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51 ED2021-61 Curling Iron A victorian-era curling iron, with a slim, metal tong base and wooden handles. The user would stick the metal tong base either on a curling iron heater or in the flame of a heat source (i.e. candle) and use the heated tongs to curl their hair. ED2021-61 (Curling Iron) image
52 ED2021-62 Coffee Pot An old, metal, Turkish coffee pot. It has a circular base, a triangular spout, a curved handle, and a lid attached with a hinge. The lid contains an oval pattern around the base and is topped off with a pointed decoration. The pot may have had more of a design on the body at one point but has faded away over time. ED2021-62 (Coffee Pot) image
53 ED2021-7 Coffee Pot Small brass coffee pot with weighted lid. Engraged with diamond and oval designs around the body of the pot.  ED2021-7 (Coffee Pot) image
54 ED2021-70 Khokhloma Set A Khokhloma set from Russia featuring 2 mini cups (A,B), 1 small spoon (C), and 1 big spoon (D). Khokhloma painting  originates from Russia where the artist paints wooden utensils with bright, colorful colors and designs. This set was painted using the colors gold, black, orange, green, and red. The 2 cups have stickers on the bottom which both translate to "Khokhloma Painting, Glasses, Price 06.95."   ED2021-70 (Khokhloma Set) image
55 ED2021-79 Sherd, Pottery Three, small pieces of pottery sherd (A-C).  All three are a red-brown color. ED2021-79 (Sherd, Pottery) image
56 ED2021-81 Book, Hymnal A hymnal book written in German for German-speaking immigrants in the United States who practiced Christianity (most likely the Lutheran denomination) and formed their own congregations. It was printed in 1894 in Cleveland, Ohio and the title reads "Gebet und Danklieder" which means "Prayer and Thanksgiving Songs." There is no image on the cover, just the title and a victorian-style border across the top and the bottom. ED2021-81 (Book, Hymnal) image
57 ED2021-82 Book, Prayer A small prayer book for children who spoke German and practiced Christianity (most likely the Lutheran denomination). It was printed in 1909 in Columbus, Ohio and likely for German immigrants who created their own German-speaking congregations. The title reads, "Gebete für die Kleinen" which translates in English to "Prayers for the Little Ones." On the front cover is an image of Jesus Christ with three children surrounding him. ED2021-82 (Book, Prayer) image
58 ED2021-84 Dictionary A German-English dictionary titled "Langenscheidt's Pocket-Dictionary of the English and German Languages." This edition is from 1944 and has a plain, blue cover with no markings. ED2021-84 (Dictionary) image
59 ED2021-85 Cookbook A cookbook written in Arabic, which is read from right to left. The titled is translated to "The Art of Cooking" in English and is written by multiple authors. It was published in Beirut, Lebanon, sometime between 1980 and 1990, by Dar Al-Hayat Library. ED2021-85 (Cookbook) image
60 ED2021-86 Zucchini Corer A zucchini coring tool (also called a hollower or a "manakra" in Arabic) used to prepare some Middle Eastern dishes that include a hollowed-out zucchini. According to the information card kept with the tool, "The tool is common throughout Jordan and Lebanon and was brought with an immigrant from Amman, Jordan in the 1980s." ED2021-86 (Zucchini Corer) image
61 ED2021-87 Apron A vintage flour sack apron/bib for a child. It is made from a thin, fabric material that is has a light blue color, a white floral design, and white thread. There are only 2 strands (one on each side of the waistline) to tie together around the back of the child and one pocket on the right side. ED2021-87 (Apron) image