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Catalog # Name Description
1 1995.39.1 Lion Life size standing with head raised slightly up and mouth open on dirt-like base. Color: BR,BK
2 1997.28.0003 Leopard Two parts. a. Full leopard skull. b. On the left mandible written in pencil is "Zambia Leopard 1984". Stands 17 3/4" to 30 3/4", weighs up to 199 lbs. In "The African Experience" exhibit from 2/16/2005 - 9/27/2009. Color: TN,CR
3 1997.28.1.0002 Lion Full skull of lion. Canides are cracked. Mandible broken and glued closed. Teeth do not sit correctly. Upper incisor loose. Written in pencil on left mandible is "C. A. R. 1985 Lion". Stands up to 48" at the shoulders. Weighs 340 - 500 lbs. In "African Experience" exhibit at Provost Office 11/15/05 - 11/15/07. Color: CR 1997.28.1.0002 (Lion) image
4 1997.28.1.1 Lion Tanned lion skin. Two samll holes below shoulder area. Short mane around face black in color. During preparation, ears were left inside out. Eyes are sewn shut, whiskers & nose remian. Skin is brown, except for underbelly, which is tan, and tail, which is black. All four paws are missing claws. The two front paw pads are worn. Animal stood up to 48" at shoulders and weighed 340 - 500 lbs. Color: BR,TN,BK 1997.28.1.1 (Lion) image
5 1999.27.0001 Leopard Mounted on branch, left head turn. Color: YL,BK