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Catalog # Name Description
1 Bone Mastodon.
2 Bone Mastodon.
3 Bone Mastodon.
4 Bone Mastodon.
5 Bone Mastodon.
6 Fossil Mastodon tooth fragment.
7 00.5. Mastodon Vertebra.
8 00.5.0009 Mastodon Unknown mastodon bone fragments.
9 00.5.12 Bone Mastodon Scapula and fragments of the scapula of a mastodon found in Waterloo street in the excavating for a telephone pole.
10 00.5.31 Mastodon Humerus. Parts of the bone were filled with plaster and the surface was finished in lead white by Dr. Cable in the early 20th century in a similar method to 00.5.35A
11 00.5.33 Mastodon End of a weathered tusk.
12 00.5.34 Mastodon Cross section of tusk.
13 00.5.43 Mastodon Much worn tooth.
14 00.5.44 Mastodon Mastodon Tooth (crown only). Sticker on one side "8" on other side "Masta/1941".
15 1970.74.0469F Bone Mastodon.
16 1974.37.52 Fossil Outer end of a mastodon tusk.
17 2006.9.7 Mastodon a long slab of tusk; the piece is slightly concave along the width. The convex side of the tusk is striated lengthwise and relatively smooth. The concave side is very rough, with three distinct rough notches that jut from the slab. The coloration on the concave side is very uneven. Color: DK BR