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Catalog # Name Description
1 2006.9.29 Tooth Small seal tooth; the root of the tooth is smaller and is narrower than the rest of the tooth. A shallow indentation runs lengthwise down the center of both sides of the tooth. The tip appears to have been broken off. 2006.9.29 (Tooth) image
2 2006.9.61 Tooth Seal tooth - crescent-shaped and cylindrical. The piece is mostly tan until it becomes ivory and dark brown along a clear perpendicular line at the base of the tooth. This portion curves sharply and ends in a sharp point. 2006.9.61 (Tooth) image
3 2006.9.62 Tooth Seal tooth - arcs towards the tooth's tip. The upper portion is grey. The tooth abruptly turns tan along a distinct perpendicular line. Several grey veins can be seen in the tan portion; a crack runs the length of the tan portion. 2006.9.62 (Tooth) image
4 2006.9.63 Tooth Seal tooth that is mottled tan and brown, the tooth gradually flattens and narrows into a sharp tip. The piece arcs and the tip is curved sharply. The tip is cream colored. 2006.9.63 (Tooth) image
5 2006.9.65 Tooth Seal tooth - flat and arcs towards the tip. A shallow groove urns along the tooth's brown tip. The other side of the tip is tan. The root of the tooth is hollow and the top of the root is opened with a jagged hole. 2006.9.65 (Tooth) image