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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.172 Sandal Thick-soled, leather; with woven design arch strap and toe straps. Design in green and white. a.Left sandal. b. Right sandal. Color: GR, WH 1968.10.172 (Sandal) image
2 1968.10.173 Sandal Thick-soled, leather; with diamond-shaped woven design in combination arch and toe strap. Design in red, green, gold, and natural. Worn somewhat: a. Left sandal, b. Right sandal. Color: RD, GR, GD, TN 1968.10.173 (Sandal) image
3 1968.10.183 Stool One-legged stool with a ovular curved seat. The leg of the stool is split at the top near the connection of the seat. 1968.10.183 (Stool) image
4 1973.54.5.3 Sandal Left foot. Blue with white stitching for sole. Strap which goes over foot is blue laced with red leather. Small piece goes between big and second toe. Bottom of sandal is made of undyed hide. Knob where strap meets over foot. Color: BL,RD,WH 1973.54.5.3 (Sandal) image
5 1973.54.5.4 Sandal Right foot. Brown with red leather lining on straps. Machine stitched in white thread. Metal rivets. Slightly cushioned. Two straps go over bridge of foot, laced through center piece. Place in which the big toe goes. Sole of sandal is undyed hide. Color: RD,BL,WH 1973.54.5.4 (Sandal) image
6 1978.46.27 Purse Strap and pouch, flap top, decorative tooled design on slip over cover of pouch, pouch slides from case, tassel pull at end. Color: BR 1978.46.27 (Purse) image
7 1978.46.36 Purse Light brown leather, folded flap purse, dark-brown dyed design on flaps, long brown leather double straps--knotted at center, small long-neck leather covered flask at other end, flask has slip off leather cap. Color: BR 1978.46.36 (Purse) image
8 2010.17.144 Shoe a&b. Fancier leather shoe, simple looking, pointed toe, backs broken down from wear and prayer (slip off shoes when praying) narrow soles, camel skin, size 11 1/2" shoes Color: YL 2010.17.144 (Shoe) image
9 2011.6.1 Purse Rounded bottom leather bag with pleats in sides, leather drawstring closure (braided leather thong with tassels) at top, Pockets all around bottom edge with brown leather running stitch between each pocket and each decorated with a pear shaped motif in brown leather with green whip stitched outline and 4 "x"s in a line down the center of each pear. 2" brown leather trim at top edge, 1/4" brown trim on upper pocket edges, brown leather piping around bottom edge. 2011.6.1 (Purse) image