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Catalog # Name Description
1 ED1997.2.9 Mask Wooden mask. Face with frog in the center of the forehead. In the inside written "purchased in village near Guatamala City 1948". ED1997.2.9 (Mask) image
2 ED1998.8.13 Vest Woolen poncho style cardigan, open in the front with ties. Beige with black and grey geometric design on back.  ED1998.8.13 (Vest) image
3 ED2019-186 Sculpture Carved wooden sculpture with person sitting on a wooden base. Base is carved with waving line with notches at the high/lows points in a curving line. Bottom of base is rectangular and has a hole through to the top of the person's headdress. The base also has a metal circle with the number "40" stamped on it. There is also red writing on the base "XAO/6117-5". The person carved is only detailed on 3 sides. The back is flat with texture. The person appears to have arms crossed over knees brought up to the chest. The person has a headdress and earrings. The figure also wears pants with intricate additions to the ankles and waist. From Guatemala. ED2019-186 (Sculpture) image
4 ED2019-187 Sculpture A wooden carved figure and rectangular decorative base. Figure depicts kneeling person wearing headress and carrying a basket. Written on bottom is "Guatamala March 1950. Indian in cerimonial headdress offering basket of fruit to pagan gods" and a metal circle with "36" stamped on it.  ED2019-187 (Sculpture) image
5 ED2019-195 Tapestry Wall hanging tapestry of a road runner, made of woven wool. Tag reads "Vikinca Ref: y-1000, 100% wool, Made in Ecuador".  ED2019-195 (Tapestry) image
6 ED2019-28 Coin Brazilian 1 Centavo, produced in 1989. ED2019-28 (Coin) image
7 ED2019-29 Coin Brazilian 10 Centavos, produced in 1990. ED2019-29 (Coin) image
8 ED2019-30 Coin Brazilian 5 Centavos, produced in 1989. ED2019-30 (Coin) image
9 ED2019-31 Coin Brazilian 50 Centavos, produced in 1989. ED2019-31 (Coin) image
10 ED2019-32 Coin Peruvian 20 Centavos, produced in 1986. ED2019-32 (Coin) image
11 ED2019-33 Coin Peruvian 50 Centavos, produced in 1988. ED2019-33 (Coin) image
12 ED2019-34 Coin Peruvian 10 Centavos, produced in 1986. ED2019-34 (Coin) image
13 ED2019-35 Coin Peruvian 5 Centimos, produced in 1985.  ED2019-35 (Coin) image
14 ED2019-36 Coin Ecuadorian 50 Sucre, produced in 1988. ED2019-36 (Coin) image
15 ED2019-37 Coin Ecuadorian 20 Sucres, produced in 1988. ED2019-37 (Coin) image
16 ED2019-38 Coin Ecuadorian 10 Sucre, produced in 1988. ED2019-38 (Coin) image
17 ED2019-39 Coin Ecuadorian 5 Sucres, produced in 1988. ED2019-39 (Coin) image
18 ED2019-40 Coin Ecuadorian 1 Sucre, produced in 1988. ED2019-40 (Coin) image
19 ED2019-41 Coin Ecuadorian 50 Centavos, produced in 1988. ED2019-41 (Coin) image
20 ED2019-42 Coin Panamanian One Centésimo, produced in 2000. ED2019-42 (Coin) image
21 ED2019-43 Coin Argentinian 50 Centavos, produced in 1994. ED2019-43 (Coin) image
22 ED2019-44 Coin Argentinian 1 Peso, produced in 1995. ED2019-44 (Coin) image
23 ED2019-45 Coin Argentinian 25 Centavos, produced in 1994. ED2019-45 (Coin) image
24 ED2019-46 Coin Argentinian 10 Centavos, produced in 2004. ED2019-46 (Coin) image
25 ED2019-47 Coin Argentinian 5 Centavos, produced in 2004 ED2019-47 (Coin) image
26 ED2019-48 Coin Argentinian 1 Centavo, produced in 1998. ED2019-48 (Coin) image
27 ED2019-49 Coin Paraguayan 1000 Guaranies, produced in 2008. ED2019-49 (Coin) image
28 ED2019-50 Coin Paraguayan 100 Guaranies, produced in 2007. ED2019-50 (Coin) image
29 ED2019-51 Coin Paraguayan 500 Guaranies, produced in 2007. ED2019-51 (Coin) image
30 ED2019-52 Coin Paraguayan 10 Guaranies, produced in 1996. ED2019-52 (Coin) image
31 ED2019-53 Coin Paraguayan 50 Guaranies, produced in 2008. ED2019-53 (Coin) image
32 ED2019-54 Coin Paraguayan 1 Centavo, produced in 1993. ED2019-54 (Coin) image
33 ED2019-55 Coin Paraguayan 5 Guaranies, produced in 1992. ED2019-55  (Coin) image
34 ED2019-56 Coin Honduran 50 Centavos, produced in 2005. ED2019-56 (Coin) image
35 ED2019-57 Coin Honduran 10 Centavos, produced in 2006. ED2019-57 (Coin) image
36 ED2019-58 Coin Honduran 5 Centavos, produced in 2006. ED2019-58 (Coin) image
37 ED2019-59 Coin Honduran 20 Centavos, produced in 1999. ED2019-59 (Coin) image
38 ED2019-60 Currency Peruvian 500 Inti Note, produced in 1987. ED2019-60 (Currency) image
39 ED2019-61 Currency Peruvian 1000 Inti Note, produced in 1988. ED2019-61 (Currency) image
40 ED2019-62 Currency Peruvian 100 Inti Note, produced in 1987. ED2019-62 (Currency) image
41 ED2019-63 Currency Peruvian 50 Inti Note, produced in 1987. ED2019-63 (Currency) image
42 ED2019-64 Currency Venezuelan 2 bolívar fuerte note, produced in 2012. ED2019-64 (Currency) image
43 ED2019-65 Currency Venezuelan 5 bolívar fuerte note, produced in 2011. ED2019-65 (Currency) image
44 ED2019-66 Currency Venezuelan 10 bolívar fuerte note, produced in 2014. ED2019-66 (Currency) image
45 ED2019-67 Currency Venezuelan 20 bolívar fuerte note, produced in 2013. ED2019-67 (Currency) image
46 ED2019-68 Currency Venezuelan 50 bolívar fuerte, produced in 2015. ED2019-68 (Currency) image
47 ED2019-69 Currency Venezuelan 100 bolívar fuerte, produced in 2015. ED2019-69 (Currency) image
48 ED2021-163 Poncho A cream-colored poncho with teal and black accent colors, likely from Latin America. Around the edge of the poncho is fringe, and the accent colors seem to make a pattern of various animals and designs around the body of the garment.
49 ED2021-164 Vest A brown vest with cream and brown accent colors, likely from Latin America. Features of this vest include a collar around the neckline, strings with tassels near the opening to tie the garment together, two front pockets, and fringe around the bottom edge. ED2021-164 (Vest) image
50 ED2021-166 Carving A carving from Latin America made of a dark colored wood. The bottom of the carving is of a face and the hair stretches over the top of the head in two strands and meets together above the head to form an oval shape. Around the top of the head is a band with a triangular pattern. The back of the carving and the face is smooth while the hair is textured.