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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1997.2.14 Sculpture Wooden gazelle sculpture from Kenya ED1997.2.14 (Sculpture) image
2 ED1997.2.15 Sculpture Wooden bust of a women with stretched earlobes and traditional hairstyle, likely from Kenya. Written on the bottom "From Jim and Virginia Selzer Nov. 29-'53" and a metal disk imprinted with "7". ED1997.2.15 (Sculpture) image
3 ED1998.10.4 Coaster West African. Woven with the same type of seeds used on a shekere. Roughly 15x15cm.  ED1998.10.4 (Coaster) image
4 ED1998.10.5 Coaster West African. Woven with the same type of seeds used on a shekere. Roughly 15x15cm.  ED1998.10.5 (Coaster) image
5 ED1998.10.6 Trivet West African. Woven with the same type of seeds used on a shekere. Roughly 30x30cm.  ED1998.10.6 (Trivet) image
6 ED1998.12.1 Comb Wooden comb with 8 tines. Carving of an elephant as decoration on the top.  ED1998.12.1 (Comb) image
7 ED1998.12.3 Comb Wooden comb with tines on top and bottom. Top tines are shorter and one is missing from the end. The front of the comb is carved to look like a face.  ED1998.12.3 (Comb) image
8 ED2019-116 Mask A black mask with bronze (gold) triangles around the border and white cowrie shells decorating the interior. There's a face carbed in the middle of the wood, with bronze accents on the eyelids and nose. The design resembles that of masks created by tribes in central Africa near the Congo River Basin. ED2019-116 (Mask) image
9 ED2019-13 Akuaba Doll An akuaba fertility doll from Ghana, likely a replica. Commonly, young women who want a baby carry these dolls on their backs (or, keep it in their possession). ED2019-13 (Akuaba Doll) image
10 ED2019-148 Slippers A & B. The back of the slippers read "Hand Made Slipper - RORO - 26." Likely from Africa. They are made from yellow and white striped fabric with a blue and green fruit design. The soles are white, and both slippers contain some damage as the heel of the slipper opens up. ED2019-148 (Slippers) image
11 ED2019-15 Armlet A West African arm band made of white, black, red, yellow, and green beads on top of a black leather base. ED2019-15 (Armlet) image
12 ED2019-16 Comb West African Wood Hair Comb ED2019-16 (Comb) image
13 ED2019-18 Sculpture Wooden sculpture of a woman from Kenya ED2019-18 (Sculpture) image
14 ED2019-19 Sculpture A Kenyan wood figurine of a man  ED2019-19 (Sculpture) image
15 ED2019-21 Sculpture A wooden figurine of a West African dancer wearing items such as a straw skirt and a striped top ED2019-21 (Sculpture) image
16 ED2019-3 Game, Mancala A-B. An African counting game with 1 pack of stones. ED2019-3 (Game, Mancala) image
17 ED2019-4 Game, Mancala A-C. An African counting game with two packs of stones. ED2019-4 (Game, Mancala) image
18 ED2019-5 Game, Mancala A, B. An African counting game with 1 pack of stones. ED2019-5 (Game, Mancala) image
19 ED2019-6 Basket Coiled raffia basket. Alternating purple, ran, red, and blue rafia. Twine handle. Commonly made in Africa where raffia palm trees grow and produce raffia fibers for locals to use in basket weaving. ED2019-6 (Basket) image
20 ED2021-138 Card Game A set of fifty-three Whot game cards. The box is orange and yellow with the front reading "Waddingtons Whot - A game for everyone." It can be played with two or more players and is a popular game in England and Nigeria. ED2021-138 (Card Game) image
21 ED2021-172 Carving A gourd carving from Africa, likely from a calabash. The design on the outside of the light-brown gourd features three animals and vegetation. ED2021-172 (Carving) image
22 ED2021-21 Sculpture Abstract sculpture made of dark wood. Sticker with "Kenya" handwritten on the bottom.  ED2021-21 (Sculpture) image
23 ED2021-65 Carving A piece of dark-brown, wood-carving art from Africa. In the middle of the tall piece is a carving of a person's head with long, angular edges. ED2021-65 (Carving) image
24 ED2021-66 Mask, Boar A dark brown, wooden boar mask with white, gold, and red accent colors. This mask is most likely from Africa where various different groups of people use wooden, animal masks during their traditional rituals and ceremonies. ED2021-66 (Mask, Boar) image
25 ED2021-67 Carving An African wood-carving sculpture made of black wood. The carved-out picture shows an image of a lion and a sun.  ED2021-67 (Carving) image
26 ED2021-78 Comb A wooden comb from Africa, likely east Africa because it is double sided. The bottom teeth are longer than the top teeth and the image carved out in the middle (which divides the two sides of teeth) is of a face. It's stained a dark, ashy brown color and the teeth of the comb are on the sharper side. ED2021-78 (Comb) image
27 ED2021-91 Carving An African (Nigerian) piece of art made from thorn wood carving. The small figurine depicts a person sitting on a stool and weaving blue fabric.  ED2021-91 (Carving) image