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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0077 Ferret, black-footed Standing on wood base. Color: BR
2 00.27.0078 Mink Standing with prey in mouth; on wood base.
3 00.27.0079 Mink Two mink on branches with prey (duck). Color: BR
4 00.27.0080 Mink Lying down holding meadowlark (sturnella magna). Color: BR
5 00.27.0081 Weasel, long-tailed On wooden base; crouched; holding bird head in mouth.Summer pelage.
6 00.27.0083 Weasel, long-tailed Winter pelage. Standing; left forepqw lifted. Color: WH
7 00.27.0086 Mink Two mink on winter habitat. Color: WH
8 00.27.0087 Mink, American Crouching; on wood base.
9 Ferret, black-footed None
10 Weasel, long-tailed Color: BR
11 Mink None
12 1968.9.51.0003 Weasel, northern long-tailed None
13 1968.9.51.13398 Weasel (skin) Color: YL-WH
14 1968.9.51.14624 Mink, platinum Two pieces. a and b. Study skin: piece of skin and tail.
15 1995.30.0017 Mink Skull. Jawbone attached. Color: BR
16 1995.30.1.0008 Weasel (Ermine) Study skin and skull. Parts a. - c. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight behind. Color: WH,YL
17 1995.30.1.0024 Weasel, long-tailed Study skin and skull. Mounted on cardboard with middle section missing. Color: WH,YL
18 1995.30.3.0005 Weasel Study skin and skull. Mounted in flat lying position with tail straight back. Color: BK
19 2006.14.0263 Weasel, Least Skin: 2006.14.263A- Snow White, tip of tail black, brown patch on forehead. Skull: 2006.14.263B- Split in two sections Mandible: 2006.14.263C- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.263D- Penile bone Vertebrae: 2006.14.263E- Uppermost vertebrae present Color: WH