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Catalog # Name Description
1 1996.28.0009 Bushbuck Head has slight left turn. Color: BR
2 1996.28.7 Kudu, greater Head is looking straight forward. Color: BR,WH,BK
3 1997.28.0004 Kudu, greater Coiled horns attached to top of skull. Skull brain cavity open; bottom portion of skull removed with a saw. The upper parts of boty eye orbits and nasals, frontal & portions of the parietals intact. Aluminum tag "CF/125" stamped on obverse & "80" on reverse attached with steel wire. In pencil on nasals "DH", "1981", "kudu" "Zambia", "kudu". Stands 55' to 60" at shoulders, weighs up to 450 to 650 lbs. Color: BR,CR