Skin: 2006.14.263A- Snow White, tip of tail black, brown patch on forehead. Skull: 2006.14.263B- Split in two sections Mandible: 2006.14.263C- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.263D- Penile bone Vertebrae: 2006.14.263E- Uppermost vertebrae present Color: WH